Weekly Blog September 16th, 2018: Animal Crossing

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I hope that everyone is having a fantastic week! I know for me, my week was pretty great due to some recently announced news, but I’ll get to that later on in this Weekly Blog. One thing that made me happy this week is that it actually began to feel like September out there. There were days were I wore pants. Like not shorts, but blue jeans. Crazy I know. I’m so excited for Autumn to get here. Apple cider, pumpkin carving, and corn mazes are all on the horizon. I can almost taste them. Yes, even the corn mazes. I can taste the corn on the wind. Anyway, let’s talk about what was going on the Blog this week. First of all, last Sunday, I published a Weekly Blog on the subject of Looking For A Sign. It’s all about how life is unpredictable and we all need to go for our goal no matter if destiny is on our side or not. You won’t know until you try. Give it a read for some motivation. On Wednesday, I published a Poem titled Late Night Conversations. I don’t know about you, but my strongest friendships were forged by late night conversations. Relive that sentiment by reading the Poem. On Friday, I published a continuation of my Dungeons and Dragons series titled Out Of The Woods. The group continues on the Vern Road out of the Ollick Forest and find themselves in the town of Augendale. Make sure you read it if you are following along with the series or you can pick it up. I’d recommend starting with Bringing The Party Together. If you are at all confused and you want to jump into the series, leave a comment down below and I can help you out. Finally, yesterday I published the third installment of my Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Fanfiction titled Pokémon HGSS#3 Battle For The Skies. It’s time for Jonathan to take on the Flying Gym Leader, Falknor. Can Jonathan win his first Gym Badge? I guess you’ll just have to read it and find out!

Now that’s enough talk about what happened this past week on the website. It’s time to talk about the fantastic news. Many of you probably know this from the title of the Weekly Blog, the header Photo, and just the internet in general, but we got some major Animal Crossing News from Nintendo’s most recent Nintendo Direct. Nintendo talked a lot about their online service, some games coming to the 3DS and Switch, and some news about Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee which I’m excited about, but nothing beats hearing Nintendo actually talk about Animal Crossing. The things that they announced was that 1) Isabelle is coming to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate which releases on December 7th, 2018 and that 2) Nintendo is working on a mainline Animal Crossing game which will come to the Switch in 2019.

isabelle smash bros.jpg

All the rituals that the Animal Crossing fandom has been doing since Animal Crossing New Leaf was released in 2012, seriously paid off. I know that a lot of Animal Crossing fans were disappointed by no news at Nintendo’s E3 Direct, but we just had to wait a little bit longer. And it was totally worth it! As you may or may not know, I included Animal Crossing on my list of Five Video Games That Have Influenced Me, so it shouldn’t surprise you too much that I’m excited to main Isabelle in Smash and for a new Animal Crossing title on the Switch. I feel like there’s so much they can add from New Leaf and Happy Home Designer that can make this new game even better than New Leaf. Don’t get me wrong, I love New Leaf, but 6-7 years is way too long. The Wii U owners really got screwed over when they didn’t get an Animal Crossing Game, but now they can get it on Switch.

Now that I explained the big announcement, maybe I should take a step back and explain the Animal Crossing series just in case you’re not familiar with Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing is a series that started on the Nintendo Gamecube where you move into a town of animals where you are the only human. You buy a house from a Raccoon named Tom Nook and you end up doing odd jobs around the town for your neighbors to pay off your debt to Tom Nook. You can do this by catching bugs, fishing, collecting fossils, and harvesting fruits from fruit trees. You also get to furnish your home with a ton of different styles and collect a variety of clothes to wear. Animal Crossing has expanded from their with more animals to befriend, more activities to do, more styles of clothing, and more styles of furniture. You can really customize not only your outfit and home, but also the town. In the newest installment, Animal Crossing New Leaf, you are the mayor of the town. As mayor you get to set town ordinances and approve public works to better your town. It’s amazing! It’s a game where you can get lost in all the options, but it’s not something you marathon. It’s a game that plays in real time, so it’s best enjoyed a little bit everyday. 30 minutes to an hour every day where you get to relax, talk to your animal friends, and live out the fantasy of owning your own home. It’s truly magical.

And that’s why we need a Switch Game. So I can take Animal Crossing with me on the go and travel to other people’s homes. About three months back, I got back into my Animal Crossing New Leaf game and I’m still loving it, but it seems like no one else is playing. That’s why I need this new game to get all my friends interested in Animal Crossing Again. I want to travel to other people’s towns, hang out with them, steal some fruit, and explore their town. Pocket Camp was a nice temporary measure to fill that hole in my heart, but it suffered like a lot of other mobile games. Too many microtransactions, not enough stuff to do, and people dropped off really quickly. I have no doubt in my mind that it still has a small, very loyal playerbase, but for me, I lost interest after a month. So for now I’m just enjoying my New Leaf town where I get to talk to Isabelle and tell her the good news about her Smash debut before getting back to making some bells. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to head to the island to catch some beetles so I can pay for my most recent expansion to my house!

Thank you so much for reading that Weekly Blog all about Animal Crossing. I hope you enjoyed it. If you liked it, feel free to give it a like or leave a comment down below. No matter if you have compliments, constructive criticisms, critiques, or cookies, feel free to leave them in the comments, and I’ll get to them. (I’m kidding about the cookies…maybe.) I really appreciate all the support everyone shows me and my website and it makes me happy every time I see people around the world reading the stuff I write. If Weekly Blogs aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other stuff on the website. We have Poetry. We have Writing Prompts. We have Fanfiction. There are over 280 pieces on the website, so hopefully you can find something else to read. Also you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter if you really want to. That will let you know as soon as stuff is published on the website.

Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful week!



Header Photo Credit to Gamespot.com

Animal Crossing Images come from Nintendo Direct

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