Out Of The Woods Part 2

Out Of The Woods   The party had found their way through The Ollick Forrest and to the Town of Augendale. Passing by the scary, abandoned buildings on the town's northern side, they made their way into the town proper where they found The Silver Oyster. This was a tavern that a Dwarvish man named... Continue Reading →

Out Of The Woods

Battle For Vern Road Juniper, Tak, Riffen, Sigthyme, and Grace all traveled on Vern Road for a few days after their encounter with the blue-skinned, Air Genasi and his group of bandits. Through long rests and some healing magic, all of them regained their health and healed their wounds. Luckily they were able to avoid... Continue Reading →

The Truth Teller

Prompt: "You are cursed to forever tell the truth no matter what. Every powerful group in the land is hunting you down because, under moments of great pain, you reflexively speak truths beyond your own knowledge and faculties."   I felt the cold stone underneath my bare feet. The irons wrapped around my wrist, ankles,... Continue Reading →

Lion’s Gate

Image Prompt comes from Quentin Regnes on ArtStation.com   The car pulled up to the house outside of town. Annabelle was immediately amazed by the large stone walls with detailed engravings. There in the middle was a large pair of bronze gates. Then on each side of the gate was a large, lion statue. No, not lion.... Continue Reading →

End Game

Prompt: " You have just returned to your camp after being bitten by a zombie to say your goodbyes. You are surprised to find the national guard giving your friends a vaccine. The world is saved. However, the vaccine only works on the healthy. You lost at the endgame and these your last 24 hours."  ... Continue Reading →

Project Umbra

Prompt: "You misappropriated federal resources to look me up? Must have really missed me, huh?"   Cassie sat on a metal chair. Her hands were tied behind her back with a thick, scratchy rope. It rubbed against her skin as she wiggled her arms. The black bag over her head obscured her view. Her heartbeat... Continue Reading →

Battle For Vern Road

The Things We Run From "Ambush!" Juniper yelled as a crossbow bolt struck Riffen in the chest. Behind them they heard a scream of a girl. "Grace," Juniper yelled. "Head's up," Sigthyme said as a second crossbow bolt soared over his head. "Smash!" Tak raised his warhammer and charged towards the overturn carts, now barricades... Continue Reading →

A Child On Fire

Prompt: "A child not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth."   I woke up in a cold, snowy world. A world where people looked down on me like I was the same with the dirt. Actually, to them, I am worse than dirt. At least dirt grows crops. The... Continue Reading →

The Lost Girl

Prompt: "You are a god! Well, a semi-god with your own pocket dimension. 4 times a year you teleport all the lost and abandoned animals in the world to your utopia. Today you somehow summoned a human child."   Four times a year I come to the Earth and collect the things that are lost and... Continue Reading →

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