Weekly Synopsis: 3/12 – 3/18

Well here we are. Another week of US Politics and of course this week continued the trend of Presidential Tweets, fighting over Healthcare, and embarrassing moments. But you know we should be used to all of that by now. So let's catch up on some of the major news stories this week that dealt with... Continue Reading →

Pokemon Adventures #9: Verdant Cavern

  Lillie and I quickly departed the berry farm and headed towards Verdant Cavern on the heels of the Tauros riding, Buck, Team Skull, and even Hau. Eventually we made it up Route 2 and found a Pokémon Center right outside Verdant Cavern. “Maybe we should heal up before taking on Ilima’s challenge,” I said.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Synopsis 3/5 – 3/11

Well here we are. Another week into American Politics and this week was completely bland and nothing happened. Yeah I didn't believe that either. So let's catch up on some of the major things in US Politics that you might have missed in no particular order: This week House Republicans introduced their Healthcare Bill which... Continue Reading →

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