Pokémon HGSS#13: An Ocean Voyage to Cianwood City

Pokémon HGSS#12: The Glittering Lighthouse of Olivine City


Jonathan set sail across the sea on the back of Huey’s Lapras strapped with supplies for his voyage from Olivine City to Cianwood City. It would be a days voyage with at least one day to make it back. He just hoped Amphy could hold out that long.

He looked up and saw Olivine City slowly dissapear over the horizon. He could make out the tip of the Glittering Lighthouse and he knew that both Beatrice and Gym Leader Jasmine were up there trying to sooth the sick, Amphy. His journey across the sea was an important one. He had to retrieve the special medicine from Cianwood City to save Amphy.

600px-131Lapras“Come on, Lapras. We got to hurry,” Jonathan said putting a hand on Lapras’s neck.

“Lapras,” It sung back to him.

He was pretty sure it understood the importance of the mission. Huey told Jonathan that it understood the path to Cianwood City, so maybe it understood that as well.


Jonathan looked down at the Egg-Pokémon in his arms.

“Don’t worry, Togepi. We can do it. I know we can do it,” Jonathan said.

Eventually he took a seat on Lapras’ hard shell and sat Togepi in his lap. Jonathan looked out at the vast sea on both sides of him. Just underneath the water, he could make out dark shapes of Water-Type Pokémon swimming around Lapras.

“Maybe Beatrice is right,” Jonathan said. “Maybe I do need a Water-Type Pokémon.”


Togepi bounced up and down in Jonathan’s lap.

“Don’t worry, Togepi. I won’t replace you. Beatrice would never let me do that.”

Jonathan smiled and began looking out. Olivine City was gone now and the sun was beginning to set. There was no light from the lighthouse. Just darkness on the horizon. Jonathan then looked up and he saw small pinpricks of lights starting to appear.

“Look, Togepi! Stars!” Jonathan pointed up into the sky. “Aren’t they beautiful?”

“Pi! Pi!” Togepi seemed to agree.

600px-170Chinchou.pngThen a light started to emerge from below Jonathan. He scrambled over to the side of Lapras’ shell to look down into the Ocean. There below he saw a whole school of fish Pokémon swimming underneath, lighting up the ocean.

“Woah,” Jonathan looked in awe.

“Pi! Pi!” Togepi cheered at the sight.

Hundreds of little balls of light lit up the ocean all around them.

“It’s like they are leading us to Cianwood City,” Jonathan said.

“Lapras!” It sang out a song and the balls of light below them seem to dance.

It was a brilliant show, but eventually the lights below them died out as the Pokémon dove deeper into the ocean leaving Lapras and Jonathan navigating by starlight.

“I’m going to get some sleep, Lapras,” Jonathan said bundling up Togepi in a spare sweatshirt. “If you need to sleep, just let me know.”

Lapras didn’t respond, but Jonathan figured it was find. Jonathan sat down with his back against large spike, tying himself to it just as Huey instructed before leaving. He then leaned up against the spike and held on to Togepi tight. It wasn’t long before the bobbing of Lapras on the sea made him fall asleep.


Jonathan shot awake out of a deep sleep as a low rumble seem to shake the entire sea around him.

“Lapras, Lapras? What’s going on,” Jonathan said looking around.

At first there wasn’t anything apparent. Togepi was still asleep in Jonathan’s arms. Lapras seemed to be unphased. However when Jonathan looked up at the sky above. It was morning and the sun seemed to be peaking over the horizon, but large, black clouds were forming up above.

Jonathan untied himself placing the wrapped up Togepi into his backpack.

“Storm, there’s a storm coming,” He said placing a hand on Lapras’ neck. “Lapras we need to find some place to land.”

Jonathan looked right to left but all he saw was endless ocean. What was once a still body of water was now getting choppy as waves began getting bigger and bigger. Rain started falling from the sky and there were distant lightning bolts coming this way.

“Really not good,” Jonathan said.

A deep rumbling sound protruded from underneath.


Lapras called out with a cry of distress.

“Togepi!” It called out from Jonathan’s bag.

Jonathan pulled out a Pokéball and touched it to Togepi.

“Sorry, buddy. You’ll have to go inside for now. It’s where it is safest.”

There was a flash of light and Togepi was safely inside its Pokéball.

The deep rumbling hit again, this time with more force.

“Just hold on Lapras,” Jonathan called out trying to calm the Pokémon.

The rumbling got louder and louder as the sea’s waves grew in size. They splashed up covering Jonathan with salty, sea water.

Jonathan threw his arms around Lapras’ neck holding on tightly just as another large wave crashed down upon them.

Jonathan spat out the sea water as a lightning bolt struck the ocean nearby followed by a crack of thunder.

As a large wave lifted Lapras up, Jonathan managed to see something out of the corner of his eye. Underneath the water was a large, black shape moving very quickly. He couldn’t quite tell its exact size, but it was much larger than the fish Pokémon that had accompanied them the night before. It had to be three or four times larger than a human being.

As fast as it came it was gone, underneath the sea. As soon as the shape disappeared, the waves began to calm around Lapras. It was like the storm was following this ocean Pokémon. The waves began to diminish, the clouds up above separated, and the lightning now appeared far in front of them.

“It’s over. I guess the storm is over,” Jonathan muttered wiping salt water off of his soaking body.

Lapras called out still annoyed by the sudden storm.

“Let’s just get to Cianwood,” Jonathan said.


They finished the rest of their journey to Cianwood without incident. Both Jonathan and Lapras were happy to land on the sandy beaches without any more sudden storms or Water-Type Pokémon deciding to attack them. Jonathan pulled a small crate of Pokémon food and sat it in front of Lapras on the beach.

“Here, Lapras. Go ahead and rest up here on the beach and eat some food. I’m going to go grab this medicine and then we can head back,” Jonathan said.

Lapras gave Jonathan a glare.

“Alright, alright. I get it. We can rest here for the day and then go back tomorrow. Still rest here and let me go secure the medicine for Amphy,” Jonathan said.

Lapras started to dig into the food which Jonathan assumed meant that it agreed to the plan.

071Victreebel.pngHe then turned and made his way into Cianwood City proper. The town was similar to Olivine City, but on a smaller scale. It was a sandy, beachfront town nestled against large mountains on the west with the sea on its east. Jonathan didn’t see any boats out on the water, but did notice many beach goers surfing on the waves and training on the beach. He noticed two trainers squaring off – one with a Victreebell and one with a Primeape.

057Primeape.pngJonathan then made his way to the Pokémon Center to heal up his Pokémon.

“Excuse me, nurse,” Jonathan said getting attention of the Pokémon Nurse.

“Yes?” She asked.

“I have a couple of questions,” Jonathan replied. “One I was wondering where I could find the Cianwood Pharmacy. I’m in need of a cure to a Pokémon’s illness. It’s very important.”

“The Pharmacy is north of town along the beach. You can’t miss it.”

“Great. Second thing I wanted to ask about. As I was traveling across the sea, I ran into a sudden storm which quickly sprang out of nowhere and then it disappeared quite fast. Have you heard of anything like that before.”

The nurse nodded.

“Many sailors talk about the strange weather near the Whirl Islands. Storms suddenly showing up and disappearing. Whirlpools forming and then dissipating. Large shapes underneath the water. That sort of thing,” She said.

“Whirl Islands?” Jonathan asked.

“Four islands East of here surrounded by large whirpools which used to be one large island. The local legend says that a large beast that lives underneath the waves guards the island and can cause storms. One of these large storms tore the island into four places. Of course, that’s just the legend,” She said.

“Has anyone been there?” Jonathan asked.

“Sailors avoid the area as they sail between here and Olivine City,” The nurse explained. “It’s not a place for common Pokémon trainers. Again the large whirlpools keep people at bay.”

“Alright, well thanks for healing up my Pokémon and telling me about the pharmacy,” Jonathan said.

“You’re welcome,” She said with a smile and Jonathan ran off towards the Pharmacy.

He made his way northward down the beach to a wooden building standing by itself. As he approached, the door opened and a red-haired boy stepped out.

“No way,” Jonathan said, his mouth agape.

208px-HeartGold_SoulSilver_Silver“Oh crap. Not you again,” Silver said with a sour look on his face. “Don’t tell me you and that annoying girl is here.”

“It’s just me, and her name is Beatrice,” Jonathan said crossing his arms.

“Yeah, whatever, what do you want?” He asked.

“I…I… what do you want?” Jonathan asked.

Silver rolled his eyes.

“I’ve heard that this place here sells a special medicine that makes Pokémon stronger. Just picked up a new one from this dumb town and thought that I would help it along,” Silver said.

“Wait, I think we might be after the same thing. If you have some you have to give it to me,” Jonathan said.

“First of all, I don’t have to do anything that you say,” Silver said. ‘Second, this stupid pharmacy doesn’t even have any. Apparently they sold all their stock just a few days ago to some macho dude. Total waste.”

“No. That can’t be,” Jonathan said running up to Silver.

“I know. It’s quite disappointing,” Silver said with a shrug.

215Sneasel.pngThere on Silver’s shoulder was a Pokémon he had never seen before. It had black fur with white claws and pink feathers on the side of its head.

“Sneasel.” It poked its head out to look at Jonathan.

Jonathan looked it over.

“Is that the new Pokémon you got?” Jonathan asked.

“Yeah,” Silver said. “Are we done here or do I have to defeat you again.”

“You know what?” Jonathan said stepping up and poked Silver in the chest. “If you are really trying to defeat Team Rocket, that puts us on the same side. You hate Team Rocket and we’re…not found of them either. We could help each other.”

“Help you?” Silver sneered. “I don’t think so. You and that girl would only hold me back. I’m better off doing it on my own.”

“Why are you so stubborn?” Jonathan asked.

“If you want to prove your worth, Sneasel here and I can take you on,” Silver said.


Jonathan shook his head.

“I don’t have time for this. I have a mission to save a sick Pokémon. A selfless mission,” Jonathan said. “Now get out of my way. I have a mission. Just know the next time I see you, I won’t hesitate to take you down.”

“Whatever,” Silver said as Jonathan walked by and into the shop.

“Oh hello,” The old woman at the counter said. “Welcome to the Cianwood Pharmacy. How can I help you?”

“Hello. Hi. I have a bit of a problem and I was hoping you could help me. I’m on a mission from Olivine City Gym Leader, Jasmine. There is a sick Pokémon and she told me that you sell something that may help it. Please, its urgent,” Jonathan said.

“Oh, you must be talking about the Cianwood Secret Potion. It’s a vitality potion made from plants that only grow near here. It can be used to raise Pokémon’s power or heal any sickness,” She said.

“Yes, that one. Do you have any?” Jonathan asked.

The woman’s face dropped.

“I’m sorry but we’re all sold out,” She said. “The last of our shipment was bought out a few days ago.”

“No. That can’t be. Please, this Pokémon is very sick. It needs immediately medicine. Is there any more in the back or can you make some more?”

“I have no more in the shop and it will be a few days before my husband comes down from the mountains with more plants harvested. It might be a week before we have in stock. I’m so sorry,” She said.

“No,” Jonathan shook his head.

He failed. Now Amphy’s life was in danger. All of the fisherman of Olivine City were in danger.

“If it is a true emergency, it’s possible that there is some unused,” The woman said.

Jonathan raised his head.

“What? Where?”

“Chuck. The Gym Leader of Cianwood City. He’s the man who bought out our entire stock a few days ago. He uses it to strengthen his Fighting-Type Pokémon. He might have some left. If you talk to him, he might give you some of his stock,” The woman explained.

“Chuck. Gym Leader. Got it. Thank you so much!” Jonathan said before rushing out of the store.

“You’re welcome!” The old woman yelled.

Jonathan did not see any sight of Silver, but he was too focused to care. He ran as fast as he could across the sand towards the Cianwood City Gym. He was not going to fail this mission.


Header Photo Credit to PencilCat on Tumblr

All photos of Pokemon and related content used were taken from Bulbapedia


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