Country Roads

People in the country are usually obsessed with cowboy boots and dirt roads. They spend their times looking down at their feet. However, they really should be spending their time looking up. Above them is the clearest sky full of bright stars and the arms of the galaxy. True beauty is the view of the... Continue Reading →

Ocean Waves

Waves reach the beach's sand with a crash and a roar, Then it retreats back into the ocean pulling sand with it. Even though it might be the tiniest fragments of sand, The waves slowly grab and beach and take it with it. The waves are rough and break down rocks, They tear into them... Continue Reading →

Just Breathe

Standing in front of waves of judgement, My hands sweat and shake, All eyes on me. My heart is racing, My breath is shaky and uneven. I hold back a flood of nerves. Butterflies in my stomach, Frog in my throat. Too many animals in my body. I've been told to imagine them naked, Or... Continue Reading →

Back Home

I thought things would be normal, but they aren't. Normal life isn't so normal anymore. Things like hearing a car backfire or the sound of fireworks, leaves ringing in my ears. The sound of construction, or a balloon popping, or even popcorn in the microwave. All of it brings me back. I'm always on edge.... Continue Reading →

May Haikus

May is a strange month, It is hot, but also Spring, We had snow last week.   Summer vacation, All the kids are out of school, I still have to work.   College Graduate, Going out to find a job, Hope you find one soon.   Avengers is out, Then Deadpool and Han Solo, I... Continue Reading →

Sitting Around A Campfire

Sitting underneath a starry sky. Surrounded by the sound of crickets and the lonely owl. The smell of smoke and the crackling of the fire. Your eyes locked with the dancing flames. The fire consumes the wood in beautiful combustion. The plant fibers grow black and fall as ash. The smoke rises up above you.... Continue Reading →


When you walk the same streets every day, The city can become a bland, gray environment. It's the same streets. Same cars. Same People. But when you choose a new path, The city can open up to a new world hiding in plain sight. Taking a street too early, Or turning left instead of right,... Continue Reading →

Spring In The Air

The wind comes dancing across the field. It blows the new leaves on the branches making the trees shake. The small flowers poking up from the soil feel the warmth of the sun. They are able to shake off the dirt and take a breath. The birds return to the treetops and make their nests.... Continue Reading →

Six Word Memoirs Part 5

  Finished This Only Three Hours Ago. Trying To Market Myself To Others. In Case Of Pancakes: Call Me. Leafeon, Vulpix, Kingdra, Galade, Sylveon, Lucario. Eating Too Many Girl Scout Cookies. Spring Weather Roars Like A Lion. Aelar Naïlo: Voice Of The Dragon. Everyone I Know Is Having Babies. Dying To Visit My College Friends.... Continue Reading →

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