Weekly Blog January 8th, 2017: New Year’s Resolutions

2016 is gone and 2017 is here. I’m excited to start a new year and I thought I’d start by laying out my resolutions for 2017 and a small description for them. So here we go!

My resolutions for 2017:

  1. Write More

My first resolution for 2017 is to write more stuff! This website is a direct response to that resolution. I always wanted to be a writer and I have all these ideas floating around in my head, but I haven’t written anything down. So 2017 is going to officially be the year where I start writing stuff down. Right now it’s just little stuff like the stuff on the site but maybe it lead to bigger stuff later this year or even the start of 2018 (which seems so far away…). Hopefully all these different avenues of writing, including the short stories, writing prompts, fanfiction, daily blogs, and everything else, leads to a boost in confidence as well as my writing skills being more refined. Then I think I’ll be ready to move on to writing an actual novel. Super scary stuff. But for right now my website will be the goal and I’m excited to see where all of this stuff takes me.

  1. Be positive

2016 was such a negative year. Whether you focus on the election and the partisan politics or all the celebrity deaths that hit home or maybe it was something personal in your life, but I think we can all agree that 2016 was no one’s year. (But if it was, congrats! I’m glad your life is going well!) Now for me, 2016 wasn’t too bad. I graduated college which left me on a life high and then I struggled to find a job which left me in a rut for sure and then I found a decent job which I’ve been doing for three months now which has definitely lifted me up. Now I have this creative outlet which I’m definitely excited for! But the reason I say “be positive” specifically because not only do I want to be more positive in my own life, but I also want to be a more positive force in the world. Now I’m not sure what the specifics are going to be, but I was expired by the subReddit r/wholesomememes. I’d definitely check it out if you’re on Reddit. It’s a subReddit that has recently picked up steam and became more popular over the past few weeks and all it does is post memes. These memes are uplifting and they try to add some positive stuff to Reddit and the internet. I think it’s really awesome and I love seeing their memes every day! So I want to be more positive in my life as well as be a positive force in the lives around me.

  1. Be more adventurous

This resolution is both literal and figurative. I want to go on more adventures. Even though the startup of this website will force me to be inside more as I write more and edit more. However I also want to go out in the world more. In the summer of 2016, Pokémon GO launched and I absolutely loved it! When it came out, I was one of those people who got out in their community looking for Pokémon and I learned that stuff looks very different on foot then it does in vehicles. This idea has lead me to think that I need to go out in the world more. Go to more places, go see more things, and take my time getting there. That’s the literal adventures I want to go on, but in a figurative sense, I want to be more adventurous in my life. I like stability. Stability is fun. Although my life is changing little by little every day, my life is pretty stable. I graduated college and got my “first real job” which have been big changes. However, my life isn’t too crazy. Now going forward my life could get crazy. I’m a young 20-something and that’s when life is supposed to be crazy. People are moving all over the place, finding jobs, traveling the world, getting engaged/married, having babies. All crazy stuff. Now personally, I don’t see myself getting engaged/married or having babies anytime soon (being a male and all…), but I definitely want to go see more things, explore more places, and maybe change jobs. Who knows? Usually this stuff scares the crap out of me, but I’m going to try to be open about changes and actually be more excited for what my 20-something years can hold.

  1. Be healthier

This is also a pretty generic resolution that can be taken in many  different ways. I want to start out that 2 years ago in February, I stopped drinking pop (or soda if you don’t call it pop). Now I still drink Sprite/7-Up/other citrus pop from time to time but it’s always non-caffeinated. I also drank a lot of Powerade/Gatorade/Lemonade/Juice during that time which all have a ton of sugar in them. So I cut out caffeine (I also don’t drink coffee/tea in general), but I didn’t cut out the sugar. Now in 2017, I’m trying to cut out all that sugar. I’m drinking more water as well as juice and milk. Generally good liquids to drink. I’ve cut out a lot of the sugary drinks and I plan to keep on going with that. I still eat my fair share of sweets so I still get sugar that way but at least I’ve cut some of my sugar intake. Looking forward I also want to exercise more which can kind of crisscross with the “be more adventurous” resolution. The only problem is that I’m not aware of a really good gym/place to exercise around me, so I need to do some research before signing up for a place. When I was in college, I walked everywhere!! I took a bus to work, but besides that, I did a lot of walking. I also went and walked on a treadmill at least once a week so that also helped me keep in shape. Now most of my days is driving to places, being at work (which doesn’t require a ton of activity), or being at home in front of a TV screen, my computer, or my 3DS. Not exercising. So I need to get in shape and start exercising more. Eventually this can lead to healthier choices, but for now this is my goal for my health. It’s all about the baby steps instead of drastic changes!


So what are you guys trying to do in 2017? What are your resolutions? I’d love to hear about what you are planning for 2017 and maybe you have some suggestions on how I can accomplish my goals!


Anyway I’m glad you are reading my stuff and supporting my website!

I hope you have a wonderful week!


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