It Was Always You

We meet in Elementary School.
We both have trouble with Math and History.
You chase me around the playground at recess.
I think you had cooties.

We become great friends throughout Middle School.
Our friends tease us saying we should be a couple.
We don’t like each other like that.
I mean. I do. But I’m not going to tell you that.

Throughout High School we become closer.
I ask you to The Freshmen Homecoming Dance.
You say “Yes.”
We date for four years after that.

After graduation, we face a crossroads.
You get accepted into UC Berkeley. I get accepted into Northwestern.
Long distance relationships are hard,” You say.
We decide to break up.

I am heartbroken.
I think I will never get over you.
I think of you everyday wishing we could be together.
I have a lot of lonely nights.

Junior year of College I take a Physics class.
In the class I meet a cute girl.
She laughs at all my dumb jokes.
We start a study group together and eventually start dating.

We graduate together and we are in love.
We start planning a life together.
I buy a ring and propose to her.
She says, “Yes.”

We spend months planning the wedding.
Every single detail has to be perfect.
I wait patiently at the end of the aisle expecting to see her face.
She doesn’t show.

There’s a lot of tears and frustration.
She’s crying as we stand in our apartment. She comes up with excuses.
I tell her to leave and take her stuff.
Just leave.

I move in with my parents for awhile before I can get back up on my feet.
I have many different jobs and live in many different places.
Nothing really sticks.
My life is full of turmoil.

I come home for our 10 year High School Reunion.
I wasn’t going to go, but some mutual friends convince me.
Once I’m there, I see your familiar face.
You light up when you see me and I do the same when I see you.

We reconnect almost instantly, like nothing has changed.
Others talk about me being left at the alter, but you don’t bring it up.
We talk about college and careers.
Neither of us had any luck dating other people.

We continue to text back and forth and even hang out a few times.
It takes me a while to open up to the possibility of a relationship.
Eventually we start dating once again.
My heart slowly mends.

Eventually I get the courage to try this again.
I ask you to marry me and you say “yes.”
This time you walk down the aisle and we kiss.
We are husband and wife.

Our marriage is not perfect, but our bond holds us together.
We have kids and raise a family together.
Everyday I wake up next to you and I kiss your forehead.
I love you more and more everyday.

Our kids get older and go through what we went through.
They experience love and suffer through heartbreak just like us.
We try to be there for them.
But they don’t listen very well. They know way more than we do.

They grow up and move out.
They get educations and jobs.
They get married and start their own families.
We get to spoil the grandchildren.

We get older and aren’t able to get around as much.
Time has taken it’s tole and turned us into old people.
I still think you look as beautiful as the day we got married.
You give me a smile.

One day I have trouble breathing and collapse in our home.
I am rushed to the hospital.
They perform a variety of different tests on me.
Stage 4 Lung Cancer.

The word hangs in the air above the entire family.
There are lots of tears and soft whispers.
You ask me what we are going to do.
I hold your hand and tell you it’s going to be alright.

The lung cancer is a death sentence.
I don’t get to leave the hospital.
You stay by my side holding my hand the entire way.
I tell you that I love you.

I pass in the night.
The doctors tell you that I passed peacefully.
Your cries can be heard throughout the entire hospital.
Our family embraces you and calms you.

I wait up in heaven for you, but I don’t have to wait for long.
Only a few days later you find yourself in the hospital.
The doctors don’t know what’s wrong.
They conclude that you die of a broken heart.

I see you in heaven and it’s like we’re young again.
We hold hands and dance and jump and sing.
We are inseparable
We get to spend eternity together.

I love you,” You say.

I love you too.” 


Header Photo Credit to The Next Web’s Article about becoming an Entrepreneur

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