Bulletin Board Post: You All Are The Best (3/11/19)

Hello Everyone!

I wasn’t planning on writing this, but after yesterday, I thought I should write this to update all of you and tell you how wonderful you all. If you didn’t read it, I put out a Weekly Blog yesterday (A Weekly Blog, I Guess?) which was basically me rambling for the entire thing. Now most Weekly Blogs have some rambling or some off-shoots, but they usually have some kind of topic that holds the whole thing together. Yesterday’s Weekly Blog had no topic. I really had nothing to talk about, but I didn’t want to just write nothing, so I made a rambling mess. And what did all of you do? You read it. You flocked to it. All of you actually made yesterday one of the biggest days I’ve had in terms of viewership. I put out the worst Weekly Blog I’ve ever wrote, and all of you read it. It’s confusing in a good way. So yeah, thank you for throwing all that love my way and I hope if it was your first time reading my stuff, you went on and read other, much better, stuff. There are over 380 pieces on this website and I’d say that 75% of them are better than what I put out yesterday. So please go read that stuff! Thank you for reading that mess of a Weekly Blog I published yesterday. I really appreciate all of you so much! It flabbergasted me but made me really happy all at the same time.

Anyway thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful week!


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