The Witch’s Cabin The Original Image Prompt was created by Ben Bore on ArtStation.   Rhan dropped down from overtop the stone wall onto the stone and dirt street below. "Hurry, hurry. They are right on our tail," Rhan shouted up to the woman climbing over the wall. "I'm hurrying," Ninette yelled down. "It doesn't help if... Continue Reading →

She Is Free

She is like a bird free from her iron cage. She soars through the sky following the wind underneath her wings. She is like a fish free from her glass tank. She swims through the river enjoying the flowing currents. She is like a butterfly free from her chrysalis. She flutters about as she takes... Continue Reading →

Special Weekly Blog Thanksgiving 2018

Hello Internet! I hope everyone is enjoying Thanksgiving no matter how you are celebrating it. Some people enjoy eating Turkey with their family while watching the football games, while others have "Friends-givings" with their closest friends and spend the evening playing board games. Some people stock up for Black Friday by hunting down the craziest... Continue Reading →

The Bumpy Road South

Willowstalker Manor Part 2 "We will find you, Sigthyme. We fill find you." Sigthyme shook his head trying to get the voices out of his head. The same perpetual nightmare of the stone cell was tormenting him. Night after night. He felt the cold stone. We heard the screaming. "Sigthyme? Sigthyme?" Riffen shook his shoulder.... Continue Reading →

Sweater Weather

Joggers run down city sidewalks, Covered in fallen leaves and fresh rain. Coffee shops are full of pumpkin spice lattes, Hot chocolate with marshmallows, and hot apple cider. Football season is going strong, filling the sports bars for the entire weekend. Children and college students alike are dancing in the leaves, They jump into the... Continue Reading →

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