Creative Writing: Heart vs. Brain

Heart: Brain come look at this! Brain: Heart, I'm currently occupied. Heart: COME ON! Just look. Brain: What am I supposed to be looking at? Heart: That girl ahead of us in line for coffee. Isn't she pretty? Brain: I guess she has features that are appealing to the senses of sight. Heart: I wonder what she... Continue Reading →

A random, un-dead story

I tried to stay upright as I ran through the forest. The frozen ground cracking and crinkling as I ran. I jumped over some fallen branches and had to use my hand to keep me from falling on my face. I managed to stand back up and keep running. I was making a ton of... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt #3: Favorite Work of Art

Prompt: What is your favorite work of art? What do you love about it?   “V-J Day in Times Square,” Miranda read out loud. “I like it,” Jake smiled at her. Thursday night was Miranda and Jake’s weekly date night. While other college students were getting “turnt up” for thirsty Thursday, Jake and Miranda would... Continue Reading →

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