Pokémon HGSS#12: The Glittering Lighthouse of Olivine City

Pokémon HGSS#11: Battle At The Haunted Gym


After a lengthy goodbye with Zuki and the rest of the Kimono Sisters, Jonathan and Beatrice made their way out of Ecruteak City, South-Eastward towards Olivine City.

175Togepi“I’m glad we took your advice to sight-see and smell the roses a little in Ecruteak,” Jonathan said as he held Togepi in his arms.

“Yeah me too. Meeting Zuki and all her sisters was awesome,” Beatrice said.

“And meeting Eusine at the Brass Tower.”

“And the awesome show at the Ecruteak Dance Theater.”

“Plus I had an intense gym battle against Morty,” Jonathan said. “I have a good feeling that we’re going to have to stop back by there.”

“Well we have to back through there if we want to head towards Mahogany Town and Blackthorn City,” Beatrice said.

“You know what I mean. I want to go back already,” Jonathan said.

Beatrice nodded.

“Yeah I miss them too,” She said.

Over the next few days, Jonathan and Beatrice made their way down Route 38 and Route 39, battling during the day against trainers and camping out under the stars during the night. Even Togepi got to battle once against a wild Rattata. It waved its fingers and the Rattata was thrown into the air by a Twister.

600px-241MiltankAlong the way, Jonathan and Beatrice ran into a Miltank Farm that sold the sweetest, most delicious milk. They both spent the whole day collecting berries from nearby bushes to feed the Miltanks. In return, the farmer gave them a dozen bottles of milk full of the milk. That night they shared the milk with all of their Pokémon which enjoyed drinking the beverage.

With their Pokémon fully healed and energized, Jonathan and Beatrice made their way to Olivine City.

The initial view of Olivine City blew them both away. This was the largest port city they had been to yet. They had been to Goldenrod City, but Goldenrod focused on their metropolis and inland growth. Olivine, on the other hand, embraced the sea and being a port. The whole city smelled subtly like the ocean and you could hear the crashing waves. The water was filled with fishing boats catching Magikarps, Krabby, and the occasional Corsola. Other Water-Type Pokémon hid below the surface waiting to jump out at unsuspecting swimmers and Pokémon trainers. In the South-East corner sat a large lighthouse which was taller than the rest of the buildings in Olivine City.

“This place is amazing,” Beatrice said wide-eyed at the sights.

“Yeah I could see taking a vacation here,” Jonathan said.

“Jonathan, we have to stay focused,” Beatrice said.

“Right, we need to figure out what is going on with Silver,” Jonathan said. “Plus Morty said there was a Pokémon Gym here in Olivine City.”

Beatrice sighed.

“You and your gym battles.”

“That’s part of the deal! You chase down Silver and I collect Gym Badges. Plus it makes me and my Pokémon stronger,” Jonathan said. “I need to be strong if we want to stop Silver.”


“Yeah I guess you’re right,” Beatrice said.

“So we can stop by the Gym first?” Jonathan asked.

“What happened to sight-seeing?” Beatrice asked.

“We can do that afterwards. Come on.”

Jonathan grabbed Beatrice by the hand and ran forward towards the Olivine City Gym.

They ran up to it and it looked like many of the other Pokémon Gyms they had seen on their journey, but this one looked a little bit more modern sleek compared to the more traditional Gym that Morty ran in Ecruteak City.

Jonathan walked up to the door and gave it a pull, but it didn’t open. He then pulled harder, but the door didn’t budge.

“What gives?” Jonathan asked.

“Look, Jonathan. There’s a sign. Maybe you should read it,” Beatrice said.

Jonathan looked over to see the digital placard next to the door.

“Oh, right,” He said giving it a read.

Olivine City is closed indefinitely as I take care of an important matter in regards to a very sick Pokémon. If you really need me, I will be at the Glittering Lighthouse.

-Olivine City’s Gym Leader, Jasmine

“Closed? It’s closed?” Jonathan let out a sigh of exasperation.

“We read the same sign, right?” Beatrice asked. “It seems that the Gym Leader, Jasmine, is helping out a sick Pokémon. That sounds really important.”

“This Gym Battle is important, too,” Jonathan said.

“Yeah sure,” Beatrice said. “I guess you’ll just have to come back here some other time to get your Gym Badge.”

“Well what else am I supposed to do now?” Jonathan asked.

“Maybe we can go to the lighthouse. See if Jasmine could use our help,” Beatrice suggested.

“Really? I don’t know anything about sick Pokémon,” Jonathan said.

“You know, as soon as the sick Pokémon is healed, I’m sure Jasmine will agree to battle you.”

“You’re right, Bea. That’s like a win-win for the both of us. You get to help Pokémon and I get my battle.”

“You also get to help Pokémon. That’s one of your goals as well,” Beatrice said glaring at Jonathan.

“Right. Of course. We both get to help a Pokémon in need,” Jonathan said with a nervous smile.

“Let’s just go,” Beatrice said as she walked off towards the Glittering Lighthouse.

“Pi! Pi!” Togepi said.

“I think I made her mad, Togepi,” Jonathan said. “Come on, we need to figure out how to fix this sick Pokémon.”

Jonathan hurried after Beatrice.

When they made it to the Glittering Lighthouse, there was a gentleman blocking the door. He looked like he had experience on the sea and had arms covered in nautical-themed tattoos.

“Hello, Miss. Sir. What can I do for you?” He asked Jonathan and Beatrice.

“We stopped by the Pokémon Gym and saw that it is closed. We were wondering if we could talk to Jasmine,” Jonathan said.

“I’m sorry, but no one is allowed in the Lighthouse. There is a sick Pokémon up there that is very weak,” The Sailor said. “Jasmine has voiced concern for some people called Team Rocket that might want to take advantage of the Pokémon’s weakened state.”

“Both Jonathan here and myself are people who have run into Team Rocket on several occasions and we are not with them,” Beatrice said. “I actually work for Professor Elm. We thought we might be able to help Jasmine and this sick Pokémon.”

The sailor studied both Beatrice and Jonathan.

“Give me a minute,” He said before walking into the lighthouse and slamming the door behind him.

A couple of minutes passed before the door opened again.

“Come on in,” He said. “Jasmine has decided to meet with you.”

“Thank you so much,” Beatrice said.

“Yeah thanks,” Jonathan said.

They both stepped inside and the sailor brought them to an elevator. They stepped inside and he pushed a button. Two metal doors closed in front of them and the elevator started to go up. It was a bit rickety, but it did its job, bringing them to the top floor.

“Jasmine, here are the children who claimed they might be able to help,” The sailor said as he let Jonathan and Beatrice off the elevator.

“Thank you, Huey,” Jasmine said.

210px-HeartGold_SoulSilver_Jasmine.pngWhen Morty had told Jonathan about at Steel-Type Gym Leader, he imagined someone who was tough and intimidating. However, Jasmine was nothing like that.

She seemed to be very caring and soft, almost shy. She was sitting next to a yellow Pokémon splayed out on a large cushion in the middle of the glass, circular room.

“Hello…my name is Beatrice,” Beatrice said stepping into the room. “I’m Professor Elm’s assistant back in New Bark Town. When I saw your sign at the Gym, I thought I’d come here and see if I could help.”

“I’m Jonathan,” Jonathan said giving a small wave. “I’m a Pokémon trainer.”

“Nice to meet you both,” Jasmine said giving them a shy smile before looking back at the Pokémon.

“This is a Ampharos, right?” Beatrice asked taking a few steps forward towards Jasmine.

Jasmine gave a nod.

“That’s correct. This is my Ampharos, Amphy,” She said.

“Ampharos. Like the fully-evolved version of Mareep?” Jonathan asked.

Again, Jasmine nodded.

“What’s Ampharos doing up here?” Jonathan asked.

600px-181Ampharos.png“Amphy uses the light on the end of the tail to keep the sea lit up at night,” Jasmine explained. “But it suddenly got sick. It’s not strong enough to power the Lighthouse.”

“That’s really bad,” Beatrice said. “Without a lighthouse, ships coming in won’t be able to locate the land at night.”

“Yeah we already had a problem with that. The SS Aqua tried to come into port and crashed into some rocks. They are now stuck in Olivine making repairs,” Jasmine said. “Plus Amphy isn’t doing well. It has a hard time trying to breathe.”

“Oh no, that’s awful,” Beatrice said kneeling down with Jasmine, next to Amphy.

“Is there anything we can do?” Jonathan asked. “Maybe there are some berries we can give it.”

“I’ve tried everything I can think of,” Jasmine said. “Nurse Joy has been here several times trying to help Amphy, but nothing works.”

“There has to be something we can do,” Jonathan said. “Maybe my Flaffy can help.”

600px-180FlaaffyJonathan pulled a Pokéball from his belt and there was a flash of red light. There in the lighthouse was now a pink and white wool Sheep Pokémon.

“Flaaaaaffy!” It baaed.

“I’m not sure what it can do, but I’m willing to try anything to heal my Amphy,” Jasmine said.

“Flaffy, try giving Amphy a small electric shock,” Jonathan instructed and Flaffy gave a nod.

Flaffy walked over to Amphy and held onto the red ball on the end of its tail. Flaffy built up some electricity in its wool and then let out a small electric shock. Amphy’s tail began to glow a little bit, but did not keep charge.

Amphy let out a serious of coughs.

Jasmine placed her face against Amphy.

“Oh, Amphy,” She said with tear-filled eyes.

“I don’t think that worked, Jonathan,” Beatrice said.

“Well there must be something else we can do,” Jonathan said.

“There might be one thing,” Jasmine said wiping tears from her eyes.

“Just name it,” Jonathan said.

“I’ve heard of a pharmacy in Cianwood City. They sell natural cures that you wouldn’t be able to find in a Pokémon Center of PokéMart,” Jasmine said.

“Great! Where is Cianwood City?” Jonathan asked.

“It’s across the sea,” Beatrice said.

Jasmine nodded.

“It’s so far away and I can’t leave Amphy unattended. It needs me,” She said.

“Then I’ll just go,” Jonathan said.

“Jonathan. You can’t just go sailing across the sea. You don’t have a boat. Or even a Water-Type Pokémon,” Beatrice said.

“I’ll…I’ll find one,” Jonathan said.

“That’s very generous of you Jonathan, but this would not be an easy task and I can not ask a complete stranger to do this for me,” Jasmine said.

“Nonsense. I want to help, and I know I can do it,” Jonathan said.

“But -” Beatrice started.

“You said it yourself, Bea. My goal is to help Pokémon just like you. I will do this to help Amphy,” He said.

“That’s very kind of you,” Jasmine said.

“You still need to find a way to get to Cianwood City,” Beatrice pointed out.

“Talk to Huey down at the bottom of the lighthouse. He may be able to help you with that,” Jasmine said.

“Should I come with you?” Beatrice asked.

“No, Bea. Stay here. You can be a great help to Jasmine. Plus I should be right back,” Jonathan said.

“Alright,” Beatrice said.

“Thank you again, Jonathan,” Jasmine said. “Amphy and I both appreciate it. You are doing a great service to Olivine City which I will never forget.”

“It’s nothing, really,” Jonathan said trying to hide his blushing cheeks.

“You said you are a trainer, right? Are you currently on a journey to collect the eight Johto Gym Badges?” Jasmine asked.

“Yes, yes I am.”

“Well when you get back and Amphy is healed, you will be first in line for a Gym Battle with me at the Olivine Gym. I guarantee it,” Jasmine said.

“Thanks, Jasmine. I appreciate it. I will be back soon,” Jonathan said.

600px-131LaprasJonathan said his goodbyes and then took the elevator down to the bottom of the Glittering Lighthouse. He spoke to Huey who was more than willing to hook him up with transportation across the sea to Cianwood City. Huey supplied Jonathan with a Pokémon named Lapras which is known for carrying Pokémon Trainers across the sea.

“Lapras should know the way to Cianwood City,” Huey said. “Plus I’ve loaded it with supplies like food and water so you should have something everything you need.”

“Ah. Thanks,” Jonathan said.

Huey gave a nod and helped Jonathan get on the back of the large shell of Lapras.

“Lapras!” It let out a singsongy note before setting out on the sea towards Cianwood City.


Header Photo Credit to Niall Martin (@bn_designer_) on Imgrumweb.com

All photos of Pokemon and related content used were taken from Bulbapedia

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