Pokemon Adventure #8: Trouble With Tauros


We took the rest of the evening getting our Pokémon rested in the Pokémon Center. Lillie and I found another hotel that we could stay in for free because I was an island challenge participate. Hau found a room just done the hallway for him and we all rested and prepared for the next day. We had taken on Team Skull and I evolved my first Pokémon.

Smokey the Torracat laid next to me as I woke up. He had doubled in size but was still small enough to lay in bed with me. If he grew any bigger with his next evolution, he might have to spend his nights in the Pokéball. Storm the Pichu was at the foot of the bed laying on its back with its feet in the air. I sat up and looked over at Lillie who was still asleep wrapped up in a cocoon of blankets. Nebbie was up near her head fast asleep.

I slipped out of bed and was able to get out of bed without disturbing anyone else in the room. I crept to the glass doors that lead out onto a small patio area connected to each room. I opened the door and closed it behind me without making a sound. I looked out as the sun was just rising over the large ocean. The reds and oranges just peeked over the horizon. It was a little cold but for the beaches of Alola, cold was anything less than 70 degrees. I rested my arms on the wooden siding and just took a deep breath of the Alolan air. It was so pure.

“Pew Pew”

I turned and saw Lillie and Nebbie cracking open the door.

Lillie looked mildly annoyed her hair all over the place. “Sorry Alexis, I was trying to be quiet but somebody decided to be talkative this morning.”

“Pew pew”. Nebbie looked content bouncing up and down next to Lillie.



Both Pichu and Torracat were at the glass door as well.

I laughed, “Well since everyone is up we should get ready and go get some breakfast.”

Lillie and I took turns getting ready and my Pokémon returned to their Pokéballs. Eventually Lillie and I went down to the hotel lobby to get some breakfast.

“Hey guys!” Hau was already at a table with a plate stacked high with pastries.

“Did you get some for all of us?” I asked.

“No these are for me,” Hau said with a smile.

“It won’t kill you to share,” Lillie said picking up a pastry off Hau’s plate and putting it into her mouth.

I laughed and got both me and Lillie some berry juice. We sat there eating breakfast and talking about the previous day.

“Do you think those Team Skull guys are going to show up again?” Hau asked us.

“I don’t know. Maybe Alexis here scared them off,” Lillie said.

“Yeah maybe, I don’t know,” I said. “I hope we don’t see them again, but Ilima did say that there were pockets of these guys popping up all over Alola.”

“It’s horrible that people would try to steal other people’s Pokémon,” Lillie said.

I thought maybe Lillie was referring to Nebbie but she had never mentioned Team Skull so maybe there was another group out there stealing Pokémon.

“Hey what’s going on over there?” Hau pointed to people collecting near the hotel door.

“I don’t know, let’s check it out.” I said.

All three of us made our way through the crowd of people and out on the streets of Hau’Oli City. There was a news crew standing by with cameras.

“Channel 95 news here and we just received word that a Tauros is running through the streets of Hau’Oli City. No word if this is the same Tauros that escaped less than 48 hours ago. We are waiting for an official statement from the Hau’Oli City Police or the Melemele Kahuna.”

“An escaped Tauros,” I said.

“Let’s see if we can track it down,” Hau said. “I’m sure Grandpa…er… Kahuna Hala should be here soon.”

“Ok,” I said and Lillie nodded in agreement.

All three of us set out in Hau’Oli City. Not a lot of people were out on the streets this early, but the city was still a large place to search.

“Why don’t we head towards Route 2? We need to go there anyway and we might find Tauros,” I suggested.

“Yeah two Pikipeks with one stone!” Hau said.

I laughed a little, “I’ve always heard it as ‘two Pidgeys with one stone.’”

“Not a lot of Pidgeys in Alola but we do have plenty of Pikpeks and Wingulls and Spearows,” Hau said.

“Can’t say I’ve had a good experience with any flying type so far,” I said.

“Maybe Wingull is your perfect flying Pokémon,” Lillie said.

“Well I don’t have a water Pokémon or a flying Pokémon on my team but I don’t know if Smokey would enjoy having a Pokémon flying around squirting him with water,” I said.

“Yeah maybe not the best choice,” Lillie laughed.

We kept on heading towards Route 2 and at the edge of town we saw it. It was standing near the edge of the road and it was eating the flowers of someone’s garden.

250px-128tauros“There it is! It’s Tauros.” Hau said trying to whisper but not very well.

I pulled out Rotomdex and activated it.

“Rotom, scan Tauros for me.”

“Bzzzt. Ok, Alexis.” Rotomdex said. “Tauros. The Wild Bull Pokémon. Tauros is a normal type Pokémon. It is violent and rowdy Pokémon which can use its three tails to whip itself into a frenzy. Once it starts charging, it is very hard to slow it down or get it to change course till it hits something. Tauros will lock horns with other of its kind and battle for dominance.”

“Wow…sounds kind of scary, are you sure we can handle this?” Lillie asked.

“Don’t worry you’re not alone,” a voice from behind us made all three of us jump. We turned around and Kahuna Hala was standing there with a determined look on his face.

“Kahuna Hala,” I said. “You scared us.”

He chuckled a little, “Sorry about that guys, I saw that Tauros had escaped again and I came as soon as I could. Fortunately or unfortunately the attacks by Team Skull had already brought me to Hau’Oli City. So now I’m here.”

“What are we going to do about Tauros?” Hau asked.

“Hmmmm… I have an idea,” Kahuna Hala said. “Alexis come with me.”

“Me?” I asked.

“Yes I believe we can do this together,” He said.

“Oh…ok…” I said and Kahuna Hala and I made our way closer to the Tauros.

“Be careful,” Lillie half-whispered.

Tauros was still focused on its breakfast and didn’t see us approaching.

“Ah Tauros, we meet again, good friend.” Kahuna Hala started walking toward its head.

Tauros peaked his head up and let out a half roar- half moo.


“You wanted to run around Hau’Oli again today?”


Tauros seemed to be calmed but its eyes kind of darted between Kahuna Hala and I. Kahuna Hala was about five feet in front of me.

“It’s alright, friend. We don’t hurt you.”

Kahuna Hala had his hand outstretched reaching for Tauros’ head. Tauros shook his head and one of his horns almost got Kahuna Hala.

“Watch out!” I couldn’t help but to yell.

“Don’t worry Alexis, it’s going to be ok.” Kahuna Hala sounded sure and that helped calm me a little.

Kahuna Hala got closer and rested his hand on Tauros’ forhead. He started to pet Tauros and Tauros let out a low sound almost like the Tauros’ equivalent of a purr. I walked up slowly and put my hand on the dark brown mane around his neck and started petting up and down his neck.

“See Alexis, sometimes it takes a soft touch to soothe such a beast,” Kahuna Hala laughed a little.

“Maybe old Tauros here can feel the love for Pokémon. He sure seems happy to get to know you, Alexis.” Kahuna Hala continued. “And yet it seems like Tauros just wanted to stretch his legs a little.”

Once it was safe Lillie and Hau approached. Hau was brave enough to pet Tauros as well but Lillie stood back a couple feet at a safe distance.

It took a few seconds and then Tauros shook his head again making us all back up. He seemed to turn towards Route 2 and then he let out a roar and started charging away from us.

“Woah,” I said jumping back.

“Oh great.” Kahuna Hala said. He then yelled out to Tauros, “You want to play tag, now? The Melemele Kahuna never loses!”

Tauros didn’t seem to notice as he disappeared out of sight.

“Well it looks like my duties as Kahuna is never finished.” Kahuna Hala looked at us three. “I heard from Ilima that you guys are on your way to Verdant Cavern for your first island trail. I wish you all good luck!”

Kahuna Hala gave us a nod and then ran after Tauros moving surprisingly fast for his age.

Hau, Lillie, and I all let out a huge laugh.

“I’m going to run ahead and see if I can catch up with him,” Hau said. “If not I’ll see you guys at Verdant Cavern.”

“Ok see you there,” I said.

Hau started off towards Kahuna Hala.

“Well we should probably head towards Verdant Cavern,” I said.

“Yeah but we can just walk there, right?” Lillie asked.

I laughed. “Of course!”

We made our way down Route 2 taking our time. It was another beautiful day here in Alola with the sun shining and a few white, puffy clouds in the sky. The island breeze blowing my hair as well as Lillie’s dress.

As we made our way for a little while and the terrain started to get a little rougher. It started to incline upwards as we continued North.

“Look over there,” Lillie pointed towards a small clearing. It was flat land and there were several connected buildings.

“That kind of looks like a motel,” I said.

“Not that, that,” Lillie stressed.

I looked over from the buildings to a man standing next a Tauros in the parking lot of the motel. He was wearing what looked like a bike helmet and light blue padding.

“Maybe that’s our Tauros!” I said.ani128

We ran over to the Tauros and the man.

“Hello, sir,” I said. “Is that your Tauros?”

“What a funny question, Ma’am,” The man said, “Yes Ma’am this here is my Tauros.”

Lillie frowned, “Well we thought it might be the Tauros running around Hau’Oli City.”

“No Ma’am, this is my Tauros that I raised since I was a youngin,” He said. “My name is Buck, nice to meet you.”

“Alola, Buck,” I said. “I am Alexis and this is my friend, Lillie.”

Lillie waved and Buck tipped his helmet to us.

“If I can ask without being rude, why are you wearing that stuff?” I said.

“This stuff is so I can ride Tauros here, he’s my main mode of transport-it-tation,” Buck explained.

Lillie giggled a little and I interrupted, “You can ride on Tauros?”

“Yes Ma’am. Let me show you!”

It took a few moments for Buck to back to his room and drag out his saddle and he placed it on Tauros’ back. Then he climbed up and sat in the saddle.

“Wow that’s pretty impressive,” I said.

Buck tipped his helmet to us again.

“So you just ride around on Tauros all day?” Lillie asked.

“Well not all day, sometime we like to take a siesta out in the Alolan sunlight,” He said with a laugh.

“Of course, I think that’s what most people do in Alola. All about relaxation and fun,” I said.

“Yes Ma’am,” Buck said.

I raised my hand like a student, “Ummm… Buck? Can I give it a try?”

Buck laughed a little, “Sure Ma’am. I’m sure we can do that!”

It took a few moments for him to get off Tauros. He went back to his room and pulled out a set of padding for me. It was a little big for me, but he was able to tighten the straps and they worked well enough. He put a helmet on me and tightened the strap around my neck. He helped me get up on the saddle and I grab hold of the reigns. On top of Tauros, I was about 6 feet off the ground and I was able to look around.

“It’s like a whole new world up here,” I said my tone full of glee.

“Taaaauuuuuu.” Tauros shook his head a bit and let out a snort.

“You look like a daredevil,” Lillie commented.

“Thanks Lillie, maybe after this you-“

Before I could finish my sentence Tauros bucked going from being on his four hoofs to his two hind legs and then he darted forward.

“TAUROS!” Buck yelled out but Tauros was already charging forward picking up speed.

I grabbed on to the saddle and clung to it trying to hang on.

“Tauros, buddy,” I did my best to take control. “Slow down!”

But Tauros did not slow down, he kept picking up speed heading in a straight line. I had no idea where he was charging but he was in a hurry to do so.

Then in a moment we stopped abruptly. Tauros slammed his head straight into a tree and it the whiplash was so much that I fell off Tauros. I hit the ground but fortunately the padding softened the blow.

Buck ran up and grabbed Tauros’ reigns. “What got into you, buddy?”


Lillie ran over and helped me to my feet. I pulled off my helmet.

“Are you hurt, Alexis?” Lillie asked.

“Yeah I’m fine. The helmet helped a lot,” I said. I was a little sore but mostly unharmed.

“I’m so sorry Ma’am. I don’t know what got in him.”

“It’s ok Buck, I now know that I wasn’t meant to be a Tauros rider like you.”

“Taaaauuuuuuu.” Tauros let out another yell and we all turned back to him.

Tauros seemed to gesture with his head and we met his gaze. There in the middle of the street sat a Pokémon I had never seen before. It was a red and white Pokémon that resembled some kind of bird. It looks like it was carrying a large white sack on its back.

250px-225delibirdI pulled out Rotomdex and activated him.

“Bzzzzt. Another scan?”

“You know me so well,” I say with a smile.

“Bzzzzt. Ok.” It took a moment and Rotomdex scanned the Pokémon. “Delibird the Delivery Pokémon. It is an Ice- and Flying-type Pokémon. Delibird carries around food in its tail and it is known that Delibird gives food to Pokémon and humans who get lost on icy mountains.”

“A Delibird in Alola, that’s quite strange,” Lillie said.

“Maybe we should see what it’s up to,” I said.

“Mind if Tauros and I tag along?” Buck asked. “I promise that Tauros will behave. Right Tauros?”

Tauros let out a low moo which I took for agreement.

Lillie and I took point with Tauros and Buck behind us. Having a Tauros to our backs made me nervous and Lillie looked like she was thinking the same thing but the Delibird in front of us kept us preoccupied.

“Hello little guy, what are you up to?” I bent down getting closer to the Delibird.

“Deli Delibird.”

The Delibird looked nervous and it ran up to me tugging on my shirt.

“I think there might be a problem,” I said turning to the others.

“Do you have a trainer?” Lillie asked the Delibird.

It looked at Lillie with a questioning look. It turned back to me and continued pulling on my shirt.

“Umm…why don’t you take us to wherever we need to go?”

Delibird shook its head and started running up ahead.

“Let’s go!”

All four of us ran after the Delibird and finally arrived to an offshoot of the main road. At the end of that path stood a house.

“DELI DELI!”  Delibird hoped up and down flagging us down.

I looked up ahead and at the outside of the house there were three people. One I didn’t recognize but the two others looked familiar from the back. Then I realized they were wearing all Black.

“I think that’s Team Skull,” I said.

With that I was in a full sprint towards the house as Lillie hung back with Buck and Tauros.

I got close enough to hear the conversation that was happening.

One Team Skull Grunt was in the middle of talking to the unknown man. “You got a lame bunch of berries. Now Team Skull’s your adversaries. Takin’ berries off your hands is just the start to our plans, yo!”

The other one continued, “Let’s get Figy with it! Watch while I Nanab me some birries.”

The man commented back, “I’ll gladly share my berries with trainers starting on their journey or Pokémon in need. But you’ll not have a single one for me!”

The grunt jumped back a little. “So, what? I’m lower than a Pokémon? I already got self-esteem issues, man!”

“HEY TEAM SKULL!” I yelled at them and they turned to me.

“Yo, who’s harshing our mellow now?” The second grunt asked.

“Yo that’s the girl from the harbor,” The first grunt said.

“Get out of here or else you’re going to face my wrath!” I said getting ready to fight.

The third man intervened, “I appreciate your concern, child. But these Team Skull punks do nothing but talk big and act small. You carry on with your island challenge. Don’t give them a moment’s notice.”

“Yo, we’re standing right here! At least act a little bit afraid or something, y’know?”

“Yo, now we’re going to take your Pokémon along with the berries!”

The first Team Skull grunt stepped back and took out his Pokéball and tossed them into the air. There was a flash of red and a new Pokémon was now in front of me.250px-096drowzee

I recognized this Pokémon as Drowzee. A psychic type Pokémon that was yellow and brown known for putting other Pokémon to sleep using hypnosis.


I pulled out a Pokéball out of my bag. “Go Storm!”

With a red flash there was now a Pichu in front of me ready for a battle!

The Team Skull Grunt grinned.

“Drowzee use Pound!”

Drowzee approached a little slow for Pichu and Storm was able to dodge the attack as Drowzee tried to lash out with a closed fist.

“Pichu use Thundershock!”

Pichu unleashed a bolt of lightning and it struck Drowzee knocking it off its feet.

“Drowzee get up and use Pound!”

Drowzee got to its feet but Pichu was much faster.

“Pichu, Thundershock again!”

Pichu unleashed another bolt of lightning striking Drowzee. Drowzee wobbled back and forth a little bit and then fell on its back with its eyes spinning.

“All right!” I yelled and Pichu jumped into the air with excitement.

“Yo that’s not fair. My Drowzee didn’t get an attack off!” The Team Skull Grunt yelled.

The second grunt prepared his Pokéball and tossed it into the air revealing a Zubat.


“It’s my turn, little lady,” Buck had stepped up next to me with Tauros.


Pichu and I stepped out of the way.

“Zubat use wing attack!”

The zubat charged forward with its wings outstretched heading towards Tauros.

“Tauros, use horn attack!” Buck yelled.

Tauros charged forward and collided with Zubat with its horns. The Zubat flew backwards and fell to the ground in a heap. Its eyes were spinning and it was unable to battle.

“Yo, for real?” The second grunt said.

The Team Skull Grunts looked at each other and knew they were defeated.

“Yo, I’m so annoyed right now, homie! Let’s go mess with Ilima again!”

The first Team Skull Grunt nodded, “Aww yeah, let’s do it! Verdant cavern is pretty close by anyway.”

The Team Skull Grunts started running off with their Pokémon.

“Wait, hold up! You’re under….arrest…” I started to yell but I drifted off as they ran away.

“Should we go after them?” Lillie asked.

“Don’t worry about them,” The man said. “These Team Skull thieves are pretty weak. They talk big but don’t really have any punch.”

“I’m going to see if I can track them down,” Buck said lifting himself onto Tauros’ saddle. “If you guys need anything, don’t be afraid to ask. I’m sure I’ll be back at the motel shortly.”

“Thank you Buck for all your help,” I said.

“No problem, Ma’am,” Buck said and then started off towards the Team Skull Grunts.

“You and your Pichu there did quite the number on those guys! Allow me to thank you for driving off those Team Skull numskulls,” The man said.

He held out a collection of berries.

“Oh thank you, but I didn’t want to take your berries.”

“It’s ok I have plenty. I grow a ton and love sharing them with trainers and Pokémon, alike. I also raise these Delibirds that help distribute my berries to trainers all over Melemele Island.”

I saw several Delibirds flying around the property to berry trees picking them off the tree and putting them into their tail.

“That’s really nice of you,” I said.

“Just my way to giving back,” the man said.

“Well it’s a good thing you have these Delibirds around, one actually flagged us down and brought us to help,” I said.

The Delibird peered out the man from behind me legs.

“Deli Deli.”

Delibird flew up and landed on the shoulder of the man.

“Well they do worry about me from time to time but I’m sure I could have taken those thieves,” The man said with a laugh.

“I’m sure you would have done fine,” Lillie said.

Lillie and I both took some berries and put them in my bag. I handed one to Pichu who gobbled it up with a smile.


“Deli Delibird.”

“Thanks again,” I said. “But now we better head off to Verdant Cavern.”

“Yeah, Alexis here is going to be the Island Champion one day!” Lillie said with a smile.

“I wouldn’t go that far,” I said. “But I do want to take on Ilima’s trial as well as stop those Team Skull Grunts from causing any more trouble.”

“Well if you need anything, feel free to come back and get some berries,” The man said and then with a wave he went back to tending to his berry trees.

I turned to Lillie, “We better go. Hau might think we forgot about him again.”

“Right,” Lillie nodded and we both ran off towards Verdant Cavern.


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