Thinking About Rain

Sitting under the water’s surface.
Looking up and seeing small droplets of rain hit the surface.
Little pattern of rings dancing above you.

Waiting for someone to pick you up.
Staring out at the rain as it hits the blacktop.
The low drum of it hitting the rooftop fills your ears.

Camping in the woods.
Hearing the large droplets hit the thick, canvas above you.
Falling asleep to the sounds of the storm.

Dancing around in the rain.
You drag her out into the rain to dance with her.
She is laughing at you and you’re laughing with her.

Trying to reenact that scene from The Notebook.
Both of you kissing in the rain.
Both suffering from a weeklong sickness.

Sipping your coffee.
Watching rain run down the large, glass windows.
Fingers tap along with the beat of the storm.

Bright yellow boots.
Children laughing and jumping in the puddles.
Trying to make the biggest splash they can.

Cold rain on the day of a funeral.
Every is dressed in black with their black umbrellas.
Helps hide the tears that are coming down.

Rain on your wedding day.
Supposed to be good luck.
Rain clouds make the perfect backdrop for the start of your life.


Header Photo Credit to A List of Animated Rain Gifs

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