When you walk the same streets every day,
The city can become a bland, gray environment.
It’s the same streets.
Same cars.
Same People.
But when you choose a new path,
The city can open up to a new world hiding in plain sight.

Taking a street too early,
Or turning left instead of right,
Can lead you to a place you’ve never been before.

Suddenly the city isn’t dull at all,
But a vibrant ecosystem with new experiences right around the corner.

Maybe it’s a new coffee shop or just a flower poking through the sidewalk.
Even the small things help break up the monotony.

Doing this shifts your perspective and puts you into a new mindset.
One where you no longer see the other people as faceless inhabitants,
But people with stories to tell and past experiences that shape lives.

Shape the urban environment itself.

Every manhole cover, pothole, and sidewalk crack has a story and the people do too.
The taxi driver has a story.
The cyclist has a story.
The old man gardening in his yard has a story.

You have a story.

All of this rushes to you as you take a right instead of taking a left.
As you forge a new path; not unique to everyone, but new to you.

The city is now more than just a place to live and work.
It’s a place of exploration and discovery.



Header Photo Credit to National Association of City Transportation Officials

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