Weekly Blog February 19th, 2017: Wild and Wacky Weather

Hello people of the internet! I’m back from my week away. I keep saying it was my “week off” but really it was actually way busier and full of writing and preparing for the week ahead. Anyway, I’m back and I have a great week ahead of us! For this week’s “Weekly Blog” I’m kind of combining my ideas for last and this week and adding to it. Altogether I want to talk about the weather I’ve been experiencing over the past couple weeks.

Last week we actually had winter weather. Like snow, ice, and below freezing temperatures. Were I live, we have had a very mild winter. We’ve had a few days of freezing rain and icy conditions, but for the most part we’ve had above freezing temperatures and a lot of rain rather than snow. All the mild winter really bums me out. I like winter and I like snow. Now it kind of sucks when you’re driving in it and its icy and snowy and it becomes dangerous to drive. But when I can stay home, wrap up in a cozy blanket, and just watch the snow fall, I love it. Well last week we actually got snow and I actually got to enjoy it. I had the day off of work so I decided to run some errands and try to be productive. So I was running around getting stuff done, when little snowflakes started to fall from the sky. After I accomplished my tasks, I drove to the town’s park and just parked my car. I sat there in my car for a little bit listening to music and watching the snow fall. It was very quiet and peaceful. I just kind of sat there and drank it all in. Then after a while I decided to head to the closest bookstore and pick up some things to read. I was only in the bookstore for a short amount of time (probably 30 minutes or so) and by the time I came out, the little flakes had became large, wet snowflakes that stuck to everything. My car was covered in white and the roads started to become covered, so I decided to head home before it got too bad. Overall a great winter weather experience and I really enjoyed having a peaceful day watching the snowfall.

Now let’s contrast that with the past few days. Where I live we have had really warm weather. All that snow did not last long as the weather warmed up almost to 60 degrees (Fahrenheit). That’s crazy! So on another day off work I decided I was going to go out and enjoy the nice weather instead of just staying inside and watching Netflix or YouTube. So I went to a local nature center and walked through some of their nature trails. It was just me and nature and it was super calming and peaceful. I would pass over bridges and there would be a little water flowing underneath it. I enjoyed the sound of water rushing and the sound of the little waterfalls. It helped reiterate to me that nature is amazing if you just take the time to slow down a little bit and enjoy it. Between the warm weather, the breeze blowing through the trees, and the sighting of birds, squirrels, tadpoles, water striders, it really made for an amazing time out in nature. All of those little things really added up and it made me realize that I miss going on nature hikes and getting out into the woods like I did when I was a kid. Hopefully today’s kids will put down the electronic devices for a little bit and go out and enjoy nature because I believe its important for both the children and for nature. We need to preserve stuff like this and going out and experiencing it first hand makes us more likely to appreciate it.

So altogether, I had a wonderful time both out enjoying the cold, winter weather full of snow and I also had a great time out in the warm, spring-like weather full of hiking and experiencing the simple beauty of nature. Now going forward I have no idea what’s going on with the weather. I think it’s supposed to stay warm for awhile and then maybe we’ll have nasty ice storms in March. Who knows? I live in an area where we can have all four seasons in a month, or all for seasons in a week, or all four seasons in a 24 hour period. Things often get unpredictable. But honestly I love all kinds of weather and I love having seasons. I love the cold, winter weather full of snow and I love the windy spring weather full of rain and thunderstorms. I’m also a fan of autumn weather full of falling leaves and the fact that there’s a nice crisp feeling in the air. I’m not too huge on the summer heat and humidity, but I do love the sunny weather and I don’t mind the 60 – 75 degree range. No matter what kind of weather comes my way, I’m sure I can find a way to enjoy it! Even if the way to enjoy it is to stay inside where I’m not subjected to the weather conditions outside!

I hope you enjoy this week’s Weekly Blog and I hope you have a wonderful week. Feel free to check out the rest of the website and check out what you’ve missed. We have a eventful week ahead of us and I’m trying to make up for last week’s lack of content with double the pieces this week. Thanks for reading this piece and if you enjoyed this piece, feel free to give it a like and leave a comment about your favorite weather, your favorite season, what weather you’re experiencing, or whatever you’d like!



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