Pokémon HGSS#15: The Steel-Clad Gym Leader

Pokémon HGSS#14: Fighting The Good Fight


As soon as Lapras touched down on the beach of Olivine City, Jonathan jumped off its back onto the sandy beach. He didn’t miss a beat as he started taking off towards the Glittering Lighthouse.

Jonathan was carrying a small wooden crate full of the secret potion he received from Cianwood City. After a tough Gym battle against Fighting-Type Gym Leader, Chuck, he received the potions necessary to heal Amphy from its sickness. Afterwards it was a quick journey across the sea on Lapras’ back.

He looked up at the tower just as the sun was starting to set. He needed to get to the tower to heal Amphy.

Jonathan ran quickly up to the bottom of the lighthouse. He saw the familiar face of Huey.

“Huey, I got it!” Jonathan said as he ran up to him.

“You got the potion from Cianwood?” He asked.

“Yes, yes.” Jonathan said nodding his head.

“Then lets get you to the top of the lighthouse,” Huey said escorting Jonathan inside.

They got on the rickety elevator and the metal doors closed in front of them. It shook a little bit, but it got them both to the top.

The metal doors opened and Jonathan ran into the room carrying the crate.

190px-HeartGold_SoulSilver_Lyra“Bea! Jasmine! I’m here,” Jonathan yelled as he ran out into the main area.

“Jonathan,” Beatrice smiled as she saw Jonathan entered.

“We’re happy to see you,” Jasmine said.

Jonathan could tell that they were both tired. He was sure they had spent the last few days relentlessly taking care of Amphy. Jonathan was exhausted from traveling. It was a collective tiredness.

Jonathan sat down next to Jasmine, Beatrice, and Amphy. He pried off the top of the create revealing small glass bottles full of a golden brown liquid.

“This is the medicine from Cianwood City?” Jasmine asked.

“Yeah,” Jonathan said. “I was able to get a few bottles. It was quite a battle to get them.”

“Well I appreciate it, Jonathan,” Jasmine said placing a hand on his. “Hopefully this will be enough to bring Amphy back to full health.”

“Yeah I hope so too,” Jonathan said.

Jasmine then pulled a bottle of golden liquid an uncapped it.

“Help me get  Amphy sitting up,” Jasmine instructed.

Jonathan and Beatrice ran around the back and held Amphy up so Jasmine’s Ampharos was sitting up. Then Jasmine poured the golden liquid down Amphy’s throat.

“Here, Amphy. This will help you get better,” Jasmine said.

600px-181AmpharosInstantly Ampharos seemed to look a lot better and it’s tail began to glow.

“Ampharos!” It cried out it happiness.

“Amphy!” Jasmine gave it a giant hug. “You’re alright.”

Both Jonathan and Beatrice sat down in exhaustion.

“I’m glad it worked,” Jonathan said.

“You did great, Jonathan,” Beatrice said leaning her head on Jonathan’s shoulder.

“Wow everyone looks exhausted,” Huey said, who was still standing beside the elevator.

Everyone looked over to him.

“Why don’t you all get some rest,” Huey suggested. “I can stay here and keep an eye on Amphy.”

“But -” Jasmine tried to argue.

“No, buts, Jasmine. You need sleep,” Huey said crossing his arms. “All of you are about to fall asleep anyway. Now go.”

Even though no one wanted to leave Amphy, they knew what Huey said was true. They were all exhausted. They needed sleep.

“You’re right,” Jasmine said. “Come on everyone. I have spare rooms at the Pokémon Gym.”

Both Beatrice and Jonathan nodded as they followed Jasmine to the elevator and to the bottom floor of the Glittering Lighthouse. As they walked out into the night air, Jasmine turned back to see a small bit of light coming from the top of the lighthouse. She smiled a little before leading Jonathan and Beatrice back to the Pokémon Gym.

Jonathan and Beatrice were shown their spare rooms in the back of the Pokémon Gym and Jasmine found her room. It wasn’t long before all three of them fell asleep.


The next morning Jonathan woke up in his room still smelling like sweat and salt water. He went to the connected bathroom and took a quick shower to make himself feel better and smell better. He then changed into some spare clothes and walked out into a small kitchen area. He saw that Jasmine and Beatrice were enjoying breakfast. Little steel balls with eyes and magnets floated around carrying pots and pans.

081Magnemite.png“Woah what are those? Jonathan asked.

Beatrice and Jasmine both turned to see him.

“Good morning, Jonathan. These here are my Magnemite. Steel and Electric Type Pokémon help maintain the Gym when I’m away,” Jasmine said. “Why don’t you come over here and get some food?”

“Alright,” Jonathan said.

He sat down next to Beatrice at the kitchen island and started to eat breakfast. It was a mix of pancakes, sausages, eggs, and fresh fruit. It was all delicious.

“Jonathan, I want to thank you again for what you did for me and Amphy. I went to check on Amphy this morning and he is doing much better,” Jasmine said. “He should be back to full health in the next few days.”

“Its amazing that you traveled across the ocean by yourself twice,” Beatrice said.

“It was quite an adventure,” Jonathan admitted. “I’m just glad that I got back here in time with the special potion.”

“Did you happen to meet with Gym Leader Chuck?” Jasmine asked.

“Actually yeah. He bought the only supply of the medicine and I had to battle him for it,” Jonathan said.

“He didn’t just give it to you?” Beatrice asked.

“There was some confusion with Pokémon being stolen in Cianwood City,” Jonathan explained. “He used the battle to prove that I wasn’t a part of Team Rocket. I ran into Silver also.”

“Silver? What was he doing there?” Beatrice asked.

“I’m not sure,” Jonathan said. “I was too busy trying to track down the medicine to really talk to him.”

210px-HeartGold_SoulSilver_Jasmine“Silver? Who is this Silver person?” Jasmine asked.

“He’s a Pokémon thief that has something to do with Team Rocket,” Beatrice said.

“I’m not sure if he’s with Team Rocket or fighting against them, but either way he stole a Pokémon from Professor Elm’s lab,” Jonathan said.

“That’s awful. Pokémon thieves. Team Rocket. All of it,” Jasmine said. “I’ve been so focused on Amphy and restoring The Glittering Lighthouse that I haven’t been attuned with everything else going on.”

“It’s ok, Jasmine. I have a sense that this Team Rocket thing is far from over,” Jonathan said. “I’m sure we will need you in the future.”

Jasmine nodded.

“If you need me, I’ll be there,” She said.

They continued to talk as they finished their breakfast. All three were now feeling full and refreshed.

“So Jonathan. You originally came here for a Pokémon Gym battle. Are you still interested in a battle?” Jasmine asked.

“Of course,” Jonathan said. “I have five Gym Badges now. I need yours to get one step closer to all eight Gym Badges.”

“Very well. I’ll give you a few minutes to prepare. We are now friends, but when you step out onto that battlefield it will be different. I’m going to give it all I got. I will not hold back.”

“Neither will I,” Jonathan said.

“I expect nothing less,” Jasmine said. “I’ll see you out there.”

Jasmine left to get ready for the Gym Badge.

“Are you going to watch me take on Jasmine?” Jonathan asked.

“Yeah I guess I’ll watch you battle, but I might be rooting for Jasmine,” Beatrice said with a grin.

“Yeah whatever. Let’s get out there.”

Jonathan and Beatrice stepped out into the Gym proper with its large battlefield. Beatrice took a seat in the bleachers which sat behind a glass pane like a hockey ring. Jonathan took his place on his side of the battlefield while Jasmine took her place.

“Welcome Jonathan,” Jasmine said. “It’s time for you to go up against my Steel-Type Pokémon. Steel-Types are very hard, cold, sharp, and really strong. I have one Pokémon that I’m going to battle with, but feel free to use two of your own. My Pokémon can take it.”

“We’ll see,” Jonathan said.

“Yes we will,” Jasmine took a deep breath.


She then held out a Pokéball.

“Go Steelix!” She tossed the ball into the air.

A giant steel-covered snake appeared on the battlefield whose size eclipsed Jasmine’s size. It had steel spikes protruding from its body and a strong jaw.

“Steelix!” It roared in a low rumble.

“Wow, that is a huge Pokémon,” Jonathan said. “But I believe I can take it down. Go Flaffy!”

600px-180FlaaffyThere was another flash of red light and the pink and white wooled Pokémon appeared on the battlefield.


“A cute electric sheep just like Amphy,” Jasmine said. “It reminds me of what you’ve done. But I will not go easy on you.”

“Don’t worry, Flaffy will take you on,” Jonathan said.

“We’ll see,” Jasmine replied. “Go Steelix, use Sandstorm!”

“Steelix!” It roared as its body began to rotate.

The metal spikes on its body began spinning faster and faster like a fan blade as it kicked up sand and dirt from the Gym floor. It began to swirl around the Gym hitting the glass on the walls and small bits of sand and rock slammed into Flaaffy. Now Steelix was completely obscured by the raging sandstorm.

“Flaaffy, use Electro Ball!”

Flaaffy leaped into the air and a ball of electrical energy grew around the blue sphere on Flaffy’s tail. Once it grew Flaffy spun and the ball was launched into the sandstorm. There was a brief flash of light, but nothing else seemed to change. The sandstorm continued to rage.

Jonathan heard Jasmine shout above the storm.

“Steelix is a dual Steel and Ground Type Pokémon,” Jasmine yelled. “Electrical attacks like Electro Ball do no damage to it because Ground Types are immune to Electric Type attacks.”

“Now Steelix, use Iron Tail!”

The sandstorm separated revealing Steelix’s large iron body. It then slammed its tail into Flaffy knocking it flying. It flew through the air and landed on the battlefield in a cloud of sand.

“Flaaffy, use Take Down!”

Flaffy picked itself off the ground and charged at Steelix. It lowered its head and slammed its entire body into Steelix, who didn’t seem to mind. It’s iron body protected it from most of the damage.

“Steelix, finish this. Use Iron Tail!”

Steelix slammed its iron-covered tail into the ground sending rocks and boulders flying. It struck Flaaffy knocking it back onto Jonathan’s side of the battlefield. It swayed back and forth before collapsing on the ground, unable to battle.

“Return, Flaaffy,” Jonathan said holding up Flaaffy’s Pokéball.

“Steelix!” It let out another roar.

“Barley a scratch on Steelix,” Jasmine noted. “You’re going to have to try a lot harder if you want to take down this Steel-Type Pokémon.”

“Electricity didn’t work,” Jonathan muttered to himself. “I guess I need to try to melt Steelix with some fire.”

“Go, Quilava!” Jonathan shouted.

250px-156QuilavaQuilava leaped from its Pokéball with the fire on its head and back ignited.


“A Fire-Type Pokémon. That’s smart. Steel-Type Pokémon are weak to Fire, but Steelix isn’t afraid,” Jasmine said.

“Quilava will change its mind,” Jonathan shouted. “Let’s go, Quilava. Use Flame Wheel!”

Quilava leaped forward with blinding quickness. Flames surrounded its entire body until it was a fireball charging towards Steelix.

“Steelix, use Sandstorm!”

Steelix’s body began to spin faster and faster as the sand and dirt got kicked up once again.

Quilava jumped and its flames seemed to disperse the sand as it collided with Steelix directly.

“Now use Ember!”

“Iron Tail, Steelix!”

Quilava leaped out of the way as Steelix’s tail slammed into the ground sending some debris flying. Quilava then unleashed a blast of fire which struck Steelix.

“Steelix!” It let out a roar.

“Use Iron Tail!” Jasmine yelled.

This time Steelix managed to make contact as its tail slammed into Quilava sending it flying. Although Steelix was getting weakened by the fire, its tail still did massive damage against Quilava.

“Now Steelix, use Rock Throw!”

Steelix slammed its body into the ground causing large boulders to erupt from the ground.

“Dodge it, Quilava. Use Flame Wheel!”

Quilava dodged the falling rocks as they slammed into the ground and jumped into the air. Again its body was covered in fire as it charged at Steelix.

“Steelix, use Iron Tail!”

Steelix lashed out with its Iron Tail and it slammed into Quilava’s fire ball. There was a small explosion of fire and Steelix slammed into the back of the Gym. Quilava was knocked back and landed on its feet near Jonathan.

Steelix raised its head barely hanging on. Quilava looked in bad shape as well.

“Time to finish this,” Jasmine said.

“Quilava, we have to do this now,” Jonathan shouted.

Quilava stepped forward as Steelix started to rise. However, Quilava’s body began to shine bright as its fire began to surround it.

“Quilava is evolving.”

The light around Quilava grew brighter and brighter as the fire raged around it. Then it emerged from the light as a much larger, taller Fire-Type Pokémon that stood on its hind paws. The fire light up on the back of its neck like a crest of fire.


“Typhlosion!” It roared.

“You’re Quilava evolved into Typhlosion,” Jasmine said. “That’s quite impressive.”

“Thanks,” Jonathan said. “Now it’s time to show you what its got.”

“No need,” Jasmine said raising a hand. “This battle is over. Steelix is badly hurt and your newly evolved Typhlosion packs enough fire power to take Steelix down with one hit. I know when I’ve been beaten. ”

“Are you sure?” Jonathan asked.

Jasmine nodded and Steelix dissapeared inside its Pokéball.

“You have won, Jonathan,” She said. “And for that reason I want to congratulate you.”

Jasmine stepped forward to meet Jonathan and Beatrice ran down from the stands to join them.

mineral badge.png“Here Jonathan, I want you to have this,” Jasmine said handing him a shiny, metal badge.

“This is the Mineral Badge. The official Gym Badge for my Gym. Jonathan, you are a better trainer in both strength and kindness and I thank you for both helping me out and giving me a thrilling Gym Badge. Not many trainers are tough enough to take on me and my Steelix.”

“Thank you Jasmine,” Jonathan said.

“Good luck to both of you on your journey,” Jasmine said to both Jonathan and Beatrice.

“Thanks Jasmine,” Jonathan said.

Beatrice gave Jasmine a hug.

“I’m going to miss you, Jasmine,” Beatrice said.

“Don’t worry you two, I’m sure you’ll see me again,” Jasmine said. “After Amphy gets better, I’ll make sure to see find you.”

“We hope to see you soon,” Beatrice said.

Jasmine turned to Jonathan.

“Also Jonathan. I know this might be a little unconventional, but you did save Amphy’s life and I feel like I owe you a little something extra.”

“I don’t -”

Jasmine cut Jonathan off.

“Beatrice told me that you have a Scyther. Now that Bug Pokémon evolves into a Steel-Type Pokémon named Scizor using what is called a Metal Coat.”

She snapped her fingers and a stray Magnemite flew over with a metallic box.

“If you want, I can help your Scyther evolve,” She said.

“That would be amazing,” Jonathan reached into his pocket and pulled out Scyther’s Pokéball.

The green praying mantis Pokémon appeared and showed off its large blades.


“Very well,” Jasmine said turning to Scyther. “She uncapped the box and she poured a cool, liquid metal onto Scyther’s head.

212Scizor.pngAs the liquid metal touched it, its body began to shine, consuming the metal liquid. The light grew brighter and brighter before completely dissaperaing revealing a new Pokémon where scyther stood.

This one still looked like a Bug, but had a shiny red, metallic shell. Its blades were replaced with metallic claws.

“Scizor!” It tested out its new claws.

“Woah, Scizor looks amazing!” Jonathan said.

“Scizor’s quickness and its metal coating makes it one tough opponent,” Jasmine said. “Take care of it and it will be a fierce ally.”

“Thank you so much,” Jonathan said.

“So where do we need to head next?” Beatrice asked Jonathan.

“Well we went to both Olivine City and Cianwood City,” Jonathan said. “I’m not sure where we need to head next.”

“If you plan on completing your Gym Challenge, I suggest you make your way through Ecruteak City and head East. There you will find Mahogany Town. It’s a small town in the mountains, but there you will find the next Gym Leader,” Jasmine said.

“Alright it’s settled then,” Jonathan smiled. “We’ll head to Mahogany Town.”

“After we stop in Ecruteak City,” Beatrice added.

“Ecruteak City and then Mahogany Town,” Jonathan laughed.



Header Photo Credit to Frog-of-rock on DeviantArt

All photos of Pokemon and related content used were taken from Bulbapedia


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