The idea for this poem comes from an old post I saw years ago where someone was given the challenge of describing a color without naming it. It might actually have been the color Red now that I'm thinking about it. Anyway, I couldn't find the original post, but I thought I'd try to do... Continue Reading →


This is an Image Prompt based on the image above instead of a Writing Prompt. I'm going to do one of these about once a month. They say pictures are worth a thousand words and I think it's an interesting writing process to write a story based off of a picture instead of written prompt.... Continue Reading →

Six Word Memoirs Part 4

  Single On Valentine's Day. Nothing New. I Swear I Have Marketable Skills! Sometimes I'm Monika, Sometimes I'm Sayori. Reading Old Texts While Missing You. Sleep Is For The Weak. *Yawn* Never Grow Tired Of Playing Pokémon. Full On Half Price Valentine's Candy. Sometimes My Bedroom Is A Prison. Apply For Job. No Response. Repeat.... Continue Reading →

Still Here

Prompt: “You’re not allowed to die, okay?” She makes you promise, tears still flowing down her face. That was 200 years ago now. You don’t know what she did but your promise still holds strong."   "Get out of the way," A man shouted carrying Andrew's body into the med tent. There were nurses and... Continue Reading →

It Was Always You

We meet in Elementary School. We both have trouble with Math and History. You chase me around the playground at recess. I think you had cooties. We become great friends throughout Middle School. Our friends tease us saying we should be a couple. We don't like each other like that. I mean. I do. But... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Haikus

Flowers and candy, A perfect combination, For Valentine's Day.   Today is the day, Couples celebrate their love, Love is in the air.   We are holding hands, After a romantic date, I say, "I love you."   Netflix and pizza Half Off Valentine's candy Being by myself   A simple night in Don't need... Continue Reading →

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