Weekly Blog January 29th, 2017: Taking the Leap

We’ve all heard inspirational quotes about “taking a leap” and “risking it for the biscuit” and seen posters of fish jumping from one small bowl to a larger bowl or posters of people jumping from one ledge to another ledge (see above picture of literally Google Image search “taking the leap”). Basically the theme is that sometimes we have to take risks to get rewards and often times the bigger the risk, the bigger reward. And to me that’s what this week has been all about. I’m sure if you’re reading through my weekly blogs you’re probably tired of me talking about the website. You’re here. You’re reading. You get it! I’m sure you do. Unfortunately, in it’s infancy, this website is supposed to 1) Put out good content (which I believe it is doing) and 2) attract more people to the website. The only way this thing survives is by bringing in more people, creating a bigger fanbase, and forming a community. It’s kind of like Agar.io (or the 10 million spin off games) where you’re a pellet trying to eat littler pellets to grow into a super pellet. I’m a tiny little pellet trying to grow bigger and bigger. Except I’m not trying to destroy other websites and create a monopoly over creative writing…so maybe not the best metaphor. Anyway what I’m trying to say that this post is going to be about the website and the first week it was active and I promise going forward I’ll try to talk about the website less…maybe… no guarantees

Anyway, this week the website went live and I published 16 different pieces (not including the “category descriptions” or this Weekly Blog) which I think is amazing! I’m definitely on track to complete my goal of “Write More in 2017” and although it is going to slow down a bit each week, I’m hoping that we can publish at least five to six pieces a week going forward. That is a lot of content for you guys to read and I’m hoping something catches your eye. I’m starting to build a team of people and hopefully that will lead to a constant stream of views, comments, likes, and shares from the website. Once I accomplish that, I can start putting out larger pieces with more complexities and maybe even start writing a novel. Who knows? Maybe we’ll build a big enough community where I can quit my job and writing will be my single source of income. This could become my livelihood or maybe this is just a small stepping stone to something bigger.

And that’s the point of “taking the leap.” Maybe the leap leads to the greatest thing in your life and exactly what you wanted. Or maybe the leap is to another ledge where you’ll have to make another leap and then another and then another like playing hopscotch (kids still play hopscotch, right?) across dangerous abysses till you finally reach a safe plateau or whatever landform terms makes the most sense for this analogy. Basically, no one knows what the future holds which can be a scary thing or it can be inspirational. Your path is not set and neither is mine. I chose to try to pursue this writing thing and it might pan out or it might not. It could launch me into a writing career or maybe it won’t get off the ground and I’ll have to refocus my energies into something else. All of this stuff can also apply to whatever you’re struggling with. Maybe you want to be a movie director, a famous painter, a teacher, a engineer, a journalist, a YouTuber, a CEO of your own company, or maybe none of those things interest you. Maybe you are starting a new relationship or rekindling an old one. Maybe you’re afraid to ask for that raise or maybe you really want to travel the world. No matter what your goals are and whether they are long term or short term, they all start with the decision that the risk is worth the reward. You set your mind on it and then you jump.

So there we are. Standing on the edge of the cliff looking towards the other ledge. There’s a good bit of distance between here and there, but we’re confident. Yeah maybe our comfort zone over here is nice, but you’ve heard rumors that there’s something really, really cool on the other side. I’ve decided to jump from college student to “guy who works a normal job, but also started a website where he publishes creative writing pieces, weekly blogs, and political articles” (probably need a better title). So now it’s your turn, are you going to take the leap?

Thank you for reading this piece and I hope you have a wonderful week!!


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