Pokémon HGSS#14: Fighting The Good Fight

Pokémon HGSS#13: An Ocean Voyage to Cianwood City


Jonathan took off across the sand of Cianwood City towards the Pokémon Gym. He had to find the Gym Leader, Chuck, and ask him for the Cianwood Secret Potion so he could return to Olivine City to save Amphy. It was a bit of a complicated mess, but that wasn’t stopping Jonathan. He had to get that potion.

He found the Gym on the Western part of the town and arrived at the door with a cloud of dust and sand behind him. He grabbed the door handle and opened it with almost too much enthusiasm.

“Hello? Hello? Gym Leader Chuck?” Jonathan stepped into the Gym.

This Pokémon Gym was very similar to several of the other Pokémon Gyms around Johto and beyond. In front was a large sign that looked like a Pokéball that dedicated it as an official Pokémon Gym. Inside it looked like a training dojo with exercise equipment on the edges. Dumbbells, exercise bikes, punching bags, and other stuff lined the edges of the gym. In the middle was a raised platform that almost looked like a boxing ring with water running around the edges from a waterfall in the back of the gym.

“Uh, hello?” Jonathan called out again.

107Hitmonchan.png“Hello,” A gentleman looked over at Jonathan and waved a boxing glove at him.

“Are you Chuck?” Jonathan asked.

“No I’m not, sorry,” The man replied.

Standing next to him was his Pokémon which also seemed to be wearing boxing gloves.

“Is he here?” Jonathan asked.

“I think he’s in the back. Let me see if I can get him,” The man said. “Come on, Hitmonchan. Let’s go get Chuck.”

“Hitmonchan!” The Pokémon said before they both walked towards the back of the Pokémon Gym.

HeartGold_SoulSilver_Chuck.pngJonathan stood around nervously for a few minutes before the same gentleman appeared with a new man standing beside him. This man was much wider with a muscular build wearing red pants and no shirt. He carried a set of dumbbells over his shoulder.

“Someone request me,” This man said in a booming voice.

“Are you Gym Leader Chuck?” Jonathan asked.

“I am,” Chuck smiled with a wide smile.

“I’m glad I found you. I need your help,” Jonathan said.

Jonathan took the next few moments to explain the situation to Chuck. He introuduced himself before mentioning Olivine City, Gym Leader Jasmine, Amphy, The Secret Potion, and the travel across the sea.

“That’s why I needed to find you. I need whatever you have left of the Cianwood Secret Potion for Amphy,” Jonathan said.

“That is quite a tale, Jonathan,” Chuck said. “You are in luck. I still have a few more bottles from the Cianwood Pharmacy.”

“Great!” Jonathan peaked up.

“However, I will not just give it to you,” Chuck said.

Jonathan’s expression dropped.

“What do you mean?”

“You tell quite a story, but I have no way to prove anything you have said. I have no contact with any other Gym Leader. They don’t seem to care about me or Cianwood for that matter,” Chuck said. “Plus I have heard word that there are Pokémon thieves re-emerging in Johto. Even here, we have heard of Pokémon being taken. Maybe you are with them and just want to steal this potion to boost your stolen Pokémon.”

“But…I.. No. You have it all wrong,” Jonathan said. “I’m trying to save a sick Pokémon.”

“So you say,” Chuck shrugged. “But again, you have no way to prove it. Unless, I’m mistaken. Do you have any way to prove it?”

“I…I…” Jonathan struggled to find words.

“That’s what I thought,” Chuck said. “Now if you don’t mind, you interrupted my mid-day meditation.”

“What if I battle you for them?” Jonathan shouted before Chuck could turn away.

Chuck placed a finger on his chin.

“A battle. Hmmmm. That’s quite interesting,” Chuck said.

“You’re a Gym Leader, right? You battle for honor. To prove their strength. I could battle you for the potion,” Jonathan said.

Chuck’s wide smile reappeared across his face.

“You know what? I haven’t had a really good battle in awhile. Sure, Jonathan. Your challenge intrigues me. We will battle. If you win, I will hand over my supply of potion. If you lose, you must immediately leave Cianwood City. Deal?”

Chuck held out one of his hands.

“Deal,” Jonathan took it and shook on it.

It took a moment before both Jonathan and Gym Leader Chuck were in the Boxing Ring style battlefield.

“Two-on-two Pokémon Battle. A tag-team match,” Chuck said.

“Agreed,” Jonathan said.

308Medicham.png“Let’s go, Medicham,” Chuck said.

In front of him appeared a Pokémon with large red and yellow legs and white body. It wasn’t a Pokémon, Jonathan had seen before.

Chuck picked up on this.

“This is a Medicham. A Pokémon native to the Hoen Region. Just like many other Gym Leaders, I’ve extended my scope outside of Johto. This Fighting Pokémon also has powerful Psychic-type Attacks. Helps me meditate as well as practice my kick boxing,” Chuck said.

“Medicham. Alright. Well I guess I’ll go with, Flaafy,” Jonathan said. “We’re doing this for Amphy.”

600px-180FlaaffyFlaaffy appeared in a flash of red light as it emerged from its Pokéball.


“1, 2, 3, Fight!” Chuck yelled. “Medicham use Force Palm.”

Medicham jumped forward as Psychic energy swirled around its fist.

“Flaaffy, use Take Down!”

Flaffy leaped forward and met Medicham in the air with a full body tackle. They both slammed into each other knocking both of them to the edges of the battlefield.

“Flaaffy, use Cotton Spore!”

Flaffy pulled large chunks of wool from the wool mane around its neck and threw them forward. The wool slammed into Medicham covering it in a sticking, wool material slowing down its movements.

“Lowering my speed. That’s smart,” Chuck said. “But that’s not going to stop me from winning this battle. It’s time that we make this more interesting.”

Chuck held up the armband around his wrist. At first Jonathan thought this was just some kind of accessory, but know he could see that it had some kind of jewel embedded in it.

“What’s that?” Jonathan asked.

“This is a gift from Gym Leader Korrina in Kalos. A Mega Ring. It allows me to do this,” Chuck said. “Medicam. Mega Evolve!”

308Medicham-Mega.pngThe bracelet began glowing and Medicham followed suit. The glowing grew brighter before Medicham was back surrounded by energy in a new form.

“Medicham!” It called out.

“Mega Medicham. Let’s finish this!”

“Mega evolution. Incredible,” Jonathan said seeing this for the first time.

“Now let me show you the true power of Mega Evolution. Mega Medicham, use High Jump Kick!”

Mega Medicham leaped into the air and came down with its leg outstretched.

“Flaaffy, use Electro Ball,” Jonathan shouted.

A ball of electrical energy surrounded the blue sphere on the end of Flaffy’s tail. It then spun releasing the ball of electricity towards Mega Medicham. The ball slammed into the mid-air Mega Medicham, but it didn’t seem to make an impact. Mega Medicham broke right through the electricity and then it slammed into Flaffy. There was an eruption of energy and Flaaffy was thrown back into the ropes of the battlefield before falling forward onto the battle mat, unable to battle.

“One down!” Chuck smiled.

Mega Medicham landed back in Chuck’s corner.

“Medicham,” It said.

“This isn’t over,” Jonathan said as Flaffy returned to its Pokéball. “It’s time for Phanpy to come out.”

250px-231PhanpyThere was another flash of red light and the small, blue Elephant Pokémon emerged from its Pokéball.

“Phanpy!” It said.

“That little thing. That’s going to be your second Pokémon?” Chuck asked with a laugh.

“It packs quite a punch,” Jonathan said while Phanpy tried its best to look intimidating.

“Well show me what you got,” Chuck said.

“Phanpy, use Roll Out!”

Phanpy rolled up into a ball and began spinning quickly. Then it rushed forward in its spinning ball.

“Medicham, dodge it!”

Mega Medicham jumped into the air as Phanpy underneath it without making contact.

“Now, use High Jump Kick!”

Mega Medicham hung in the air for a moment before coming back down towards Phanpy.

“Phanpy, use the ropes. Get out of there!” Jonathan shouted.

Phanpy continued to roll forward until it was spinning in the ropes on the side of the battlefield. Then with one moment it sprang back off the elastic ropes. Phanpy launched itself back towards Jonathan as Mega Medicham slammed into the battlefield, missing the Phanpy. Then Mega Medicham fell forward onto one knee.

“Now, Phanpy!”

Phanpy slammed into the ropes closest to Jonathan before spinning forward again.

“Rollout!” Jonathan yelled.

Phanpy slammed back into Mega Medicham with all the force of the ropes. Mega Medicham fell back onto its back as the Mega Energy released from its body. It transformed back into regular Medicham as it lay on the mat, not moving.

“Very smart, Jonathan. Using the battlefield against me,” Chuck said. “But I won’t make the same mistake twice.”

“Another Mega Evolution?” Jonathan asked.

“Unfortunately, Mega Evolution is special and takes a ton of energy. That kind of evolution can only be used once per battle. Plus my next Pokémon doesn’t have a Mega Evolution. Doesn’t need it to defeat you,” Chuck said. “Let’s go, Poliwrath.”

062Poliwrath.pngChuck held up another Pokéball and a Blue Frog Pokémon emerged. It had a black swirl on its body, angry eyes, and large white fists.

“Poliwrath,” It said.

“Ummm….we got this, Phanpy,” Jonathan said with less confidence than he wanted.

“Poliwrath, let’s show Jonathan here your true strength,” Chuck said.

Poliwrath leaped over the ropes and landed beside the flow of water that went up to its ankles.

“You can do that?” Jonathan asked.

“It’s my gym,” Chuck shrugged.

“Oh, yeah. Alright. Phanpy, go leap down there!”

Phanpy ran over to the edge and ducked under the ropes before leaping down to Poliwrath’s level, standing beside the stream of water.

“Now. 1, 2, 3, Fight!” Chuck said. “Poliwrath, use Focus Punch!”

Poliwrath got into position and readied its fist.

“Phanpy, use Roll Out!”

Again, Phanpy assumed its position and began spinning in its ball kicking up dust and sand. Then it rolled forward. Poliwrath just stood there taking the attack as Phanpy slammed its body into it. Phanpy was knocked back into the air as it made eye contact with Phanpy.

“Now!” Chuck yelled.

“Phanpy, Endure!”

Poliwrath swung forward with its fist with an almost blinding speed, while Phanpy curled into a ball and prepared for the hit. Poliwrath hit with all its strength and Phanpy went flying through the air. It slammed into the Pokémon Gym’s walls creating a large divot in the wall, before Phanpy fell to the ground. It got up, but could barely stand. Jonathan guessed that without a quick, endure, Phanpy would have been knocked out by the punch.

“Still up, huh?” Chuck asked. “Well not for long. Poliwrath use -”

Chuck’s words were cut off when Phanpy took a step forward and then it began to glow.

“Phanpy. It’s evolving,” JOnathan said.

232Donphan.pngWhite energy began swirling around Phanpy as its form began to change. It changed from a small blue elephant to a larger gray Pokémon with black armor from its trunk to its tail. It also had large white tusks on each side of its face.

“Donphan!” It said as it took another step forward.

“Impressive. Your Phanpy has evolved into a Donphan. I used Mega Evolution and you used regular evolution. Although it still looks real rough,” Chuck said.

“It’s tough,” Jonathan said. “Donphan can take your Poliwrath.”

“Then let’s go,” Chuck said. “Poliwrath, use Body Slam!”

“Donphan, use Horn Attack!”

Both Pokémon ran forward and slammed into each other sending a spray of dirt and water as the two Pokémon pushed against each other. It was now a battle of strength. Donphan versus Poliwrath.

“Come on, Poliwrath!” Chuck cheered.

“You can do it, Donphan!” Jonathan followed suit, cheering on his Pokémon. “Give it all you got!”

The two Pokémon were locked together making very little ground. Donphan was pushed back a few feet and then it would push back Poliwrath a few more feet.

“Poliwrath, use Focus Punch!”

“Donphan, use Roll Out!”

Both Pokémon were knocked back and then they prepared their attacks. Poliwrath brought back its fist preparing for its punch. Donphan rolled up in a ball and then rolled forward slamming its entire body into Poliwrath’s body. Poliwrath took a step backwards and Jonathan thought the battle was over. One punch and it was over. However, Poliwrath took another step back, then another. Then it fell back onto its back.

“No!” Chuck looked over the side at his Poliwrath laying on its back, unable to battle.

Donphan took a step back and stood there barely standing.

Jonathan crawled out from the boxing ring and ran over to Donphan giving it a huge hug.

“You did it! You did it!” Jonathan said squeezing Donphan.


It was weak, but happy to finish that battle.

“Return, Donphan. You did well,” Jonathan said as Donphan returned to its Pokéball.

“Well you did it, Jonathan. Against all odds, you proved your strength and defeated my Fighting-Type Pokémon. That’s something that would not have happened if you were just a Pokémon thief. You are a true Pokémon trainer. You are worthy of that Cianwood Secret Potion as well as a Pokémon Badge,” Chuck said pulling out a shiny, metalic badge from his back pocket.

Jonathan stood up and shook his head.

storm_badge.jpg“The deal was the potion. That’s what I agreed to,” Jonathan said.

“That battle was one of the best I’ve been a part of for a long time. You were the true underdog there and it deserves a Gym Badge. Here, this is the Storm Badge,” Chuck said forcing the badge into Jonathan’s hand. “Plus I’ll give you the potion. Your strength earned it.”

“Thank you, Chuck,” Jonathan said.


Chuck allowed Jonathan spend the night resting up at the Gym and provided him with a meal. Chuck’s wife was happy to cook food for the both of them although she seemed annoyed at how much time Chuck spends at the Pokémon Gym.

“After today, I’ll have to train twice as hard,” Chuck said with a wink as his wife just rolled his eyes.

In the morning, Chuck went with Jonathan to the beach where Lapras was happily splashing around in the water with other Water-Type Pokémon. Then they got Lapras strapped up with a small wooden crate filled with four glass bottles full of the Cianwood Secret Potion.

“Don’t lose those,” Chuck said tightening the ropes around the box.

“I won’t, promise,” Jonathan said.

“Then good luck on your journey back to Olivine,” Chuck said. “Give Jasmine my regards.”

“Will do. Thanks for the potions,” Jonathan said. “I’ll make sure to give you the credit when I speak to Jasmine.”

“Don’t. You deserve the credit. You won the battle. You earned them,” Chuck said as his wide smile crept across his face. “Goodbye, Jonathan.”

“Bye, Chuck,” Jonathan said before Lapras made it way back onto the open sea.

Jonathan had gotten the Secret Potion and now he needed to make his way back to Olivine.

“Hold on Amphy, I’m on my way,” Jonathan said looking ahead of him.

He could not see Olivine City, but it was only a matter of time before he was back in the city and he could cure Jasmine’s sick Ampharos of its sickness.


Header Photo Credit to Kishiki2 on Photobucket

All photos of Pokemon and related content used were taken from Bulbapedia


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