Writing Prompt #10: The Fantasy Realm of Skool


Writing Prompt: What did you get into trouble for the most when you were a kid?


Tomanchu had made it to the mouth of the evil lair to fight the final battle of good versus evil. The evil wizard, Dark Peter the Evil, had taken the Princess Moki captive and it was up to Tomanchu to stop him. He had embarked on a daring quest across the entire kingdom fighting sea monsters, sirens, dragons, aliens, vampires, ghosts, giant robots, and ninjas trying to find the lair of the evil wizard. And now he was finally here.

He stepped inside.

“I see you have made it to my lair, Tommy,” Dark Peter said.

“Peter! It’s Tomanchu, remember?” Tomanchu said.

“Right. And I’m Evil Wizard Peter,” Dark Peter said.

“It’s Dark Peter the Evil.”

“That sounds pretty lame.”

“Well do you have a better name?”

“Can’t I just be Dark Magic Peter?”

“Fine. Whatever.”

“Yay!” Dark Magic Peter said.

“I’m bored,” Princess Moki said. She was sitting in a field of grass picking petals off a flower.

“We’re about to have an epic magic battle over who gets to marry you,” Tomanchu explained.

“Gross. I don’t want to marry either of you, can’t we just play house,” Princess Moki complained.

“No, house is lame!” Dark Peter yelled.

“Whatever,” Princess Moki went back to picking flowers.

Tomanchu sighed. “Can we just battle now?”

“Yeah, let’s battle!” Dark Peter raised his hands ready to fight.

Dark Peter’s hands glowed red and he shot out a giant fireball.

“Pheeeeew BOOM!”

Tomanchu teleported away right behind Dark Peter.

Dark Peter turned around immediately.

“Hey you wouldn’t know I was here, I teleported.” Tomanchu said.

“Fine,” Dark Peter turned around.

Tomanchu unleased electric energy from his hands and shot a lightning bolt at Dark Peter. Dark Peter fell to the ground and rolled getting back on his feet. Peter launched another fireball at Tomanchu but again Tomanchu dodged the attack using teleportation.

“Hey! That’s not fair.” Dark Peter yelled.

“I can’t help it if I’m super fast at teleporting.”

“You can’t jump out of the way all the time”

“Yes I can! That’s what teleportation does, stupid!”

Tomanchu raised his hands and launched another bolt of lightning striking Dark Peter in the chest.

“You missed,” Dark Peter said.

“No I didn’t. That hit you,” Tomanchu protested.

“Nope I teleported out of the way.”

“You don’t have teleportation, I do.”

“That’s unfair. I want teleportation too.”

“Well that’s my power, so you can’t have it!”

“Fine I use my ice powers to freeze you so you can’t escape!”

Dark Peter shot a beam of white energy out of his hands freezing Tomanchu in a block of ice.

“I can just teleport out of the block of ice,” Tomanchu said.

“No you can’t, you can’t use your powers when you’re stuck in ice,” Dark Peter said.

“Yes I can.”

“No you can’t.”

“Yes I can.”

“No you can’t.”

“Yes I can!”

Tomanchu teleported out of the block of ice. He then used his powers to shoot several bolts of lightning at Dark Peter. Dark Peter turned around unaffected by the lightning and started to storm off.

“I don’t want to play anymore. You cheated,” Dark Peter yelled as he walked away.

“You’re just not as smart as me!” Tomanchu yelled at his nemesis.

Dark Peter turned around and walked back towards Tomanchu.

“I’m way smarter than you! But I’m not a cheater like you!” Dark Peter said.

“I’m not a cheater!” Tomanchu argued.

“Yes you are!”

“No I’m not!”

“Yes you are!”

“No I’m not!”

Tomanchu temporarily abandoned his magic power and decided to overpower Dark Peter with brute strength. He shoved Dark Peter’s chest and he fell to the ground. He immediately started bawling.

“I’m telling the teacher!” Peter said. He ran towards the teacher supervising the playground area. “MRS. SMITH, TOM PUSHED ME!!”

“He started it!” Tom ran after Peter.



Later Tomanchu found himself in the dreaded Kingdom of Prince Ipal in front of the King. Tomanchu was on trial for his war crimes against the dark wizard even though Tomanchu knew he was the hero, not the villain.

“Tommy,” The King started. “Mrs. Smith told me that Peter came up to her during recess and told her that you pushed him. Is that true?”

Tomanchu hung his head. He didn’t like being in the Kingdom. It was quite intimidating. He wanted to get back to learning new spells called “multiplication” and “division.”


“We were playing and Peter and I were wizards and he got mad because I was better than him. And he lost in our magic battle.”

“Tommy, did you push Peter at recess?” The King was persistent.

“…yes…but he –“

“No buts, Tommy. You know you aren’t allowed to push people. It’s not nice and Peter could have got hurt. We’re supposed to use our words, not our fists. If you can’t play nice with Peter, then maybe you two should do something else.”


“Now for your punishment, no recess for the rest of the week. Instead you’ll come here and work on homework, understand.”

“Yes,” Tommy said with his head down.

The King handed over a piece of parchment. “Have your parents sign this. We’re going to call them and let them know what happened. Ok?”

Tommy nodded.

“Ok, now get back to class.”

Tomanchu left the Kingdom of Prince Ipal and headed back to the magic academy to learn more about mathematics. For now he had been rendered powerless but he was determined that he would not be defeated. One day he would return to face Dark Peter once again and save his princess.



[No you didn’t miss Writing Prompt #9. I didn’t like the prompt very much. I decided to skip it for now, but I may come back to it in the future.]

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