The Wind (Rewritten)

Original Prompt: "You are the wind’s interpreter. What is it saying?"   I've always admired humans. There's just something about them. The way they are just able to take it all in. Just sitting there enjoying the breeze. Well that's what I am. What I do. I am the breeze. I am the wind. I... Continue Reading →

Spring In The Air

The wind comes dancing across the field. It blows the new leaves on the branches making the trees shake. The small flowers poking up from the soil feel the warmth of the sun. They are able to shake off the dirt and take a breath. The birds return to the treetops and make their nests.... Continue Reading →

Six Word Memoirs Part 5

  Finished This Only Three Hours Ago. Trying To Market Myself To Others. In Case Of Pancakes: Call Me. Leafeon, Vulpix, Kingdra, Galade, Sylveon, Lucario. Eating Too Many Girl Scout Cookies. Spring Weather Roars Like A Lion. Aelar Naïlo: Voice Of The Dragon. Everyone I Know Is Having Babies. Dying To Visit My College Friends.... Continue Reading →

Warrior’s Bond Part 2

Part 1 The idea of the warrior's bond is one that spans time as well as cultures. Every group of people have a word for it. Human's talk of the platonic bonds that hold people together in the most darkest of times. The Elves talk about the tapestry of fate and the strings that always... Continue Reading →

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