Bulletin Board: Category Descriptions

Hello Internet! As you may have noticed, the website has received an upgrade and a new fresh can of paint. With this upgrade, I have added some new "Categories" for my posts including something called Bulletin Board. I wanted to write this post to talk about the categories giving you a description of each category... Continue Reading →

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Garden Base M2-4

This is based on a short story that I wrote in college. I have read over and made some changes and updates to it since I wrote it over three years ago. Also this will broken up into two parts. If you liked this story and think I should update and publish old stuff I... Continue Reading →

The Things We Run From

Battle In The Streets of Bishop Part 2   The room was dark and smelled of mold and mildew. Sigthyme felt the cold, stone floor underneath him. He sat on the stone holding his viola across his lap. He felt the strings underneath his fingertips. "You need to spend less time teaching him music and... Continue Reading →


Sitting here with just my thoughts. My breathing. In. Out. In. Out. Not wanting to do or be. Just a wallflower. Clinging. Clinging to life. Clinging to anything. Feeling numb. Not feeling. Just stuck in the background screaming. Silent. No motivation. No ambition. No way out. No feeling in my fingers or toes. Numb from... Continue Reading →

The World After

Image Prompt Photo done by TetaMaonja on DeviantArt   What we had could never last. It was irresponsible to think otherwise. We used resources like it was going out of style. The seas rose with the temperature. We put trash in the ocean and smog into the air. We passed our debts onto our children,... Continue Reading →

Summer Love

We were told that summer love never lasts. That it burns like a bonfire and cools in the fall. We were just kids jumping into love. Just kids jumping into a swimming pool hand in hand. The summer heat fried our brains. We couldn't focus on anything else. It was like heat stroke attacking our... Continue Reading →

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