Clockwork Fairy

Writing Prompt: "You found her on your doorstep, a fairy shivering from the cold and the pain, her delicate wings broken and torn. You take her into your workshop, and she tells her story as you craft her a new pair of clockwork wings." Outside the wind howled as heavy sheets of rain came down.... Continue Reading →

Bulletin Board: Lead Up To Piece 300!

Hello Internet! As I teased in yesterday's Weekly Blog about Voting Registration (read it if you haven't already), this week is going to be a special week leading up to piece number 300 being uploaded to the channel. You might have noticed all the balloons popping up on the website, well that's the reason why.... Continue Reading →

Category Descriptions

Edited 05/02/17 This is a list of all the current categories and small descriptions of each section. This post will be pinned to the top of the main page for new viewers to learn about the subsections to the website and for regular viewers to get a refresher on how things break down. This section... Continue Reading →

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