A Story is Written Part 5

I fell into the white void and continued to fall. Nothing but white as far as I could see to the sides of me or above me. The small hole above me to the destroyed city quickly grew smaller and smaller until I couldn’t see the way I had come. I looked down below me.... Continue Reading →

A Story is Written Part 4

  Home. Home. That word kept echoing in my mind as the white mask image faded from my mind. There was a blight light that seemed to engulf everything around me. The darkness around me faded from view and was replaced by this light. The weightlessness remained and I wasn’t able to determine what was... Continue Reading →

A Story is Written Part 3

A light rain started as clouds filled the night sky and the water begun to cling to my clothing. I laid there with my eyes wet and hot unable to comprehend where I was. I was in such a daze. I had jumped again. This time with the help of Celebi and the Bookmark. But... Continue Reading →

A Story is Written Part 2

  I woke up in a daze. Looking around me, I seemed to be laying on a couch. The room around me was warm and I had a blanket wrapped around me. I sat up and looked around. The last thing I remembered was snow and cold, but now I was here. Where was here?... Continue Reading →

A Story is Written Part 1

  I opened my eyes and found myself looking up at a starry sky. At first, I thought nothing of it thinking it was some kind of dream. Of course I was laying outside. That made sense. But actually it didn’t. What was the last thing I remember? I was sitting on my bed typing... Continue Reading →

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