Brain Tingles

Soft whispers,Positive affirmations.Encouraging bits of inspiration. Head scratching.Microphone brushing.Tap, tap, tapping. Repeating words.Repeating phrases.Talking in rhythm. Up close hand movements,Draw the listeners in.Auto sensory meridian response. Header Photo Credit to Pexels.com

Missing Shadow

Writing Prompt: "After being told she had an accident and had "gone to heaven", his mind exploded in a white hot rage. 7 year old Roger wants his kitty back and God doesn't know what's about to hit him." “Hello Father Perez,” Roger’s Mother said. “We’re here because Roger here said he wanted to talk... Continue Reading →

Need To Chat

Words bubbling up,Caught in my throat.Conversations in my mind,No one here to chat. Thinking back to late nights,Sitting on my bed.Only the light of the phone screen,As I talk to you.  In the present day, my phone is silent.No notifications. No messages. No texts.You never contact me.But too afraid to contact you. Header Photo Credit... Continue Reading →

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