Weekly Blog April 14th, 2019: We’re Going Rogue!

Buckle Up Readers, We’re Going Rogue!

That’s right. After all this time we’ve been following a thing called a “schedule” where things come out on a weekly basis. BORING! We’re thrown off those shackles and now anarchy will reign! There will be no rhyme or reason for when things post! It’s going to be extreme!




Hello Internet,

Yes that just happened. You just read that. But I’ll get to that in a second. Hopefully you had a wonderful week! My week was very, very busy. My legs are still hurting from all the walking I did at work, but I survived. I’m taking it a day at a time and I am doing my best to soak in all the information. Who knew there was so much to learn when it came to delivering the mail. But here we are. So let’s talk about all the things that got published this week!

Oh right… I didn’t publish anything this week. I was busy learning my other job and working that I didn’t have time to put out anything. If you missed it, I did talk about taking a week break in the last Weekly Blog, What’s Next After 400?. I took this much needed break because I knew I’d be busy at work and exhausted afterwards. I also took the week to access how busy I was going to be and what I would need to change to keep this Blog going. And let me tell you. Things are going to have to change. Based on how much I worked and how much I’m going to work into the future, there is no way I’ll be able to keep up with a regular writing schedule. So what am I going to do? Well I’m going rogue!

Well “going rouge” is bit of a hyperbole. Let me explain what I mean.

Well first of all, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to steal Death Star Plans or absorb the powers of other X-Mean. Going rogue for me means that I’m going to try to publish as much as I can, but there is no guarantee I will publish on those set dates like I have been doing for awhile now. The schedule is kind of getting thrown out the window. I still want to write Weekly Blogs, Poetry, and Writing Prompt pieces, but they will be published less frequently. There may be times where nothing is published for several days or even weeks at a time. I’ll try to give updates and publish pieces when I have the time, but it’s going to be nowhere close to how many pieces I’ve been publishing each month. So how long is going to last? I have no idea. I’m guessing that at minimum it’s going to last a few months, but it this could become the new normal. It’s all up to how motivated I can be after work and what my work schedule is going to look like. I’ve been told that my work schedule is going to be really busy and change frequently which will also stifle the amount of time  I have for writing.

I’m also using this Weekly Blog as a bit of a catch all when I don’t publish a piece whether that be a Weekly Blog, Poem, or Writing Prompt piece. When I would miss an upload, I’d usually write a Bulletin Board Post in its place explaining that there wouldn’t be a piece uploaded that day. Well, if I did that for every piece I missed, then the whole Blog would just be Bulletin Board posts apologizing that there isn’t any other kind of pieces getting published. So instead of that, this will suffice. Again, I’m hoping to keep up a regular-ish schedule and publish as many things as I can a week, but I also don’t want to wear myself too thin between work and writing. I want some moments where I can relax and have some fun. Ideally, I will continue to write stuff in my free time and I hope that will allow me to continue the schedule you as the reader and I as the writer have been accustomed  to. However, it’s very likely that my writing will fall off a bit and pieces will not always get published on time. Another side affect of working and writing, is that pieces will probably get shorter and less complicated. Poems might just be a few lines, Weekly Blogs will be shorter, and Writing Prompt pieces will be closer to 1,000 words instead of 2,000 words. Some people like the longer pieces, so I know people will be bummed about that, but I just don’t have the time to write like I used to have. I also believe a shorter piece is better than no piece at all and I hope you will agree.

I know all of this is not ideal, but its kind of a middle ground between how much I’m writing now and not writing at all. I might also be blowing this out of proportion for some people. I know a lot of Bloggers/Writers on WordPress just write without any sort of schedule, but for me, this is an unknown place. I liked having an upload schedule so I knew when I needed to write and you knew when things were going to get published. In my mind, it helped to build the community and bring in regular readership. Now we’re going to have this more chaotic schedule which may actually work out. I don’t know. This is all a new thing for me and I’m not sure how it is going to work. It might be good or it might be bad. We’ll learn together!

I just want to remind everyone that I appreciate their support so far and I hope it continues into the future. No matter if you’re a new reader or have been reading since the beginning, I appreciate all the support you send my way. All the views, likes, comments, and shares mean the world to me. Now that we’re entering shaky ground, I am going to appreciate every bit of support sent my way. All of you are wonderful people who make my day and no matter how much or how little I write, I know you all will be there to support me.

Thank you for reading this Weekly Blog. I’m not sure when the next one will be or even when the next piece will be published, but I hope I see you then. If you liked this Weekly Blog, feel free to give it a like. You can also leave a comment down below letting me know if you think this compromise is a good idea or you can suggest other ways to keep the website/Blog active during this time of uncertainty. If you really liked this Weekly Blog or want to support me further, you can check out the rest of the pieces I’ve published. There are over 400 other pieces here on the website and I know this back catalog of pieces will be very important as less and less new pieces get published. I suggest going back and reading some old stuff in between new pieces getting published on the website. That should hold you over.

Thank you again for all the love and support and I hope you have a wonderful week…
…or a wonderful period between Weekly Blogs whatever that may be.




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      1. Write now I try to write a whole bunch of stuff but my creative writing is a lot of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Those are definitely my go to subjects. When it comes to Weekly Blogs, I write all sorts of stuff!

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