Weekly Blog July 19th, 2020: Oxenfree

Hello Internet! I hope all of you had a wonderful week and are staying healthy! The world is currently in a strange place because some countries have made it through the Covid-19 pandemic and only have a few (or none) new cases, while other countries are hitting all time highs for the number of Covid... Continue Reading →

Pokémon HGSS#16: Return to Ecruteak

Pokémon HGSS#15: The Steel-Clad Gym Leader   Jonathan and Beatrice spent the rest of the day with Jasmine in Olivine City making sure that Amphy was getting better. As they spent the day together, they could tell that Amphy was regaining strength and the light on the end of its tail began to grow brighter... Continue Reading →

Pokémon HGSS#9: Dances With Eevee

Pokémon HGSS#8: Bug-Catching Contest   Jonathan and Beatrice left Johto National Park with their new Bug-Type Pokémon. During the Bug-Catching Contest, Jonathan wanted to find a Scyther, but was unable to. He caught a Butterfree. Beatrice actually managed to catch a Scyther during the contest, so they traded Pokémon. Jonathan received the Scyther and Beatrice received... Continue Reading →

Pokémon HGSS#8: Bug-Catching Contest

Pokémon HGSS#7: Goldenrod's Gym Battle   "No way!" Beatrice said. "Come on Bea. It could be fun," Jonathan said. "No! No! No! I hate Bug-Type Pokémon. There's no way I'm going to join a Bug catching contest." Beatrice said. Jonathan and Beatrice stood outside the entrance to the Johto National Park after Jonathan had battled his... Continue Reading →

Pokémon HGSS#7: Goldenrod’s Gym Battle

Pokémon HGSS#6: Red-Headed Rival   Jonathan and Beatrice journeyed through The Ilex Forest and emerged on the other side. They traveled together going North along Route 34 where Jonathan battled and trained. He also stopped by the Pokémon Daycare where he dropped off Sentret. Jonathan wasn't sure it was useful in his team, but felt sad... Continue Reading →

Pokémon HGSS#6: Red-Headed Rival

Pokémon HGSS #5: Battle Against The Swarm   "Wow, I can't believe you actually did it," Beatrice said with a laugh. "What do you mean?" Jonathan asked. "Kurt and I were talking about whether or not you were actually going to defeat Bugsy," Beatrice said. "Hey, I'm a good trainer. I have two gym badges... Continue Reading →

Pokémon HGSS #5: Battle Against The Swarm

Pokémon HGSS #4: Slowpoke Well   Jonathan and Beatrice spent the evening with Kurt in Azalea Town after they helped free all the Slowpoke from Team Rocket. Kurt served up an amazing meal to them both and they talked about Pokéball creation. "Kurt, here is able to make Pokéballs," Beatrice said. "Is that true?" Jonathan asked Kurt.... Continue Reading →

Pokémon HGSS #4: Slowpoke Well

Pokémon HGSS #3: Battle For The Skies   Jonathan walked out of the Violet City Gym holding the Zephyr Badge with pride. He had managed to defeat the Gym Leader Falkner and his Flying-type Pokémon and got his first gym badge. Even though Jonathan was proud of this accomplishment, he still had a sinking feeling in... Continue Reading →

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