Flying High

Blue sky above is always catching my eye.Love the drifting clouds and the art they make.Wish I wasn’t being held down so I could take to the sky.Just floating on the winds as I go higher and higher.  Flying on the currents and looking down.Makes the world seem so small.Problems seem lesser when the air... Continue Reading →

The Wind (Rewritten)

Original Prompt: "You are the wind’s interpreter. What is it saying?"   I've always admired humans. There's just something about them. The way they are just able to take it all in. Just sitting there enjoying the breeze. Well that's what I am. What I do. I am the breeze. I am the wind. I... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt #7: The Wind

Writing Prompt: You are the wind’s interpreter. What is it saying? A warm, summer day. The market is busy with people moving back and forth buying and selling things. There are a group of musicians in the middle of the square. They play guitar and sing. They are amateurs but I like it. I’ve always... Continue Reading →

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