Weekly Blog November 25th, 2018: Thanksgiving Hangover

Hello Internet!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got the best deals on Black Friday. If you fought a grandma over a half price toaster…then…ummm… congrats I guess? Anyway, I’m sure our corporate overlords appreciate the blood sacrifice you made the day after you said all the things you were thankful for. Just in time for the Christmas season. Christmas decorations have been on the shelves for weeks, but now its socially acceptable to listen to Christmas Music. It’s truly a wonderful time of the year. Anyway, I know that I had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed my Thanksgiving break away from the website. We didn’t follow a normal schedule this week, but we did publish some stuff on the website, so let me tell me about those pieces just in case you were too busy eating pumpkin pie to read them. Last Sunday I published a Weekly Blog about My Favorite Thanksgiving Food. Everyone has their favorite and least favorite entrees at Thanksgiving. Go ahead and read that Weekly Blog if you want to know about mine. On Thursday, I published a special Weekly Blog for Thanksgiving 2018 talking about the things I am thankful for. Slight spoiler: One of those things is you, the reader! Read the rest there if you want more Thanksgiving in your life. Finally, on Saturday, I published, the thirteenth chapter of my Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver Fanfiction titled Pokémon HGSS#13: An Ocean Voyage to Cianwood City. Jonathan have left behind Beatrice with Jasmine and her sick Ampharos, Amphy. Now he sets off on a journey to Cianwood City to track down the special potion that will heal Amphy. Does he get to Cianwood City in one piece and complete this mission? Well I guess you’ll have to check it out to know for sure.

Now despite that long intro, I intend for this Weekly Blog to be a shorter one as we ease back into our normal rhythm here on the website. Part of me is still in a food coma from Thanksgiving. It’s like a Thanksgiving Hangover where my body is begging for anything other than Turkey and Thanksgiving leftovers. I need pizza or Mexican food. Anything but stuffing and mashed potatoes, please! If you read my special Thanksgiving Weekly Blog, you’ll know that I love Thanksgiving food. Like really love it. But I’ve eaten it in one way or another the past three days. My liver is just full of gravy at this point. I’m sure all of you are at the same point that I am. Thanksgiving is great and leftovers are great, but eventually you eat enough Thanksgiving leftovers that you have turkey spilling out of your ears. That’s where I am. It’s the literal definition of “too much of a good thing.” I just want a break from it for one meal, is that too hard to ask?

Anyway its best that you don’t think about all the calories you ate in pumpkin pie and whipped cream and focus on what’s coming next: Christmas. We get a really long Christmas season this year because Thanksgiving was so early in the month, so now we get to jam out to Christmas songs and watch Christmas specials for even longer. We get a full month from today to enjoy the Christmas season after getting over this collective food coma. I love Christmas so much but I’m sure I’ll talk about that more in a future Weekly Blog, but I’m also someone who believes every holiday deserves its time in the sun. Thanksgiving deserves November, but now that it is over and we survived Black Friday, it’s Christmas time! Bring on the snow and the Christmas cookies and the Christmas songs on the radio. I love all of it.

So what was the point of this Weekly Blog? I’m not really sure to be honest. I guess all that Turkey has messed up my brain. Wait, did the Turkey steal my writing ability? Nah! I’ll be fine! I’ll get back into a regular schedule this week and then the Christmas spirit will carry me through the rest of the year! I will be taking a lengthy Christmas break between mid-December and mid-January, but I’m still working out those details, so stay tuned for details. For now, don’t be afraid! There is still some awesome stuff coming out on the website on a weekly basis and I’m sure I’ll throw some holiday special stuff during the month of December.

That was a Weekly Blog, or at least I think it was. If you enjoyed reading this all-over-the-place Weekly Blog, feel free to give it a like or leave a comment down below. Tell me about your Thanksgiving, your Black Friday experience, or your Thanksgiving Hangover. I’d love to hear all about it. If you didn’t like this Weekly Blog, that’s alright. These blogs are usually a little bit more structured, so maybe the next one will be for you. Or you can check out the other stuff on my website. I have over 300 different pieces broken up into Weekly Blogs, Poems, Writing Prompt Pieces, and Fanfiction. Hopefully one of those interest you. No matter if you liked this or not, I hope that you will hit the follow button here on WordPress so you can see my stuff in your “reader” section when it gets uploaded. That’s the best way to regularly read my stuff. You can also check out my Facebook Page and Twitter if you’d like to follow me on my social media accounts. I’m a little bit more active on Twitter, but they both get automatically updated when new pieces get published on the website. It’s true that I’m starting to wind down here, but you want to be prepared for all the Christmas fun and my reassurance in 2019!

Thank you for your support and I hope you have a wonderful week!



Header Photo Credit to Gluten Freeda

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