Thinking About Rain

Sitting under the water's surface. Looking up and seeing small droplets of rain hit the surface. Little pattern of rings dancing above you. Waiting for someone to pick you up. Staring out at the rain as it hits the blacktop. The low drum of it hitting the rooftop fills your ears. Camping in the woods.... Continue Reading →

New Year. New Haikus.

Hello Internet! Here we are in 2018 and the new year means new changes to the website. If you came to the website looking for the newest chapter of Pokemon, I have bad news for you. You can read about it here, but basically my Pokemon Sun/Moon Fanfiction is being put on hold indefinitely. I'm... Continue Reading →

Six Word Memoirs Part 3

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, today. If not, I hope that a little bit of poetry can cheer you up. I decided that since we had such an empty week last week, that I'd make up for it with some extra creative writing pieces added to the mix this week.... Continue Reading →

Trying to Write Some Haikus

Hello Internet! I thought that I'd try to do something that I haven't done a lot of on the website and that is poetry. I love writing and reading poetry, but I have this fear that the stuff I write is pretentious and not deep at all (kind of like saying that "I love writing... Continue Reading →

Six Word Memoirs Part 2

Hello Everyone! My laptop is still broken so no "Writing Prompt" Piece today; however, I had so much fun writing those Six-Word Memoirs yesterday that I thought I'd write some more for you. If you aren't familiar with the concept of Six-Word Memoirs, I'd recommend checking out SMITH Magazine’s Six-Word Memoirs as well as the 6-Word Memoirs... Continue Reading →

Six Word Memoirs Part 1

Hello Everyone! Since my laptop is out of commission I am not able to do my regular writing. However I didn't want another blank week without anything being published to the website so I thought I'd write up some Six-Word Memoirs. If you are unfamiliar with the concept I'd definitely recommend checking out SMITH Magazine's... Continue Reading →

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