The Wind (Rewritten)

Original Prompt: “You are the wind’s interpreter. What is it saying?”


I’ve always admired humans. There’s just something about them. The way they are just able to take it all in. Just sitting there enjoying the breeze.

Well that’s what I am. What I do. I am the breeze. I am the wind.

I turn away from a few human chatting on a park bench and I look up at the clouds. Kites float up in the air bobbing up and down. I can’t help but be happy. Something like that is enjoyable for both me and them.

Across the way there are human up on a stage playing instruments. They aren’t very good, but I enjoyed the performance anyway. That’s another thing that I love about humans. Their creation of music. Of course I can make my own music.

I run my hands through the tree branches and make the leaves rustle. I then turn and zoom over to one of the booths which is a part of an outdoor market. I run my hands across several glass wind chimes making them clink together.

I hear a small girl giggling at the wind chimes.

I turn to see a young girl standing holding her mother’s hand while the mother looks at miscellaneous wares and trinkets.

I smile at her.

“Hi!” The little girl waved her hand.

I look around. The shopkeeper was busy helping out the mother and there wasn’t anyone else nearby. I looked back at her and she was still staring in my direction. She couldn’t be staring at me.

I lifted my hand and did a little wave. This moved her hair just a little.

She smiled.

“You’re funny! What’s your name?”

I pointed at myself.

My name? Did I have a name. I’ve never needed a name. I’ve never used it. People usually just called me the wind.

I shrugged and then I tousled her hair.

The little girl smiled again and laughed.

She turned to her mom and pulled on her dress.

“Look, Mommy! Look!”

The mother turned and looked down at her daughter.

“What is it, Sweetie?” Her Mom asked.

“Right there,” The little girl pointed at me. “It’s the wind.”

Her mother smiled a little bit not fully understanding her daughter’s intentions.

“Oh really? Well tell the wind I say ‘Hi,'” The mother said.

The mother turned back picking up a small stained glass piece.

The little girl continued to stare at me which was both worrying and endearing. I had never been noticed before and I wasn’t sure what to do.

“Can you do that again?” The girl asked pointing up to the wind chimes.

I gave her a nod and then ran my across the chimes once again.

“Come on, Sweetie. Let’s go get lunch,” The mother said placing the glass piece, she just bought, in her bag.

“Are you hungry?” The girl asked me as she was tugged along by her mother.

I drifted beside her. I shook my head no.

I never got hungry. I’ve never tasted food or drink. I imagine that it’s wonderful, but I have no need of it.

“Do you ever get hungry?” She asked.

I shook my head again.

“Everyone gets hungry,” The little girl said now skipping alongside her mother.

The mother looked down and then looked towards my direction. For a moment I thought that she could see me too, but the mother looked through me. She turned back towards the sidewalk ahead.

“You still talking to the wind?” The mother asked.

“Yeah. The wind is funny. It said that it never eats.”

“Really? Must be nice,” The mother laughed. “Maybe you can learn from the wind.”

“I want a PBJ,” The little girl jumped up and down.

“Ok we can do that,” The mother said. “Let’s go home and make some PBJ’s.”

They continued to walk through the park, but I stopped. I just floated there as the two walked away. After a few feet, the little girl turned back to me and gave me a little wave.

I waved back.

It’s a strange sensation to have someone notice you for the first time and then immediately leave. Maybe I would see the girl and her mother again. Maybe not.

I then looked around at all the people in the park. All enjoying the nice day. Some with the kites. Some just jogging through the park. All living their own lives not noticing me. They did not notice the wind rattling the wind chimes, blowing their hair, and rustling their clothes. They were too busy to really notice me, but I didn’t care. It was freeing to be noticed but it was also freeing to be left alone.

I spun and spun. The breeze increased around me and the clouds began to spiral.

Then I stopped spinning and let out a laugh. I didn’t do that much. It felt nice.

Finally I moved back towards the wind chimes and run my hand across them one more time.



This is a rewrite of a Writing Prompt post I published over a year ago. I liked the original prompt and piece, but I thought I could do it better. If you like this kind of stuff and I will consider going back to old pieces and giving them a “HD remake.” If there are pieces in particular you think deserve some updating, let me know that as well.

Header Photo Credit to NetRaptor’s DeviantArt Page.
The Wind

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