Pokémon HGSS#16: Return to Ecruteak

Pokémon HGSS#15: The Steel-Clad Gym Leader


Jonathan and Beatrice spent the rest of the day with Jasmine in Olivine City making sure that Amphy was getting better. As they spent the day together, they could tell that Amphy was regaining strength and the light on the end of its tail began to grow brighter and brighter. Through this process, Jasmine opened up more and more. She shared her experience of being one of the youngest Gym Leaders in the Johto Region and how she felt responsible for Olivine City. She also made comments about advancements being made in the Hoen City of Mauville and the Sinnoh Cities of Canalave and Sunnyshore.

210px-HeartGold_SoulSilver_Jasmine“The whole Johto region is a little behind, to be honest,” Jasmine said. “I’d like to see Olivine invest more in new technologies. Hoen has a space program and Alola has a floating technological island. I would like to see Johto found something spectacular like that and I think Olivine is the perfect place for it.”

“Both Johto and Kanto are older regions that really focus on tradition,” Beatrice noted.

“Tradition is good. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating the past. It only becomes a problem when tradition hinders much needed progress,” Jasmine said. “Johto seems to be falling behind while other regions successfully balance technology and tradition.

“Look at a region like Kalos,” Jasmine continued. “It’s a Pokémon region with deep traditions but has a city like Lumiose City. Lumiose is one of the largest cities in the world and focuses on new technologies like the Halo Caster made by Lysandre Labs. The Halo Caster makes our Pokégear look old fashioned.”

“I guess a balance is a good thing. Especially as our world becomes more and more connected,” Jonathan said as he looked down at his Pokégear.

Jonathan and Beatrice enjoyed the conversation about technology and Olivine City’s role in the Johto Region and the world, but eventually they needed to head out and leave for Ecruteak City. They spent a second night at the Olivine Pokémon Gym and then left in the morning, backtracking along Route 39 and Route 38 back to Ecruteak City.

For the most part there weren’t too many Pokémon trainers or wild Pokémon to battle, so Jonathan and Beatrice made their way back to Ecruteak City without any trouble along the way.

Jonathan kept thinking back to his interaction with Silver in Cianwood City. He was someone who hated Team Rocket but wouldn’t want any help from him and Beatrice. He wanted to take down the whole organization all by himself. On the other hand, did Jonathan even want to help Silver? Silver was a Pokémon thief. Was he any better than Team Rocket?

“What are you thinking about so hard over there?” Beatrice asked him as they entered town limits of Ecruteak.

“I’m thinking about Silver,” Jonathan said. “I’m not really sure if he’s a good guy or a bad guy. He seems to want to take down Team Rocket, but he stole a Pokémon to do it. Plus he only seems to care about strength. Is that any way to become a Pokémon trainer?”

“Yeah I’m not sure about him either,” Beatrice admitted. “He really gets under my skin, you know? I’m still not convinced that he isn’t some kind of Team Rocket Spy.”

“Maybe he is,” Jonathan said with a shrug. “But his hatred for Team Rocket seems real.”

“Well I guess we’ll just have to capture him the next time we see him. Then the police can figure it all out. I just want to make sure that the stolen Pokémon is given back to Professor Elm,” Beatrice said.

“Me too,” Jonathan said.

They stepped into Ecruteak City and it looked about the same since the last time they were here just a few weeks ago. The traditional houses, the Ecruteak Pokémon Gym, the burned down remains of Brass Tower, and the pristine Bell Tower. When Jonathan left here, he barely defeated Gym Leader Morty and his Gengar, but now he had two more Pokémon Gym Badges underneath his belt. He was now nearing the end with only two Gym Badges left to get.

“Come on, Jonathan. Let’s go find Zuki!” Beatrice said with a wide smile on her face.

“Of course!” Jonathan nodded.

Jonathan and Beatrice ran towards the Ecruteak Dance Theater where Zuki and her sisters put on performances alongside their Pokémon. Each of the sisters specialized in an evolution of the Pokémon Eevee. Zuki trained with the Dark-Type Pokémon, Umbreon.

“Zuki!” Beatrice said running through the door of the stage.

Up on stage were a group of sisters all hanging out with their Pokémon. There were also two girls that Jonathan didn’t recognize but they looked like they could also be sisters.

One of the girls stood up and started running towards Beatrice and Jonathan.

250px-197Umbreon“Beatrice! Jonathan!” Zuki said as she ran with her arms out wide. Her Umbreon followed behind.


Zuki threw her arms around both of them and pulled them close.

“You’re back! I missed you two!” She said as she squeezed.

“We missed you too, Zuki,” Jonathan said with a laugh.

“It feels like forever,” Beatrice said.

Zuki eventually let go and Jonathan and Beatrice recomposed themselves. They both waved at the other girl on stage.

“Oh my gosh, you two. You are just in time. You have to meet my sisters,” Zuki said.

“Zuki, we met your sisters,” Beatrice said.

“No, my other sisters. My sisters Sakura and Tamao are back from the Sinnoh region!” Zuki said. “Come on, let me show you their awesome Pokémon.”

Zuki grabbed Beatrice by the hand and piratically dragged her up on stage. Jonathan followed behind.

600px-470Leafeon.png“Everyone, this is Beatrice and this is Jonathan,” Zuki said introducing them. “They are Pokémon trainers that helped save me from Team Rocket.”

Then Zuki introduced her other sisters.

“That is Sakura and her Pokémon, Leafeon. That is Tamao and her Glaceon.”

“Hello,” Everyone said and then introduced themselves.

“Leafeon is really cool,” Jonathan said petting it behind its ears

“Thank you,” Sakura said.

600px-471Glaceon.png“I really like Glaceon,” Beatrice said as Glaceon laid down next to her.

“She is a very reliable Pokémon,” Tamao said. “Plus its pretty good in battle.”

“Speaking of Pokémon battles, how was Olivine City?” Naoko asked.

Jonathan and Beatrice then filled in the entire group about their adventurers in Olivine City and Cianwood City. The Gym Battles. Saving Amphy. All of it.

“Wow you two have been really busy,” Zuki said.

“So you two are going to head to Mahagony Town next?” Naoko asked.

“We had to stop back here first,” Beatrice said.

“But yeah, the next stop is Mahagony Town,” Jonathan said.

“You’re only two badges away from taking on the Pokémon League. That must be really exciting,” Miki said.

“What about Silver? You said you ran into him. Are you still going to pursue him?” Sayo asked.

“And did you find out any more about Team Rocket?” Kuni asked.

“We are still trying to find out what Team Rocket is up to,” Jonathan said. “And we’re still on the heels of Silver.”

“It’s likely the two are connected,” Beatrice added.

“As for the Pokémon League, I try not to think about it. It’s still pretty far away in my mind,” Jonathan said.

“Well I’m sure you’ll be able to conquer it, no problem,” Zuki said. “You know we all believe you.”

The rest of the Kimono Sisters nodded.

“Thanks everyone,” Jonathan said.

“Well since everyone is in town, we better celebrate. You know get some food and just relax for the evening,” Naoko said.

“Does that mean that tonight’s practice is cancelled?” Zuki asked.

Everyone laughed.

“Yes, Zuki, that means that practice is cancelled. But you better learn your choreography by this weekend,’ Naoko said.

“Yeah, yeah,” Zuki said with a smile.

Miki, Sayo, Kuni, Sakura, and Tamao all left the dance theater to get food for everyone while Zuki and Naoko stayed with Jonathan and Beatrice in the theater. Both Jonathan and Beatrice released their Pokémon from their Pokéballs so they could run around and play. All the Eeveelutions enjoyed playing with their new friends as well. Typhlosion and Flareon enjoyed blowing smoke rings at one another, Marill and Vaporeon blew bubbles together, and Flaaffy and Jolteon exchanged minor electrical shocks as a way to show affection.

Eventually the girls returned with a ton of takeout boxes full of a variety of meats, noodles, vegetables, rice, and sauces. It was quite a feast. Afterwards they hung out and talked for awhile. The Kimono told stories on one another and joking.

The Pokémon enjoyed the food and all the excercise and seemed to have fun playing together.

175TogepiTogepi was passed around to all of the Kimono Sisters and Beatrice who showered in attention and love.

Eventually Togepi got tired of being held and it ran over to Jonathan.


The Egg-Shaped Pokémon ran across the floor and leaped into Jonathan’s lap.

“Oh Togepi. It’s alright,” Jonathan said picking it up and giving it a hug.


It began wiggling in Jonathan’s arms and wiggling its arms. Then it gradually got warmer and warmer.

“Uh…guys, something his happening,” Jonathan said holding Togepi out from his body.

Togepi then began to glow bright as its entire body was encased in white light.

When the light stopped, there was a new, similarly egg-shaped Pokémon in Jonathan’s arms.

176Togetic.png“Togetic!” It said as it wiggled its body and the wings on its back.

“Woah,” Jonathan said.

“Togepi evolved,” Beatrice said. “And its adorable!”

Togetic flapped its wings and began flying around the Dance Theater which all the Kimono Girls seemed to love.

“Togetic come back,” Beatrice held out her arms.

Jonathan started to laugh, but then his pocket began to buzz.

“Sorry I better take this,” Jonathan said before walking out of the Dance Theater and out into the open air.

625px-Pokégear_HGSS_mHe pulled out his Pokégear and held it to his ear.


“Jonathan! I’m so glad I managed to reach you.”

It was Professor Elm on the other end.

“Professor Elm. What is it? You sound panicked.”

“Where are you and Beatrice right now?” Professor Elm asked.

“We are in Ecruteak City hanging out with the Kimono Girls in the Dance Theater. Why? What’s going on?” Jonathan asked.

Professor_Elm“I need you and Beatrice to head to Lake of Rage. There seems to be something strange going on,” Professor Elm said.

“Lake of Rage. Where is that?” Jonathan asked.

“It is a large lake North of Mahagony Town,” Professor Elm explained. “There has been complaints coming from the lake of strange high-pitched frequencies. Also there has been sightings of a large, red Pokémon swimming in the lake and people in black and red uniforms.”

“Black and red uniforms? That sounds like Team Rocket.”

“My thoughts exactly. I’ve tried to contact Gym Leader Pryce, but he is not answering his Pokégear. I fear that he might be caught up in this as well.”

“Don’t worry, Professor. We’ll leave her as soon as possible,” Jonathan said.

“Be careful, Jonathan. I want you to investigate, but if Team Rocket is really behind all of this, it might be too dangerous to handle alone.”

“We’ll be careful. We can handle anything Team Rocket throws our way.”

“I like your confidence, Jonathan, but I feel like I might need to call in someone else to help,” Professor Elm said. “Hold on.”

There was a sound of books falling and glass breaking before Professor Elm was back on the Pokégear.

“Yes, I found it!” Professor Elm said.

“Found what, Professor?” Jonathan asked.

“Head to Lake of Rage and find out what you can about the strange noises and the sighting of the red Pokémon. Be careful,” Professor Elm said before the line went dead.

Jonathan quickly entered the Ecruteak Dance Theater and Beatrice instantly picked up on Jonathan’s expression.

“Jonathan, what’s wrong?” Beatrice asked as everyone turned to look at him.

“We got to go, Bea,” Jonathan said. “Professor Elm just called me and he believes that Team Rocket is up to something at Lake of Rage.”

“Lake of Rage? That’s not too far from here,” Zuki said.

“Just North of Mahagony Town. That’s were we need to go,” Jonathan said.

“What’s going on?” Beatrice asked.

“The Gym Leader has disappeared from the town and people are complaining of strange high-pitched noises coming from the Lake. There is also unconfirmed sights of a large red Pokémon in the Lake.”

“Sounds dangerous. Do you want us to tag along?” Zuki asked.

Jonathan shook his head.

“No. Beatrice and I can handle this. If Team Rocket is planning something big, it could be throughout all of Johto. If they come here, I’ll need you girls to handle them.”

All of the Kimono Sisters nodded.

“Plus Professor Elm said he was bringing in some kind of back up,” Jonathan said.

“What does that mean?” Beatrice asked.

“I’m not really sure. He didn’t tell me,” Jonathan admitted.

“Ok well we better go,” Beatrice said retrieving her Pokémon.

Jonathan held out his Pokéballs and his Pokémon disapperead inside. All besides Togetic who flew around. It really didn’t have a Pokéball.

“Come on, Togetic, we got to go,” Jonathan said.

Eventually Togetic flew over and landed on Jonathan’s head.

“Togetic!” It cried out.

“Be careful, Jonathan and Beatrice,” Zuki said giving them both a hug. “Come back soon, ok? This didn’t count. You still owe me some quality time.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll see you soon,” Jonathan said.

“We promise,” Beatrice said with a hug.

Jonathan and Beatrice gave everyone a wave before leaving the Ecruteak Dance Theater and started to head East towards Mahagony Town. It was the middle of the night, but they weren’t thinking about that.

They just knew that they needed to get to Lake of Rage as fast as they could.

“Do you think we’ll find Silver there?” Beatrice asked.

“I can guarantee it,” Jonathan said.


Header Photo Credit to The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel and their video “Pokémon Generations Episode 6: The Reawakening.”

I got the screenshot from Bulbapedia

All photos of Pokemon and related content used were taken from Bulbapedia

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