True strength comes from within. Not only the muscles of the arms and legs. But the muscle like the heart. True strength comes from experience. Overcoming obstacles in your way. Using your experiences to foster personal growth. True strength comes from others. The people around you that love and support you. The people who carry... Continue Reading →

Humanities Only Hope (Part 2)

Part 1 Original Prompt: "Humans once wielded formidable magical power but with over 7 billion of us on the planet now Mana has spread far to thinly to have any effect. When hostile aliens reduces humanity to a mere fraction the survivors discover an old power has begun to reawaken once again." The darkened clouds... Continue Reading →


It's kind of funny how a good day can become a bad day. Like you can be having a fine day. And then it becomes bad. Out of nowhere. I'll be sitting at home. By myself. Not doing anything. Then my mind will start thinking. Overthinking. I'll start thinking about my day and start thinking... Continue Reading →

An Unfamiliar Sight (ReUpload)

Sorry everyone, there was some kind with WordPress and the piece was not published properly. I decided to reupload it. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused. Prompt: " At the age of 13 children are able to summon their familiars for the first time. Your family has always been ridiculed for weak and useless... Continue Reading →

Thinking About Rain

Sitting under the water's surface. Looking up and seeing small droplets of rain hit the surface. Little pattern of rings dancing above you. Waiting for someone to pick you up. Staring out at the rain as it hits the blacktop. The low drum of it hitting the rooftop fills your ears. Camping in the woods.... Continue Reading →

A Visitor From the North

Prompt: "It's Christmas Eve 2038. The world has been destroyed due to nuclear war, but Santa, being immortal, has survived, and plans to deliver presents to the few remaining humans locked in their fallout shelters."   Up above the surface, the air was green and small bits of ash and dust rained down from the... Continue Reading →

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