Bulletin Board: All The Inside Jokes Of “Meta Mash-Up”

Hello everyone!!

This past week has been crazy! We had this fantastic week building up to piece number THREE HUNDRED!! I’m seriously blown away by all the support this Blog gets every single day and all the extra love you sent it this week during this week. It’s really been incredible. I know I’ve probably said this a billion times by now, but seriously, thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me and really cheers me up. It gets me though the bad days and it helps me to know people all over the world are reading my stuff and liking it. Anyway, enough of that. I thought it would be fun to take a look at piece #300 and break down some inside jokes for people who might not be as familiar with my website and all of my pieces. Some stuff might of went over your head. So I’m just going to run through the piece and break it down for you.

Real quick if you haven’t read piece number 300: Meta Mash-Up. Do that first! Then come back to this! Ok let’s get on with it.


#1 Who’s Laura?

So first of all, I should talk about the main character who’s name is Laura. In the piece is is described as a blank-pager. Someone who doesn’t have a story written about her but still exists in the meta-world. Well Laura is actually from a unpublished piece that sits in my draft folder titled “Looking for Laura” hence why she thinks someone is looking for her. The draft is probably over a year old but is based off of an experience where I played this online game that was similar to Pictionary with a girl named Laura. Afterwards she asked for my Snapchat but I don’t have a Snapchat. Honestly I have no idea who this Laura was or even if her real name was Laura. Or if she was a she. Could have been a middle-aged man for all I know. Anyway I thought it would be interesting to write a story about tracking down someone named Laura based solely on her name. Maybe the character would meet her and she would be great or maybe he would have gotten “catfished”. Who knows? It’s unlikely the story will ever be published, but it remains in my draft folder for now. This is why I thought it would be interesting to make her the main character of this meta narrative.

#2 Rosie and Michael the Bartenders

Rosie and Michael come from one of my earliest pieces on the website titled “Standing Up For What Is Right. It is literally the second Writing Prompt piece I ever did for the website. Anyway, it follows a girl name Rosie who lives upon a spaceship named the Constellation which orbits around Earth. Earth is abandoned at this point minus a few survivors on the planet. Well the ship hears a distress beacon and Rosie wants the people on the ship to go down and rescue them. The leaders of the ship decide against that. Rosie then decides to launch a plan to go down to the planet with her friend Michael. However the series didn’t get that far and did not get a part 2. Honestly it is unlikely to do so, but never say never. I thought Rosie and Michael would make great bartenders and caretakers for all the characters that I’ve written. Plus they’ve been around for a long time.

#3 Loud Patrons

There are a few Patrons who get rowdy and yell across the bar. One of these is Brain from Heart vs. Brain and Heart vs. Brain Part 2 which Rosie says “are based on the personification of thoughts and emotions.” Then there is Seline which is the protagonist from A random, un-dead story which was a zombie story which I never wrote a second part to. I left it on a cliff-hanger where the female soldier was trying to escape the undead through this tunnel. I could have sworn I wrote a second part, but it must have gotten scrapped. Sorry, Seline.

#4 A Salty Pokémon Trainer

One of the grumpiest and loud patrons at the bar is Alexis which complains that I left her series on a horrible, horrible note. She is the protagonist from my original Pokémon Fanfiction series based on my play through of Pokémon Moon. It had 28 parts which started with Pokemon Adventures #1: Welcome to Alola. The problem with the series was that it took a lot of time to write and I started missing weeks. I found it very draining to write and as a series, it wasn’t doing very well in terms of views. Some people enjoyed it but not enough for me to want to continue it. I did really want it to end it on a more solid cliffhanger where Alexis completed the trails of the second island and headed off towards the third, but that would have taken several more months to reach. So I kind of just let it die. I’m sorry it had to end that way, but not sorry that it ended. Of course Alexis is mad because not only did I not finish her series, but I started a new one with Jonathan in the Johto region which is currently going (Pokémon HGSS #1: New Journey)

#5  The Party Happening Upstairs.

Like it is mentioned in the piece, the upstairs is reserved for the patrons with ongoing series or recent published pieces. Rosie and Michael talk about how three recent pieces got the party really excited. This is of course in reference to the most recent Writing Prompt pieces leading up to the 300th piece. There was Diverging Lines Part 2Revisiting Great Art, and A Terrible Thing to Waste (Check them out if you didn’t already). There is also mention of the Dungeons and Dragons Party and Sigthyme by name from the ongoing D&D based series (Out Of The Woods and Out Of The Woods Part 2). There are mentions of “A School Teacher” referencing Crossing Bridges and “A Boy and his AI” referencing Garden Base M2-4. There is also mention of the Pokémon Trainer which is Jonathan.

#6 Friendly Patrons At The Bar

While up at the bar, Laura meets some of the other patrons. One of these is Cassandra and her baby brother Max from Emergency Broadcast Message which is a Science Fiction piece I really enjoyed writing. I don’t know if I’m ever going to do a second part, but I’d like to. It’s one of those I haven’t managed to get back to. I guess if there’s enough demand, I’ll give it a second part…and maybe even a third. On the other end of the bar there are a couple of boys named Nathan and Caspian. They are from the piece titled An Unfamiliar Sight. Like it’s mentioned in the piece, these two boys go to a magical high school and have familiars which help them perform spells. Caspian’s familiar is a hammerhead shark and he’s a member of the swim team. Nathan is bullied and told his familiar is going to be a worm. Instead it is a Wyrm or Dragon making him one of the most powerful wizards at the school. This is another piece that hasn’t gotten a second part. Sorry everyone!

#7 Other bar patrons

Really quick I want to go through some other patrons that Rosie makes note of. There is: The unnamed protagonist from An Unexpected Taxi Cab Ride, Baxter from Who’s A Good Boy?, The Wind from The Wind (Rewritten), and Katie, Derek, Delilah, and Max.from Family Resemblance. and Family Resemblance Part 2.

#8 Other Stories Mentioned

There are a few jokes at my expense that I wrote about the amount of Fantasy Story and Science Fiction stories I write for my blog. Sorry, not sorry? I love those two genres and I’m going to write more of it. In the story they bring up the fantasy stories of Evil On The Doorstep which is one of my favorite stories I’ve ever written and A Child On Fire which is also a wonderful story.


Well that’s most if not all of the meta jokes I threw into the 300th piece. I hope you enjoyed the piece and I hope you enjoyed this explanation of the piece. Meta Mash-Up was a ton of fun and I think it highlighted enough stuff to both poke fun at me and reflect upon 300 pieces here on the website. There was more I wanted to make fun of myself for but that will have to wait for another day. Who knows, maybe piece 400 will be another meta narrative and I can throw in some jabs there. For now I’m just going to focus on going back to our regular schedule. There should be a new poem on Wednesday, Writing Prompt on Friday, and Pokémon Fanficiton chapter on Saturday.

Thank you again for all the love and support. Have a wonderful week!



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