Pokemon Adventures #7: Team Skull Attacks

Hau, Lillie, and I all walked towards the front gate near the front of the school. There standing at the front of the school grounds was Professor Kukui and a stranger we had never seen before.

“Looks like the Professor didn’t get very far,” Lillie said.

“Who is he talking to?” I asked.

“I’m not sure,” Hau said.

All three of us walked up to the Professor and the new guy.200px-sun_moon_ilima

“Hey guys, I want you to meet Captain Ilima,” Professor Kukui gestured towards the man standing next to him.

The new guy had bright pink hair with bangs off to his right side. He had an earring in his left ear and he wore a brown sweater vest over a white dress shirt and white pants. He looked a couple years older than us and he was full of energy.

“Greetings! Captain Ilima here. I couldn’t help but to observe your battle as I made my way past the school. You looked so very delightful in battle that I had no choice but to meet you myself.” Captain Ilima said reaching out his hand to me.

I reached out my hand and he shook it profusely.

“This is Alexis, who moved here to Alola from the Kanto region,” Profesor Kukui said. “She’s got a real sense of how to use moves and I think she’s going to go far as a Trainer.”

Ilima responded, “I see! Then welcome, newcomer! I look forward to seeing the brilliance of your moves in my trial.”

“Your…trail?” I asked.

“Yes! We captains are the ones who conduct that trials you will face on your way to challenging the island Kahuna,” Captain Ilima explained. “My trial is held in Verdant Cavern, North of Hau’oli City off of Route 2. You can’t miss it.”

“Ummm… thanks. I look forward to seeing you again… I guess,” I say kind of stunned by all this new information.

“Don’t worry I’m sure we’ll meet again. If you need me, you can find me in Verdant Cavern,” Captain Ilima gave us a little bit of a bow and then headed on his way towards Hau’oli City.

“Nice to meet you too!” Hau yelled and Ilima did not turn around.

“Well that guy sure was interesting,” Lillie said.

“Yeah he was kind of strange,” I said.

“So…are we going to Hau’oli City? Are we still going with our plan?” Hau asked.

“Yeah sorry, I wasn’t expecting that,” I said. “Lillie and I will stop by the Pokémon Center real quick and then we’ll meet you back here. Let’s say 30 minutes or so?”

“Sure I can wait that long,” Hau said with a laugh.

Lillie and I started towards the Pokémon Center.

“You know…I was really impressed seeing how you battled with your Pokémon at the Trainer’s school,” Lillie said. “And even back when you weren’t yet a Pokémon trainer, Alexis. You were able to save Nebby… You were chosen by your Pokémon so quickly… I understand why now.”

“Thank you Lillie,” I put my hand on her shoulder as we walk. “I really appreciate your support. Just know that half the time I feel like I’m winging it. If it wasn’t for the Rotomdex, I probably would have lost that battle.”

Lillie looked over to me and then looked ahead not really looking at anything in particular, “You would have beat him.”

I thought about arguing with her, but instead I dropped it.

It took a few minutes to go back to the Pokémon Center, heal up my Pokémon, and head back to the trainer school. By the time we arrived back to the school, the sun was high in the sky.

“Man, you guys took forever! Its lunch time,” Hau said rubbing his stomach.

“Don’t worry there’s plenty of places to eat in Hau’oli City,” Lillie said.

“Then let’s go,” I said.

All three of us made our way through the suburbs of Hau’oli City passing several people in bathing suits. People rid by on bikes passed us. There were people walking with their Pokémon. We passed an individual with a Rockruff and another one with a Litten. Everyone seemed like they were on permanent summer vacation here.

We made it deeper into Hau’oli City and there were many more people walking around going from shops to shops. There were Pikipeks in the sky flying around and chattering to each other. There were also Wingulls flying around in large numbers. These were white and blue Pokémon flying about near the beachfront.

“So what do you think?” Lillie asked as we walked taking it all in.

“It’s huge,” I said my eyes wide.

“Yeah Hau’oli City is the biggest city in all of Alola,” Lillie asked.

“Hau’oli is definitely something, eh?” Hau said. “Alola’s gotta be the best place ever to live!”

“Let’s stop off in the Visitor’s Bureau,” Lillie suggested.

“Come on, I’m hungry!” Hau exclaimed. “There’s a great malasada shop near the harbor.”

“Why don’t I go with Lillie and look around a bit, you head to the malasada shop and we will meet you there shortly,” I said.

“Fine but don’t take too long!” Hau ran on ahead of us weaving through the crowd.

Lillie and I continued walking passing several different shops and buildings. People were walking about and I almost lost Lillie in the crowd of people. Eventually she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the side. We were standing outside what looks like an apparel shop.

“Hey Alexis, do you want to go into the clothing shop?” Lillie asked. “You could pick out some other stuff to wear if you wanted.”

I looked down at my outfit of my white flowery shirt and I looked up at my red, flower hat. “It does kind of look like my Mom picked out my outfit.”

Lillie let out a little gasp, “I didn’t mean…I didn’t want to insult you… I… I…”

I interrupted her, “It’s ok Lillie, my Mom did pick out this hat. We should go in and see what they have.”

“Well I love the way you dress,” Lillie said quickly. “I didn’t mean to insult you.”

“It is fine, Lille. Honestly I want to see what they have.”

We walked inside and it was a shop about as large as my house. It had shelves and shelves of shirts, skirts, dresses, pants, socks, shoes, boots, swimming suits, and so many other accessories. We looked from shelf to shelf. I picked up some stuff off the shelf. I picked up some V-neck Tees in Gray, Black, and Navy Blue. I also grabbed some Tank Tops in Black, Navy Blue, and Purple.

“Look at these,” I said running over to different tank tops with patterns on them.

“I like them,” Lillie said picking up a blue one with a surfing Pikachu on it.

“What are these?” I asked picking up two more of the tank tops.

“Well the blue and white one has Wishiwashi on them. They are a water Pokémon that team up in schools. The yellow one has an Alolan Exeggutor on it. In Alola, Exeggutors grow much taller than they do in other regions because of the climate in Alola,” Lillie explained.

“Super cool,” I said picking up both of them. “I think I’ll take all three.”

We moved on to shorts and I picked up some to match my tanks and shirts in black, gray, and white.

“These should look super cute together,” I said. I grabbed some long white and gray socks before heading into a changing room to try on the new clothes. I changed into the navy blue V-Neck Tee and Gray shorts. I put on the long gray socks to finish up my outfit.

I walked out of the changing room and saw Lillie sitting on a small bench still wearing her normal white dress and white hat.

“I thought we were going to get some new stuff,” I said.

“I don’t even know where to start,” Lillie admitted. “I’ve always worn the clothes my mother wanted me to wear. I don’t know what kind of thing would suit me…”

“Oh, well we can look around some more if you want.”

“No it’s ok, if you’re done shopping we can head on our way,” Lillie said.

“Oh ok.” We went up and paid for all the clothes I bought and then we went back out into the city. The crowds had died down a little bit as it now entered the afternoon.

“Maybe we should meet up with Hau now,” Lillie said.

“Hold on, there’s one more thing I want to do,” I said.

Right next door there was a hair salon noted by the sign with a large pair of scissors and a large hair brush on it. We stopped in and I talked to the girl up front.

“What can we do for you today?” The girl asked.

“I would like to cut and dye my hair,” I said.

“And for you?” The girl asked Lillie.

She shook her head profusely, “Nothing for me.”

“Ok,” The girl gestured towards me, “Please take a seat.”

I sat down in one of the hairdresser’s chairs. I go through the process of dying my hair a platinum blonde color and then cutting it in a design they call a romantic tuck. My hair is shortened and put up with some strands of hair on the sides coming down. My hair has gone from a natural blonde to a white-blond color. This whole process takes about an hour.

“Thank you so much,” I hand over my card to pay for the haircut and dye and then Lillie and I leave the shop. I decide to put the hat in my bag because it really doesn’t fit the outfit and new haircut.

“I think my Mom’s going to freak out a little bit,” I laughed to myself.

“Yeah you look really different,” Lillie said. “I really love your new look!”

“Thanks, Lillie.” I smiled at her.

“I think Hau is going to hate us,” Lillie said. “We’ve taken a long time.”

“Yeah I’m really getting hungry now. Let’s head towards the harbor and see if we can find this malasada shop.”

“Good idea!”

We continue to walk through the city. The crowd is starting to dwindle but still a lot more people than what was in Iki Town during the festival. Up about 20 feet from us seems to be a group of people standing together and there’s some kind of commotion going on.

“Please back up!” A police officer yelled.

police_officer_sm_odI look at Lillie and I grab her hand pulling us both forward towards the commotion. There was a crowd standing around a shop that sells produce and berries. The windows were broken and an elderly woman I assume is the owner is crying while an officer tries to comfort her. Two other officers were pushing the crowd back and roping off the area with crime scene tape.

“I wonder what happened,” Lillie said.

“I’m not sure but it looks like someone robbed this store,” I said back.

“Maybe we should go find Hau,” Lillie said. I could hear the worry in his voice.

“Yeah let’s go.”

We left the scene and traveled farther way down the road heading towards the harbor. Eventually up ahead Lillie and I see a building with a large Slurpuff on the sign.

“That’s the Malasada shop,” Lillie says and we run up to its doors.

We open the doors and walk on in. There are a few patrons sitting around at the tables eating and conversing with one another.

“Can I help you?” The lady at the front of the shop asks us.

“Yes we’re looking for a young man with greenish hair wearing a black shirt and orange cargo shorts,” I say describing Hau to the woman.

“Yeah I know who you are talking about. He was in here maybe an hour or two ago. He said he was waiting for his friends but after about an hour he ordered food, ate it, and then left. He looked like he might have been heading towards the harbor,” The woman said.

“Oh ok, thank you,” I said.

Lillie frowned, “We probably hurt Hau by not showing up.”

“Yeah,” I said. “Let’s head towards the harbor so we can find him and apologize.”

Lillie nodded. We thanked the lady again and then we headed out towards the harbor. We eventually made it to the harbor within a couple of minutes and we looked around trying to find Hau.

“Oh dear. I don’t see him anywhere,” Lillie frowned.

“Me neither,” I said looking around, “Oh wait! There’s Captain what’s-his-face.”

I pointed towards the pink haired guy we saw earlier today.

“That’s Captain Ilima, maybe he’ll know where Hau went.”

“Captain Ilima!” I shouted as I ran towards him.

He turned to us and waved as we ran over. “Well if it isn’t my favorite up-and-coming trainer, Alexis. And Lillie too. Where is the third one? The boy?”

“Hau,” I suggested. “We’re not sure. We were supposed to meet him at the Malasada shop but we ended up getting side tracked and he was gone before we arrived.”

“I see.” Captain Ilima said. “Well I do like your new look.”

“Oh. Thanks,” I said.

“I don’t want to distract from Alexis, but we really need to find Hau,” Lillie chimed in.

“Right,” I said.

Then we heard the sound of commotion going on further down the pier. We heard yelling that we recognized as Hau.

“That’s Hau!” Lillie exclaimed

All three of us ran towards the sound of the commotion as others looked around and began to run away from the sound.

There in the center of the pier was Hau down on his knees yelling as two man kind of stood over him. One was holding Hau down as the other was laughing. He held a Pokéball in each hand.

“Hey leave him alone!” I yelled and the one man stood up and walked back a little bit.

“Alexis, Lillie.” Hau saw us and he looked up, tears in his eyes. “They stole my Pokémon!”

“Is this true?” Captain Ilima stepped forward between Hau and Me.

team-skull-grunts“Yo yo yo, we’re Team Skull,” The first man said.

“That’s right,” The second chimed in. “Whenever, wherever we meet you, Team Skull don’t even greet you!”

The two wore mostly black from their heads to their toes. Black shirts, black shorts, and black shoes. Their shirts had a white “X” going across their stomachs. They had white hats on with two large black dots that resembled eyes. They had black and white bandanas hanging around their neck and they both wore a large chain around their neck holding up a skull pendant.

The first guy looks over to Ilima, “So, Cap, just give us the Pokémon, yo or you can scram.”

“You guys are thugs and you don’t intimidate me,” Captain Ilima said.

“What, what? Why you trying to act hard when we’ve already hard as bone out here, homie?” The first Team Skull grunt said.

“Yo, let’s check these fools,” The second one responded.

“Only thieves steal people’s Pokémon. I won’t let you get away with this,” Captain Ilima said. He then turned to me, “Alexis, we must work together to defeat these thieves.”

“Oh ok,” I said taking a step up to Ilima so we were standing together. Lillie stood behind us her eyes wide with fright.

250px-041zubat“If it’s a battle you want, then it’s a battle you’ll get.” The second grunt said.

Both of them opened up their Pokéballs revealing a Zubat and an
Alolan Rattata.
6vkdnjd“Bat bat.”

“Go Smeargle!” Ilima said.

250px-235smeargleHe tossed his Pokéball up in the air and it opened revealing a new Pokémon I’d never seen before. It kind of looked like a dog that stands on two legs. It was mostly white with brown rings on its wrists and ankles. It looked like it wore a white hat and its ears were brown. It had a long tail that ended in what looked like a paintbrush tipped with green paint.

No time for Rotomdex so I tossed my Pokéball. “Go Smokey!”

My Litten appeared in a flash of red light.

“Ok let’s do this,” Ilima said.

I nodded.

“Zubat, use your supersonic attack,” The grunt yelled. Zubat flapped its wings hovering there for a second and then let out this screeching sound towards Litten and Smeargle

“Dodge it!” Ilima and I said in unison. Both Smeargle and Smokey jumped out of the way of it.

“Smeargle use water gun on the Zubat!”

Smeargle landed on its feet and opened up its mouth releasing a spray of water like it was from a water hose and it hit Zubat knocking it out of the sky.

“Smokey use ember!”

Smokey readied itself and opened its mouth revealing a fireball which it launched at the Rattata. The Rattata was distracted by the Zubat getting hit out of the sky that it did not see the fireball in time and took the attack directly.

“Alexis,” Ilima looked over at me. “Try using Fire Fang. It’s a powerful fire move which does physical damage on its opponent.”

“Ok,” I nodded. “Smokey use Fire Fang.”

Smokey looked back at me for a moment and then looked ahead at the Rattata and the Zubat which was in a pile. The Zubat tried flapping its wings to get lift underneath it. Smokey opened its mouth and produced a fireball but this time we started running up to the Zubat. It bit down on the Zubat’s wing with a mouth full of fire. Smokey tossed it and as the Rattata tried to stand up, the Zubat collided with it and they both laid there with their eyes spinning!

“Oh no, we’re toast!” The one grunt said to the other.

“We better get out of here,” The other replied. They collected their Pokemon and started running down a dark alleyway. During this process they dropped Hau’s Pokéballs.

By then a Police Officer was on scene after hearing a battle was taking place on the pier and Captain Ilima went up and greeted him. I assumed he was filling in the officer about the situation and our battle with Team Skull.

I ran over with Lillie to Hau who had picked himself off the ground. Lillie picked up the Pokéballs and handed them to Hau.

“Thanks, Lillie,” Hau said. His tone was very neutral unlike his usual upbeat disposition.

“We’re so sorry, Hau. We didn’t mean to take so long. Are you ok?” I asked him.

“Yeah I’m fine now. Those guys just got the jump on me, that’s all,” He said. “After I waited for a while I thought you might have missed it so I ordered some food and then headed down towards the harbor to see if you guys were down here. Then those two guys came up to me and attacked me before I had a chance to fight back.”

“Well I’m glad that we stopped them and got your Pokémon back,” Lilie said.

“Yeah me too,” Hau gave a little smile.

Captain Ilima rejoined us looking at all of us. “Hau, it’s so nice to see that you’re safe.”

“Oh thanks,” Hau responded a little shocked.

Captain Ilima addressed us all, “I told the officer what happened. Apparently this group of thieves has starting to spring up all over Alola. They call themselves Team Skull. Thieves that steal Pokémon and other important items. They believe they might have broken into a woman’s berry shop not even an hour ago.”

“That’s what all the commotion must be about,” I said to Lillie. She nodded to me.

“Well the officers are doing their best to crackdown on the group but their lack of organization is actually helping them avoid the law. They seem to be popping up all over,” Captain Ilima said.

“But they had matching uniforms, those don’t happen at random,” I said.

“You’re right. It’s possible that this is becoming more of an organized attack, but the officers haven’t been able to figure out where there base is or who is in charge.”

“Scary stuff,” Lillie said more to herself than anyone else.

“It’s ok,” Captain Ilima said. “With the police force working with Island Kahunas and Captains, I’m sure we’ll figure it out and put a stop to it. Plus look at how great Alexis and I handled those thugs. Wasn’t too hard, right Alexis?”

“Yeah I guess it wasn’t too bad,” I said.

“Now that we’ve gotten rid of those thieves and everyone seems to be in good order, I thought I’d ask you for a Pokémon battle. I’ve seen your skills a little bit, and now I want to see how good they really are,” Captain Ilima said with a smile.

“Really?” I asked a little surprised.

“Sure! It will be quite fun,” He responded.

“Ummm…sure. Ok,” I said.

Captain Ilima and I made it down to the beach near the harbor and we decided to hold our battle here instead on the pier where people were trying to walk and go about their business.

“I am to understand that you have two Pokémon, right Alexis?” Ilima asked me.

“Yes, I have Smokey and Storm,” I said.

“Great! Then we will have a two vs. two Pokémon battle using one at a time. No switch outs and whoever is left standing will be declared the winner. Does those terms sound acceptable?”

“Yeah that will work for me!”250px-734yungoos

“Wonderful, then let’s start!” Captain Ilima said, “Go Yungoos!”

A red flash showed the blond haired weasel Pokémon I’d seen days before. It looked angry and barred its teeth at me.

“Ok, go Storm!” I opened my Pokéball and Pichu jumped into battle ready to fight.


“Goos! Yungoos!”

“Yungoos use tackle!”

Yungoos jumped forward and ran across the sand towards Pichu.

“Storm, dodge it!”

Pichu tried to get out of the way but the Yungoos was a little too fast and it made contact head butting Pichu in the chest which sent Pichu rolling backwards in a puff of sand.

“Storm, use Nasty Plot!”

Pichu stood up and stared down at Yungoos its eyes narrowing as it formulated a plan. Its cheek pouches began to glow a little bit and static electricity sprang from its cheeks.

“Yungoos use Pursuit!”

“Storm, dodge it!”

Again Pichu tried to run away but Yungoos seemed to move a little faster and chased down Pichu hitting it with the full force of its body sending Pichu rolling with clouds of sand surrounding it.

“You have to do better than that!” Captian Ilima yelled, “You can’t run away. You must fight.”

“Storm use Thundershock!”

Pichu closed its eyes and pulled its arms inward. Then it opened its eyes and let out a yell releasing a bolt of lightning towards Yungoos. The electricity hit Yungoos and there was a small explosion as Yungoos was tossed up in the air. When it landed it landed with a loud thud and a huge cloud of sand and dust. Eventually the dust settled and Yungoos laid there with its fur sticking up all over the place. One Thundershock was enough to knock it out!

“Way to go, Alexis!” Lillie and Hau yelled from the sidelines.

“You did well, the Nasty Plot and Thundershock combo does wonders for you,” Ilima smiled. Yungoos returned to its Pokéball.

“Go Smeargle.”

With another flash of red light stood Smeargle, the brown and white, painting Pokémon.

“Smear. Smeargle.”

“Ok let’s go Pichu!”


“Smeargle use Tackle.”

Smeargle started charging at Pichu.

“Storm use Thundershock!”

Pichu readied itself again and then let out a lightning bolt towards Smeargle.

“Dodge it Smeargle!”

Smeargle was quick enough that it ducked as the electrical bolt sailed over top of it and then it lowered its head hitting Pichu directly knocking it back. There was a small blast of electricity and Smeargle stood there in a daze. Its body had little bit of electricity surging over it.

“What just happened?” I asked out loud.

“That’s Pichu’s special ability,” Captain Ilima explained. “Every Pokémon has an ability that helps them in battle. Pichu’s is called Static. It has a chance of Paralyzing a foe if the foe makes contact with Pichu.”

“Wow that’s amazing,” I said.

Pichu got up on its feet. It looked like it was in rough condition.

“Ilima wait!” I held up my hands. “Pichu is badly hurt and I don’t want it to suffer any more damage. Why don’t we just say that you’ve won this round and we’ll settle this with Smokey versus your Smeargle.”

Captain Ilima nodded his head. “Very well. Pichu is no longer able to battle. Send out your last Pokémon.”

“You did a really good job, Storm,” I opened up her Pokéball and Storm returned to it. Then I pulled out Smokey’s Pokéball and tossed it into the air.

“Now let’s see if you have what it takes to defeat me,” Captain Ilima said with a wide grin on his face.

“It’s on!” I yelled. “Smokey use Ember!”

Smokey planted its paws in the sand and opened up its mouth revealing a ball of fire. It shot the ball of fire at Smeargle.

“Smeargle counter with Water Gun!”

Smeargle opened its mouth and let out a stream of water that collided with the fire in midair turning them both to steam.

“Smeargle get close and use tackle!”

Smeargle stood there and couldn’t move for a minute as the static reappeared on its body. This was my chance to attack.

“Smokey use Fire Fang!”

Smokey launched forward, with a mouth full of fire, running at Smeargle. Smeargle’s status condition made it too slow to react in time and Smokey bit down on Smeargle’s Tail with the fire still in its mouth.

Smeargle let out a yelp and then opened its mouth spraying Smokey with a stream of water. This water knocked back Smokey and he let go of Smeagle’s tail.

Litten laid there for a few seconds and then got back up. Smeargle was distracted by checking its tail. Smokey looked in bad shape. Water is super effective against Fire types and at that range, Smokey took a lot of damage.

“Smeargle!” Captian Ilima yelled out! “Concentrate on Litten. Use Water Gun.”

Smeargle prepared for another spray of water.

“Smokey, use Ember!”

The fireball and the water colliding again filling the beach with a little bit of steam.

“Smokey, use Fire Fang!”

Smokey pounced with all his might and summoned fire in his mouth. He came from up above and landed behind Smeargle.

“Smeargle, watch out!”

It was too late. Smokey lashed out and bit down on Smeargle’s arm with wisps of fire moving up and down Smeargle’s body. LItten was able to use its strength and pick Smeargle up tossing him towards Ilima with all his strength.

Smeagle landed next to Ilima in a cloud of sand and dust with its eyes spinning, unable to battle.

“Yay Smokey!” I began to run forward when something strange started to happen.

Smokey turned back to me with happiness in its eyes and then it began to start glowing. Smokey was overtaken with white light and then eventually I couldn’t’ see him at all. I called out to him but nothing changed. The ball of light became bigger and bigger and then it finally got too bright I had to look away. Then the light was gone and I looked back at Smokey except he was a lot bigger now.

“Wow,” I heard Ilima gasp.

“What happened?” I asked.

250px-726torracat“Your Litten evolved into a Torracat,” Ilima said.

Before me stood a larger version of Litten. He was doubled in size from about 1 foot tall to 2 feet tall and gotten a lot bulkier. He had a lot more red on him and his whiskers were a lot more pronounced. He had fur running up the center of his head that made it look like he kind of had a red horn on its head.

I pulled out Rotomdex.

“Bzzzt. Hello Alexis, what can I do for you?”

“Analayze Smokey,” I said pointing to this new Pokémon.

“Bzzzt. That is Torracat, the Fire Cat Pokémon and the evolved form of Litten. Torracat has a bell-like organ hanging from its neck which is actually a fire sack. When Torracat attacks or gets excited flames will shoot out of the flack sack and it will produce a sound that sounds like a bell.”

“That’s amazing!” I say as I run over to Smokey giving it a big hug. “Buddy, you evolved! Isn’t that incredible.”

Smokey seemed to nod. “Torra. Torracat!”

“That was an incredible battle, Alexis,” Captain Ilima said. He was now standing over me. Lillie and Hau also ran over to join us on the beach.

“Thanks Captain Ilima. That was an amazing battle for me too,” I said.

“Well it is obvious to me that you are really an excellent trainer. The way you handled yourself against Team Skull and the way you defeated me now. Also you have managed to evolve your starter Pokémon. All three of those things are impressive. I’m sure you are ready for your first trial,” Captain Ilima said. “When you are healed up and ready, head North on Route 2 to Verdant Cave. I’ll be waiting for you there.”

Captain Ilima shook my hand. He then turned to Hau, “I expect to see you there, too!”

He gave Hau a wink and then headed back towards the harbor.

“That was incredible Alexis,” Lillie said. She was handing Smokey a Pokebean and he ate it without hesitation.

“Yeah you did a really good job!” Hau said with a big smile on his face.

“Thanks guys, I really appreciate your support,” I said.

There was a brief moment of silence and then Hau interrupted it, “Well what are we waiting for? We need to start heading towards Verdant Cavern so we can take on our first trial!”

“Agreed!” I said. “But maybe we can stop by a Pokemon Center first.”

“Of course!” Hau and Lillie nodded in agreement.

We all started our way back onto the main road to head back towards the shopping district of Hau’oli City.

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