Weekly Blog January 1st, 2017: The Dawn of 2017

This is the first post on my daily blog and it really excites me that in only a few short weeks, my words are going to be read by people all over the internet. I realize that many of my first visitors to the website will be people who know me in real life, but I feel like I might be pleasantly surprised by the people I attract to my site. I definitely recommend checking out all my other sections as well. Those are well-defined while I really have no idea what I’m going to do with this section. My posts are probably going to be a bit scattered and more of a “stream of consciousness” and less going through my week event by event. Mainly because my life isn’t that interesting. Anyway I’m glad you found my blog/creative writing outlet and I hope you find something that really speaks to you or at least something you find interesting.

Now that I have that out of the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We put 2016 behind us and now we’re moving on to bigger and better things (hopefully). Obviously the first big thing of 2017 for me is launching this blog, but besides that I’m not sure what big things are going to be on the horizon. 2017 is going to be the first full year where I’m working and not in school (I graduated spring of 2016) and it’s kind of strange to me that my years are no longer split up into semesters. Around this time last year I was looking forward to my last semester of college, graduation, and a big summer trip with my friends. Now all the horizon holds is work, days off work, and more work. I’m not sad about it or anything but it is something I’m going to have to get used to.I will say that my two best friends are getting married in the fall of 2017 and I’m definitely looking forward to that, but the rest of 2017 is kind of blank right now.

Now blank isn’t necessarily bad, but it kind of makes me feel uneasy. It’s a mix of nervous and boredom. It’s a strange feeling. On one hand the unknown is full of possibilities which is both an exciting thing and scary thing all rolled into one. It could be full of really exciting things or it could be full of really bad things. No one knows. However, on the other hand I know for the next few months I will be going to work on a regular basis, probably spending my days off uploading things to the blog or writing things for the blog, and I’m not really sure what the endpoint is. Maybe a year from now I’ll still be here, sitting at my computer celebrating one year of the blog and just over a year working at the same job. Doesn’t sound too exciting. It’s stable which is something I definitely need in my life, but not exciting.

Overall, I can say that I’m glad that 2016 is over and that we are starting a new year! I’m always surprised looking back on the past year and all the things I accomplished and I don’t think 2017 will be any different.

Hopefully you enjoyed my first post of the blog and of 2017. Feel free to like this post as well as leave a comment about this post, about your plans in 2017, or maybe any suggestions you have for the blog going forward.

Have a wonderful week!


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