Garden Base M2-4

This is based on a short story that I wrote in college. I have read over and made some changes and updates to it since I wrote it over three years ago. Also this will broken up into two parts. If you liked this story and think I should update and publish old stuff I... Continue Reading →

Warrior’s Bond Part 2

Part 1 The idea of the warrior's bond is one that spans time as well as cultures. Every group of people have a word for it. Human's talk of the platonic bonds that hold people together in the most darkest of times. The Elves talk about the tapestry of fate and the strings that always... Continue Reading →

Warrior’s Bond

Throughout history there have been tales of a warrior's bond. A deep relationship that ties the fates of fighters together. Some times the bond is a lifelong friendship between warriors. Other times it is the bond between two mortal enemies destined to meet on the battlefield. This bond is also sometimes present between brother and... Continue Reading →

Heart vs. Brain Part 2

Heart vs. Brain Part 1   Heart: I think we're going to die alone. Brain: What? We have each other. Also I'm the one who does the thinking. Heart: No I mean┬áhim. He's going to die alone. Brain: Do we have to do this now? I was about to enjoy a dream. Heart: Yes we... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Christmas Past

Snow covered the ground and came down in big, wet flakes covering everyone and everything. Three children stood by a large frozen lake which froze over every winter. The two boys stood by themselves discussing something as the third child, a girl, emerged from the tree line and started making her way over to the... Continue Reading →

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