Category Descriptions

Edited 05/02/17

This is a list of all the current categories and small descriptions of each section. This post will be pinned to the top of the main page for new viewers to learn about the subsections to the website and for regular viewers to get a refresher on how things break down. This section will change and grow as time goes on and I will make edits to this post when those changes occur.

Daily Blog

This category is dedicated to the “blog” part of the website. A lot of the website is dedicated to creative writing and writing fictional pieces, this section focuses on my personal life and thoughts about the world. These pieces usually are published weekly on Sundays as well as special occasions such as Holidays or the 1st of every month. This section is full of personal stories, weekly summaries, and my thoughts about a plethora of subjects. The blog also serves as a window into the personality behind the other creative writing sections.

Writing Prompts

This category is dedicated to small snippets (whether that be a beginning, middle, end, or a short story) based off someone else’s Writing Prompt. Most of these prompts come from the book Writing Prompts by Piccadilly, r/Writingprompts on Reddit, or from a variety of other sources on the internet. Again these are short pieces that aren’t complete and are often open ended. There have been a few sequels and series based off the prompts, but most pieces are their own thing that stand on their own. I also use the Writing Prompt as an idea starter and a launch-off point which leads me to sometimes bend the rules of the writing prompt or end up changing it entirely


This category is dedicated to Fanfiction. Fanfiction is where an author uses someone else’s universe that’s been created and uses that to create their own content. I can take characters, places, scenarios, or anything else from another person’s body of work and create content for it. Fanfiction can be written about a movie universe, TV show universe, video game universe, literary universe, or something similar. (Ex: What if Harry Potter and Hermione Granger ended up together?) All my fanfiction will be rated G or PG and will not feature sexual content.


This category is dedicated to the world of politics and mostly focuses on American politics or world politics with an American viewpoint. These political posts represent my own ideas and my own research and have no connection to any organization I have been a part of or may be a part of in the future. They are completely my views on things and no parallels should be drawn. A lot of these posts are influenced by my thoughts and opinions which add an inherent bias to them, but I try to do my research and use credible sources to reduce bias. The discussion of politics, society, and current events can sometimes incite people to action which leads to heated conversations and the sharing of personal opinions. I ask everyone to be respectful of myself and other viewers of these posts or comments and users may be removed.

This category has been dormant since March 18th, 2017 but it may become active again if enough interest is generated surrounding politics and my opinions on political matters.

Creative Writing

This category is dedicated to other random pieces of creative writing that don’t really fit in anywhere else. This is a catch all that doesn’t get uploaded to a lot. There might be pieces uploaded to the section which resemble poems, short stories, newspaper articles, or anything else I feel like writing that week.

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