Bulletin Board: Category Descriptions

Hello Internet! As you may have noticed, the website has received an upgrade and a new fresh can of paint. With this upgrade, I have added some new "Categories" for my posts including something called Bulletin Board. I wanted to write this post to talk about the categories giving you a description of each category... Continue Reading →

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Searching For My Soulmate

I want a love that can move mountains. A love that shakes the earth and clear skies. A love that scares away the demons and the dark clouds. I want a relationship stronger than the diamond in her ring. A relationship that rivals steal, titanium, and even spider's silk. A relationship that protects like a... Continue Reading →

Family Resemblance.

Prompt: "A week ago you sent saliva in to test your DNA ancestry. Today at work you are surrounded by heavily armed federal agents and put under watch."   "GET DOWN ON THE GROUND!" Four people dressed in all black had high powered weapons pointed at Katie. She stood there with her hands in the... Continue Reading →

Today Is So Gray

Today is so gray. The weather is gray. The grass is gray. Even the people are gray. The cold, March weather keeps everything dull. The ground is frozen solid. The wind is stagnant. The world is quiet. It's not quite winter and not quite spring. Just an juncture where people can't enjoy the winter snow... Continue Reading →

Dead In The Water

Prompt: " You are a naval officer closing in on an enemy ship. As you get close, you notice they are not firing back, but signaling you in Morse: "For the love of God, sink us."   The choppy waves made it hard to see, but there on the horizon was the enemy ship. It bobbed... Continue Reading →

Literary Adventure

Sitting in my favorite chair with my knees pressed up against my chin. I have a book open and my eyes dart from line to line. A cup of tea sits on the side table getting colder and colder. I ignore it, instead focusing on the book and words written on its pages. Reading the... Continue Reading →

Heart vs. Brain Part 2

Heart vs. Brain Part 1   Heart: I think we're going to die alone. Brain: What? We have each other. Also I'm the one who does the thinking. Heart: No I mean him. He's going to die alone. Brain: Do we have to do this now? I was about to enjoy a dream. Heart: Yes we... Continue Reading →

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