Weekly Blog September 9th, 2018: Looking For A Sign

Hello Internet!

How is everyone doing today? Hopefully you are doing well and enjoying the start to September! Where I live, we’re in this awkward phase were we think it’s supposed to be Autumn, but Mother Nature hasn’t got the picture. There’s people drinking their Pumpkin Spice Lattes while still wearing t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops. Yay September! If you’re like me, you’re looking forward to Autumn which should be here before we know it. Anyway, here on the website, we had a wonderful week. I mean, we always have a wonderful week thanks to all the wonderful people reading my stuff and supporting me, and this week was no different. Last Sunday, I published a Weekly Blog talking about Celebrating Growth and appreciating how far I’ve come here on WordPress. On Wednesday, I published a Poem titled Pinned Memories. It’s a poem about looking at a cork board and reliving the memories connected to the things pinned to the board. On Friday I published a Writing Prompt piece titled The Truth Teller. It’s a fantasy story about a boy who is cursed to tell the truth and under great amounts of pain, he can spill the secrets of the universe. This ability leads to powerful groups hunting him down for his abilities. So how does this work out? Read the story and find out! Then, finally, on Saturday I posted the second chapter of the new Pokémon Fanfiction series based on the Johto Region and Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. The first one is titled Pokémon HGSS #1: New Journey and the second one is titled Pokemon HGSS #2 A Break In At The Lab. If you haven’t read either of those and you are interested in Pokémon, now is a good time to jump into it!

When I was thinking about possible topics for this week’s Weekly Blog, I was having some trouble narrowing it down. Nothing really jumped out at me as something I needed to talk about, you know? But in the back of my mind there was an idea slowly forming. Then throughout the week I saw several different posts or images on Facebook and Twitter talking about “looking for a sign” or “searching for a sign” or “needing a sign.” That got me thinking about how lots of people are afraid to take risks without some kind of sign. Where do these signs come from? Well…

If you’re looking for a sign, here it is! This blog is it! This is your sign!! Maybe you’re waiting to start a big project. Maybe you’re waiting to go back to college or change jobs. Maybe you’re unsure whether or not you should ask out that cute boy/girl you’ve had a crush on. Maybe you don’t know if you should start a blog, a Twitch stream, or a YouTube channel. Maybe you’re unsure if you should take a risk and put yourself out there. Whatever thing you’re currently struggling to make a decision on, this is your sign that you should go ahead and do it! Take a risk. Make the jump. Do it!!

I know usually people want a sign from God or some higher power or just the universe. We want some kind of higher power in our corner. We want to believe in some cosmic plan that will lead us down a path that has a happy ending at the end. And that’s all nice and good, but I believe that if we spend all our time looking around for signs, we’ll never actually spring on any opportunity that comes our way. People are either way too willing to take everything as a sign or way to reluctant to say that a sign is actually a sign. Literally God could come down from the heavens and tell someone straight to their face to do something and they’ll respond with some wishy-washy answer about how maybe they should just wait a bit longer. This wasn’t THE sign, right?

I understand how scary risks can be especially if you’re talking about something big like going to college or changing jobs. Even asking out someone can seem like life and death in the moment. I’ve been there. But unfortunately, signs out in the universe doesn’t really exist. I’m not trying to bash on any religion or worldview and say that their is no higher power or cosmic plan, because I can’t possibly know that. What I’m saying is that you and only you can determine when that moment comes and when it’s worth the risk. Timing is something you can only understand with hindsight. You’ll look back on your life in a year, five years, ten years etc. and think “Wow I’m glad I did that” or “Wow, that was a dumb idea.” Either way I think it’s worth the risk. I can’t guarantee things will work out, but the alternative is that you never take the risk and it doesn’t happen anyway. Let me try to use a sports metaphor. If you’re dream is to be a NFL Quarterback, it’s going to take a lot of hard work and practice to make it work. Most likely you’ll have to start playing football at a young age, play in High School, play in College, and then get recruited into the NFL. You also have to be an amazing player. It’s possible that even after all this, it’s possible you won’t become an NFL Quarterback. You could take that risk and not make it. However if that was your dream, but you never practiced, never played, and never took the risk, then it was guaranteed you’d never achieve that dream. I hope that makes sense.

In summary, I know everyone wants some kind of sign that things are going to turn out fine when thinking about taking risks, but that is rarely guaranteed. Only we can decide whether we’re going to play it safe or take the risk. There’s no guarantee things are going to work out, but big dreams take huge risks to achieve. If you don’t take the risk, you’ll never achieve those dreams. So if you need a sign, here it is! I hope that you will take that risk and go after your dreams even if the whole thing seems scary. The fact that is scary is great motivation to make it happen!

I think that’s enough for this week’s Weekly Blog. Hopefully my words lift you up and encourage you. If you were inspired or if you just liked this Weekly Blog, feel free to give it a like. Or you can leave a comment down below talking about your big dreams or you can leave some advice for others down there. I try to make this website a positive space on the internet, so feel free to add to that positivity. No matter if you enjoyed this Weekly Blog or not, I hope you will take a moment to check out the other stuff on the website. There are Blogs, Poems, Writing Prompt pieces, Fanfiction, and other creative writing pieces here on the website. We are quickly approaching 300 pieces, so there should be plenty of stuff for you to read. If you need a suggestion, leave a comment down below with some of your interests and I’ll try to help you find something to read.

Thank you again for all your support and I hope you have a fantastic week!



Header Photo Credit to UmbrellaTreeCo.

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