Garden State

I'm living in a garden state, A place where things are perfectly placed. Not one thing is out of order. Beauty is only achieved through maintenance and strict order. Creativity is not rewarded. Only beauty and symmetry matter. Roses are here and violets are there. Not a single petal out of line. You can not... Continue Reading →

Battle In The Streets of Bishop

Bringing The Party Together   The party of four adventurers stood in the streets of Bishop watching what was unfolding. Juniper had her bow out and arrow drawn, Riffen had his sword and shield at the ready, Sigthyme had his rapier unseathed, and Tak was bouncing up and down with excitement with his warhammer in... Continue Reading →


When the storms stop, and the dark clouds are gone, the children run out to jump in the puddles. They splash and play in the miniature lakes making them seem like giants hovering over the water. The liquid mirrors the children dance in remind the adults of the past and future. Puddles are the remnants... Continue Reading →

Catch The Train

Image Prompt Photo done by u/nolan192 on Reddit. (Found on r/Art)   When I was a kid, my Mother and I would argue all the time. So much so that she swore that I would grow up to be a lawyer. I was the kid that would argue with her about every single detail, never... Continue Reading →

Country Roads

People in the country are usually obsessed with cowboy boots and dirt roads. They spend their times looking down at their feet. However, they really should be spending their time looking up. Above them is the clearest sky full of bright stars and the arms of the galaxy. True beauty is the view of the... Continue Reading →

Fairy Child Part 2

Fairy Child Part 1 Original Prompt: "The reason why faerie folk and magic folk trade their magic for unborn children is to spare their souls from abuse and neglect by people who readily barter them in exchange for fortune, fame, or power. They are cared for and loved and learn the magic of their benefactors... Continue Reading →

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