Hello Internet!

My name is Allen and I am the sole writer/editor/web designer of this website. I am an inspiring writer which started this website as a way to fulfil my 2017 resolution to “write more.” Now a year later, I am continuing to write and grow the community around my website. This is a personal blog as well as an outlet for creative writing. You will find a whole variety of pieces ranging in topics. We have Fantasy, Science Fiction, Personal Stories, and much, much more. I hope that you will spend some time on my website and check out my pieces. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something to read.

Even though I am a year into this, I am still learning and improving the website as well as my writing ability. If you have any suggestions, helpful criticisms, or ideas for me to improve my website, just let me know. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter as well as down in the comment section of every piece. Also you can email me at allen.the.writer@gmail.com if you have any praise to give me or grievances you want to bring to my attention.

Remember that I am a one man team dependent on the community around me and the best way to improve the things you don’t like is to get involved. Just keep in mind that I try to create a positive space here on the internet. I am not above blocking people for making rude, inappropriate, or hateful comments.

I am excited for a new year of writing and I can’t wait to grow this community with you!


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