On Meadow Lane

On Meadow Lane,There lived a man.A man who used to work as a cook at the local elementary school.A kind, generous man who made sure a kid never went home hungry. On Meadow Lane,There lived a woman.A woman who lived her life as a flight attendant.Flying from coast to coast, seeing the world one airport... Continue Reading →

Misplaced Nostalgia

Nostalgic for memories I never made.And a life I never lived.Girls I never kissed.Places I've never been.  Every turn to the left.Makes me think of the person who turned to the right.What life do they live?How green is their grass? Header Photo Credit to Pexels.comhttps://www.pexels.com/photo/railroad-tracks-in-city-258510/

It Felt Like Love

It felt like love when I smelt breakfast in the morning.When I heard you singing to yourself in the kitchen.When I opened my eyes knowing my dreams would never be better than this. It felt like love when you held my hand.My stomach doing backflips as my heart failed to keep up.Couldn't believe I got... Continue Reading →

Six Word Memoir Part 11

Six Word Memoir Part 10 Mighty Sandcastles Destroyed By Gentle Waves - New Apartment, New Chapter Of Life.  - Just Vibin’ To Those Summer Beats.  - Listen To The Scientists. Get Vaccinated.  - Always Ready To Get Ice Cream. - Still Not Over Critical Role Finale.  - Header Photo made with Canvahttps://www.canva.com/ Six Word Memoir... Continue Reading →

If I Went Out With You

If I went out with you,I'd never be able to get you off my mind.Couldn't imagine being with anyone else. Couldn't kiss you.I'd fall so deeply in love with you.You'd have my heart. Just one date.I'd be planning our life together.Unable to escape the bond between us.Or that’s what I tell myself.As I watch you... Continue Reading →

Strings (Micropoetry)

When the strings of fate are plucked,It makes a hauntingly beautiful melody.  Header Photo Credit to iPeccatore on DeviantArthttps://www.deviantart.com/ipeccatore/art/Strings-of-Fate-506563556

Too Many Questions

Do the words I write hold their meaning?Or do you read them and then they're gone forever?Do they repeat?Do they stick? Do they grab hold of your heart and brain?Or are they just a drop in the ocean?Words that flash across your eyes.Hold your attention for a second. Am I screaming into the void?Preaching to... Continue Reading →

Brain Tingles

Soft whispers,Positive affirmations.Encouraging bits of inspiration. Head scratching.Microphone brushing.Tap, tap, tapping. Repeating words.Repeating phrases.Talking in rhythm. Up close hand movements,Draw the listeners in.Auto sensory meridian response. Header Photo Credit to Pexels.comhttps://www.pexels.com/photo/portrait-photo-of-woman-in-yellow-t-shirt-doing-the-shh-sign-while-standing-in-front-of-blue-background-3761018/

Need To Chat

Words bubbling up,Caught in my throat.Conversations in my mind,No one here to chat. Thinking back to late nights,Sitting on my bed.Only the light of the phone screen,As I talk to you.  In the present day, my phone is silent.No notifications. No messages. No texts.You never contact me.But too afraid to contact you. Header Photo Credit... Continue Reading →

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