Weekly Blog July 23rd, 2017: Milestones

Hello Internet!

Oh my gosh! I feel like it has been forever since I’ve written one of these Weekly Blogs. In actuality it has been 3 weeks since my July Update and over a month since I’ve done a proper Weekly Blog. But I’m back and hoping to get into the normal swing of things. Unfortunately, I know that July is going to continue to be a strange month when it comes to when and what I post. To make a long story short, I am having problems with my laptop right now and I’m not sure what it’s going to take to fix it. Right now I’m having it looked at. If it’s an easy fix, then it should be done quickly and it shouldn’t mess with the schedule too much. However, if there’s a major problem, that is going to throw a big wrench into the schedule. This upcoming week there won’t be anything published to the website because it is not likely I will get my laptop back this week. I am planning on publishing a Weekly Blog each Sunday which will include an update on the situation. I also recommend you follow our Facebook Page, Twitter Page, or both because I will be using those platforms to post updates about the posting schedule. Again, I’m sorry that this will delay the normal posting schedule, but it is out of my hands. Hopefully I won’t have to buy a new laptop and all my computer needs is a simple fix. I’m just glad that these technical difficulties happened after I published the 100th piece to the website: A Story is Written Part 5.

Speaking of which, that came out this past week. Published piece number 100. To think I started this website a little less than 6 months ago and we’re already at piece number 100. That’s just crazy to me. What’s even crazier is all the support I’ve received during that time and especially during this past week. I really hope everyone enjoyed the five-part series which included the 100th published piece on the website. I know it got Meta and it might have jumped all over the place, but I really enjoyed writing it and it was the first time that I wrote such a long, overarching story. The whole thing is 100 pages long (definitely did that on purpose) and tells a long, narrative about me as a character jumping between worlds that I’ve written in, then it goes down the rabbit hole of Meta in the last part. So if that interests you, here is A Story is Written Part 1 which is where you should start. A lot of you have already read it and gave it a like, which I really appreciate it. Honestly all the views, likes, and feedback I get from you guys and gals makes me so happy and has made my day more than once. So thank you, thank you, thank you! I really do appreciate you spending your time reading my pieces.

Ok so I’m going to not-so-subtly segue to the main topic of this Weekly Blog: Milestones. Now like I’ve mentioned, piece number 100 was published on the website this past Wednesday and it marked a major Milestone for me and the website. This month will also mark the 6th month that this website has been active and publishing pieces. Six months is a milestone I wasn’t sure I’d reach, but here I am still writing and looking forward towards the next milestone. This whole idea of milestones is an idea that both focuses on the past and the future and I really like that. A milestone marks how far you’ve come while also telling you how far you have to go. A literal milestone might tell you that you’ve hiked two miles or that you have 20 miles to drive until you need to take an exit. It helps you look back on your past and your future at the same time.

Looking behind me I see a lot of long nights, delays, rewrites, and generally a cloud of stress hanging over my head. But I also see the rewarding parts which come from people reading my pieces and liking them. With every like, follow, comment, and view, my heart lifts and I’m thankful that people are out there reading my stuff and enjoying it. The future looks foggy and I’m unsure what it will hold. Maybe I’ll continue having a steady incline of views and followers, maybe I’ll blow up overnight and the idea of a few views a day will be a thing of the past, or maybe I’ll level off at a small group of dedicated readers. Maybe my future involves jumping off from WordPress to go do something else. Maybe I’ll write a book and find a successful career being an author. I honestly don’t know what my future holds or what the website will look like within the next 6 months, year, 2 years, etc. It might be bright or it might be cloudy and the only way to find out is to keep moving forward. I’ve reached the milestone of 6 months on the Internet and the milestone of 100 published pieces which are both big feats, but I’m not done yet. There’s still so many stories I want to tell and I hope you tag along for the journey.

I also want you to think about your milestones as you read this. Maybe these are personal milestones like time you’ve been sober, or time you’ve been in a healthy relationship, or time you’ve been doing a hobby. These milestones can also be professional ones like time you’ve spent at a job or time you’ve been furthering your education or time spent building up your professional portfolio. Whatever your milestones are, I hope that you are celebrating them and taking them in stride. Try to focus on the good milestones and all the accomplishments you’ve achieved and use that momentum going forward as you set your eyes on your next milestone.

Ok I think that’s all I want to say for now. Again I will let everyone know going forward what the schedule will look like. Don’t expect anything else being published this week unless a miracle happens. I am planning on having a Weekly Blog next Sunday as well as a special monthly update on August 1st. Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with what is happening. It’s also a great place to contact me and interact with me.

Thank you again for making the last couple weeks a big success and we counted down to piece number 100 being published. Thank you for all your support!

I hope you have a wonderful week!


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