Weekly Blog Special Update: March 1st

Hello Internet!

Another month has passed and the shortest month of the year is coming to an end. My plan is to keep writing these monthly updates on each 1st of the month to reflect on what happened during the last month as well as update you on how my New Year’s Resolutions are going. The original post updating you on what my New Year’s Resolutions are here and my February update is here so check those out if you haven’t already! I want to say that since I’ve been writing, it seems like time has gone by so fast! I know February is short, but still! I feel like 2017 just started and now we’re 1/6th the way through it. Ok, now on to the New Year’s updates!

First my number one thing that I wanted to focus on in 2017 is that I wanted to write more. Of course this website has helped me keep motivated and I have written a ton since 2017 began. At the end of January there were 22 pieces published on the website. In the month of February we almost doubled that. There are now 43 different pieces published on the website including this piece as well as the Pokemon piece being released later today. If I am able to keep up this piece of adding around 20 pieces per month, then the website will hit 100 pieces in late April or early May. That’s insane to me! I didn’t think I’d have one thing published let alone 100. Of course its all thanks to you guys that I am able to do this and share my creativity with the internet so I want to thank you! Hopefully we’ll keep expanding the readership of the website so we can make every piece extra special for me and you! We’ll have to see. But altogether my resolution to write more in 2017 has been a huge success which will hopefully keep going strong.

My number two goal for 2017 was to be more positive and be a positive force in the world. From my personal perspective I think I’ve done ok with this one. Its one of those things where I really do try to stay positive and think optimistically about things and then something will come out of left field and ruin my day. So I’d say 90% of the time I’m being positive and looking at things with hope and then there’s those other days where I’m just distraught and I can only see the negative. Obviously you can’t be happy all the time because that’s not how life works. There are going to be ups and downs but I’m trying to focus on the positive side of things when things go wrong. Hopefully you get what I mean. Now when it comes to the other side of the goal where I’m trying to be a positive force in the world to others, it’s kind of hard for me to judge. I’m not the recipient of my positivity  or negativity so I can’t really say yes or no on this one, but I think I’m doing a decent job at it and I’m definitely trying my best. Overall, I think I’m doing a decent job at this goal but I still have room to improve moving forward.

My third New Year’s Resolution was to be more adventurous which was also has two parts to it. Part one was that I wanted to go on more literal adventures and explore the world more while the second part was all about me having a more adventurous outlook on life when it comes to future possibilities in my life. To address the first part, I have gotten out more and been more adventurous. If you read my weekly blog about the wacky weather I experienced (here), you’ll remember me telling you about my adventures in both the snow and the unusually warm weather. I haven’t gone on any big adventures or anything but I’ve gone on a couple nature walks and went out and played in the snow a little bit. I haven’t gotten out as much as I would like and I need to spend more time outside, but overall I’d say I’m doing pretty well at part one of resolution three. Now part two has been a little bit trickier because I haven’t had any huge life changing events happen in my life yet. I still live with my parents, I still have the same job, and my relationship status hasn’t changed (single) so nothing too crazy to get stressed out about. On the other hand, I am in the process of applying for a paid internship/fellowship which would star in December of 2017 if I get it. I’m super excited about and I’m trying to stay positive so if that happens, I’ll definitely update you guys about it. All things considered, I’d call this one a mild success.

My number four and final goal was to be healthier when considering diet and exercise. Now I’ve been drinking a lot of water and have completely cut pop/soda out of my diet. That started just over two years ago, but I have gotten even more serious about it cutting out sugary drinks and trying to drink more water. For the most part I have accomplished that. My liquid intake is probably 90% water with the rest being things like milk, orange juice, apple juice, etc. Now I do still eat a lot of sugary foods especially desserts that contain chocolate so that’s probably what I need to address next, but I honestly don’t see that changing anytime soon. We’ll see. Now when it comes to exercise I’ve doing about as good as I have been before 2017 so not great. I have been so busy with work, hanging out with friends, and writing stuff that I don’t have a lot of time to go out and exercise. I know that’s mostly an excuse but it does have some truth to it. I need to push myself and even get some kind of membership to a gym or work out center so I have a monetary investment in going out and exercising. I just haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe that’s a March goal I can really push myself on.

Well there are my updates for my New Year’s Resolutions. So far I’d probably give myself a B/B+ when it comes to my resolutions with my lowest score being my lack of physical exercise. To me that’s not too bad of a score but maybe I’m grading too easy. Hopefully you’re New Year’s Resolutions are going well and if you already broke them or forgot to make them, you can start whenever you want! You don’t have to wait till 2017 is over. Go out there and start with something small that you can build into a life changing behavior that makes a positive change in your life!

Thank you for checking out this piece and you can check out my other Weekly Blogs here.


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