Bulletin Board: Lead Up To Piece 300!

Hello Internet!

As I teased in yesterday’s Weekly Blog about Voting Registration (read it if you haven’t already), this week is going to be a special week leading up to piece number 300 being uploaded to the channel. You might have noticed all the balloons popping up on the website, well that’s the reason why. I’m celebrating a huge milestone here on the Blog and I hope you’ll celebrate along with me. So this week we’re throwing out the normal schedule and filling it to the brim with long-awaited sequels. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I’m going to publish sequels to Writing Prompt pieces that were popular but have not had any kind of continuation lately. Then on Friday I’m coming out with a brand new, Meta Writing Prompt piece which will be piece 300. Saturday I’ll have another Pokemon Fanfiction Chapter and Sunday will be a normal Weekly Blog to reset the week going forward. Does that make sense? If not, let me break it down for you day by day:


Tuesday, October 2nd – Diverging Lines Part 2

A sequel to Diverging Lines

Wednesday, October 3rd – Revisiting Great Art

A continuation of Jake and Miranda’s story from Favorite Work of Art and Date Night in the Park

Thursday, October 4th –

A continuation of Zoey’s story from Please Help and Hearing People’s Thoughts

Friday, October 5th –

New Writing Prompt piece with a very META narrative about the website and the blog itself. Lots of in jokes about me and the website. Also piece 300!!


Then we’ll return to a normal schedule with a new chapter of my Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver Fanfiction on Saturday and a Weekly Blog on Sunday.

I really hope you enjoy these pieces. I’ve worked real hard on them and I want to make them special as he hit this milestone. It’s crazy that this week we’ll hit 300 pieces here on the website and it’s all thanks to readers like you. All the love and support I receive in the form of views, likes, comments, and shares really brightens up my day and just blows me away. It’s amazing. So if you’ll do me a little favor. If you’ll show these pieces a little bit of extra love, that would be amazing. Thank you for getting me here to piece 297 – piece 300 and here’s to at least 300 more!


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