Need To Chat

Words bubbling up,
Caught in my throat.
Conversations in my mind,
No one here to chat.

Thinking back to late nights,
Sitting on my bed.
Only the light of the phone screen,
As I talk to you. 

In the present day, my phone is silent.
No notifications. No messages. No texts.
You never contact me.
But too afraid to contact you.

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6 thoughts on “Need To Chat

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      1. Well i should try that. Poem. Isolation again and sleep not happening. I am confident that I gave no idea on what is next. Lol


      2. Sometimes it just helps to take ambiguous thoughts in my head and put them down on paper (or on a computer). Helps me think through things when they are concrete instead of abstract. Maybe that would help you as well. But keep in mind that I’m just a writer, not a therapist!

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