Technological Partnership (Partially Written By AI)

Hello everyone! Allen here with another unique piece partially written by me and partially written by an AI. I first posted a story like this titled, Hard Decisions, in which an AI helped me write a story based off of the snippets of text I submitted. Well I’m back doing the same thing today. I used the Aritifical Intelligence Neural Network over at Talk to Transformer ( to write part of a story. Like last time, this story is a bit of a mess, but I did my best to make it make sense. I actually feel like I added a lot more filler compared to last time, but it’s very necessary. The parts in BOLD are the stuff I wrote and fed to the machine, and the rest was generated by the Artificial Intelligence. Let me know if you are interested in pieces like this in the future and want to see more pieces like this. Also check out Talk To Transformer to mess around with it and write your own stories if you want. Enjoy!

“We have some new results from our experiment,” Sarah said checking her notes.

“Anything interesting?” Hiroto asked.

Sarah shrugged, knowing that Hiroto would never ask about her opinions as long as she kept them from him. Her eyes scanned the list of failed experiments on the table again.

“Now that the design and components are sorted out, I am now building the interface on the mainframe. If things are done well, it should provide some rudimentary sensory information to him and improve his experience with the device.”

She looked up at Hiroto, “So…Can I go to work?”

“No, I mean, I mean, ok, but you don’t have to go work here, right?” Hiroto paused.

“We are supposed to be working on this project together,” Sarah said.

Hiroto rolled his eyes. 

“I’m the one who has spent his whole life on this project,’ Hiroto said.

“Yes, and I’ve been sent by the company to make sure the project is completed,” Sarah replied.

“What business are you in? What are you doing here?” Hiroto asked. 

“I’m a technician. We are testing something,” Sarah said. 

“I’m not here to check on that,” Hiroto said. “I’m here to test something else. If I’m not allowed to do this, I won’t be able to do it. You and I will fight to the death over what was done here. I hope you know that, because I will.”

Hiroto dropped his voice a little “I don’t want to with fight you. I can’t really do that. I don’t have the patience.”

“Then help me! That’s all I’m trying to do. I’m trying to help you get your project completed,” Sarah said.

“No. Your job is to make your company money. You don’t care about how that happens. You don’t care about my project and you don’t care about me,” Hiroto said. “At first, I thought your priority was doing your job properly. I thought you meant well, and that maybe I shouldn’t say things like this to you.”

Sarah thought about this for a moment, her voice a bit firmer than it had been when they first met. There had been anger at the first. This was an entirely different kind of anger.

“Then just say it,” Sarah said.


“If it’s too much, I’ll leave.”

“What will the people at your company say if you just leave me here?” Hiroto asked.

“I don’t care. I don’t care what they’ll say. I’ll just tell them that you are an impossible, old man and I can’t stand spending another moment with you,” Sarah said.

She quickly grabbed the design papers. Then Sarah turned and left the room. 

“Fine leave! See if I care!” Hiroto yelled as the door slammed behind Sarah. 

Sarah moved down the hallway of the lab. Her head was down and her eyes filled with tears. Hiroto had been such a pain in her neck from day one. Everyone called him some sort of genius, but Sarah just knew him as a bully. A bully who never respected her and refused to work with her. 

Suddenly, she realized that she had forgotten something. Her computer was back in the lab.

She let out a sigh and then turned around. She ran into a new section of the lab. Sighing, she turned around. Hiroto was standing just inside the opening.

“Back so soon,” Hiroto asked.

“I forgot my computer,” Sarah said through gritted teeth.

“I thought you were back to apologize,” Hiroto shrugged.

“Apologize? Apologize? Why would I apologize to you?”

“Because you are rude,” Hiroto said.

Sarah wanted to scream.

“I am trying to help and you won’t let me,” Sarah said.

“I am doing what I think is best for me,” Hiroto replied.

“And what about the company? What about your project?” Sarah asked.

“Again you talk about stuff you don’t understand,” Hiroto said. “I have my own set of ideas. I am a designer, I am not a programmer.”

Sarah was quiet.

He began to dig through his desk drawers to find something. When he was done, he handed Sarah a folder.

She flipped through it.

“What is this?” She asked.

“The Omega Project,” Hiroto replied.

“Omega Project?”

“Yes, the Project X.”

“What is it?”

“You should read the details on the screens and briefing documents. They are very interesting.”

She  looked at him quizzically.

“I don’t even know what it is,”  Sarah said.  “Not to put a damper on the deal, but what am I going to do with a bunch of copies of some old maps?”

“Project X was a parallel construction program that the United States of America put on hold in order to put on hold their own secret Project X. The Soviets followed suit and did the same, if not greater,” Hiroto explained.

Sarah shook her head.

“I’m sorry. But what is this? Why are you telling me these things?” Sarah asked. 

“The Soviets started construction on Project X because the Americans did and the Americans had their own Project X because they heard rumors that Japan was working on it before Emperor Hirohito surrendered to them. Nobody really knew what it was, but it didn’t stop each country from funneling millions of dollars into it. They didn’t really care about the goal. Both countries just wanted to beat them too it.”

“I’m still confused. What does this has to do with me and you or this project?”

“Your company does not care about me or my project. They just want to beat their rivals to the punch. It’s all about the illusion of progress that keeps the wheels turning and the money coming in,” Hiroto said.

Sarah stood there for a moment in shock. Normally she wouldn’t let Hiroto’s words get to her, but these stung. There was a layer of truth to them.

“You may leave now,” Hiroto said grabbing the folder and shoving it back into his desk.

“Yeah, alright,” Sarah said grabbing her computer.

She wasn’t sure what else to say. She was so angry at this man for shutting her out and now it was like a tidal wave of information had hit her.

She just stood there for a second as he turned back to the components sitting out on the table.  

He picked up a single chip, looks at the chip in his hand and set it back down on the table.

“Weren’t you in the middle of storming off?” Hiroto asked without turning around.

“I was, but I didn’t actually get that far,” Sarah said. 

“You should probably head home for the night and get some sleep.  I’ll have to see you again tomorrow,” Hiroto said.

“You should probably do that too,” Sarah responded.

Hiroto nodded. 

Sarah pulled the laptop to her chest and left through the same door she came in, leaving Hiroto alone in the room.

He sat there silently toying with the components before setting them down.

“Just an illusion of progress,” He mumbled to himself. 

Header Photo Credit to Tech Nation

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