Cozy Spirit

The scent of fresh brewed coffee. The sound of a light drizzle tapping on the window. The feel of the worn pages of a book I’ve read many times. This is when the cozy spirit comes to haunt. Like a large, quilted blanket that your grandmother would own. A bit scratchy. But I still wrap... Continue Reading →

Too Many Questions

Do the words I write hold their meaning?Or do you read them and then they're gone forever?Do they repeat?Do they stick? Do they grab hold of your heart and brain?Or are they just a drop in the ocean?Words that flash across your eyes.Hold your attention for a second. Am I screaming into the void?Preaching to... Continue Reading →

Literary Adventure

Sitting in my favorite chair with my knees pressed up against my chin. I have a book open and my eyes dart from line to line. A cup of tea sits on the side table getting colder and colder. I ignore it, instead focusing on the book and words written on its pages. Reading the... Continue Reading →

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