Weekly Blog April 21st, 2019: Easter 2019

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! First I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming amount of love and support they have sent my way since last week when I mentioned in a Weekly Blog that the website is “Going Rogue”. If you didn’t read it, it basically means that my work is picking up and I am going to have less time for writing. I’m going to try my best to keep up with my self-imposed schedule, but it is possible that I will miss uploads. This is just a general warning so people are not surprised if things do not get published. This week I did find some time to put out some pieces, so let’s talk about those as well. On Wednesday, I published a list of Six Word Memoirs. Although this is the seventh part of Six Word Memoirs, I haven’t actually published any since last July. These shorter poems are probably going to become more of a regular thing as, again, I don’t know how much time I’ll have for writing. Also on Friday, I published a Writing Prompt Piece titled “New Earth Day.” I saw this Writing Prompt on Reddit awhile ago, but I knew I wanted to save it as an Earth Day Message. Be good to the planet people, because you never know when a future government will drag you out of your cryosleep and drag you into the old Supreme Court Building to face judgement.

So today is Easter Sunday for all the people out there who are celebrating today. Maybe you are a Christian and are celebrating Jesus rising from the grave after dying on the cross. Or maybe today is just a day where you eat Jelly Beans, Bunny Peeps, and Reese Eggs while looking for plastic, Easter Eggs. However you celebrate, I hope today is a good one and you enjoy your Easter. Easter isn’t usually the biggest holiday, but there is a ton to celebrate. Religious or not, most people recognize Easter as an important holiday signifying winter ending and Spring beginning. It’s a time where flowers begin to bloom and people celebrate the beauty of nature. The idea of birth and rebirth are fresh in our mind.

To me Easter is a celebration of a second life where we can shake off the cold of winter and start again. We get to rise up from the frozen soil and show off our beauty as we dance in the rain. To Christians, Easter symbolizes the ultimate sacrifice where Jesus died for our sins and cleansed us from our sins. We felt the pain of the entire universe and it almost broke him. However, he faced death and rose from the grave to conquer death and sin. Jesus was the final sacrifice so we don’t have to sacrifice animals to God. We can just pray for forgiveness for our sins and make our way into heaven. I know not everyone is religious and not everyone believes this, but I like the idea that we can genuinely humble ourselves and ask for forgiveness, and a creator will forgive us for our wrong doings. We can also seek forgiveness from the rest of humankind as we seek to become better people. We don’t have to be held to all of our mistakes. We can move on from them. We can be reborn.

Again, no matter how you celebrate today, I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoy your Easter. Seek out those plastic eggs and get yourself some candy. Or you can just wait until tomorrow when all the Easter candy goes on sale and buy a life time supply of Reese Eggs! Those are always my favorite!

Thank you again for all the support and I hope you have a wonderful week!





Header Photo Credit to EarthSky.Org

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