Pokémon HGSS #2: Break In At The Lab

Pokémon HGSS #1: New Journey


Jonathan sat awhile with Professor Oak and Mr. Pokemon as they discussed  Mega Evolution and the recent developments coming out of the Kalos Region. That region’s Pokémon Professor, Professor Sycamore, was at the forefront of the research in Shalour City; however, Professor Oak mentioned that many mega stones were showing up in the Hoen region as well.

“I’m making stops here in Johto Region before heading to the Hoen region,” Professor Oak said. “Then I’m flying out to the Alola region to meet up with Professor Kukui. There might be some research out there on Mega Evolutions.”

“It’s an amazing age of Pokémon we live in,” Mr. Pokémon said.

Jonathan nodded.

He was excited to start this journey and learn all about the amazing world of Pokémon. The fact that new things were being discovered all the time also made him really excited. Maybe he would discover something amazing or find a new mega stone. Maybe he would run into a legendary Pokémon. So many possibilities.

After their conversation, Jonathan left with the Pokémon egg in hand. His mission was to retrieve the egg from Professor Oak after all, so he couldn’t spend too much time at Mr. Pokémon’s house. Jonathan said his goodbyes and made his way back down Route 30 with his Cyndaquil by his side. Eventually he made his way to Cherrygrove City.

Jonathan stopped into the Pokémon Center to heal up his Pokémon. There at the front of the desk talking to the nurse was a girl he recognized. A girl who lived in New Bark Town with him.

“Bea?” Jonathan walked up to her.190px-HeartGold_SoulSilver_Lyra.png

Beatrice was her name and she lived next to Jonathan. She was also a Pokémon trainer, but she helped Professor Elm at the lab.

“Jonathan! I’m so glad to see you!”

She ran up to him and put both of her hands on his shoulders.

“Have you seen anyone suspicious around here? Say a red haired boy. Mean temper. Looks like he might steal Pokémon,” Beatrice asked him.

“No, no. I haven’t seen anyone like that. I just came from talking to Professor Oak and doing an errand for Professor Elm. Why? What happened? You looked stressed out.”

“That’s because I am, Jonathan,” Beatrice let out a sigh. “Something awful has happened. There was a break in at Professor Elm’s lab. Some guy with red hair busted in demanding to speak to Professor Elm. Then he stole a Pokémon. A poor, little Totodile.”

“That’s just awful. Is everyone ok?” Jonathan asked.

“Yeah no one was hurt,” Beatrice said. “But that Pokémon, Jonathan. I have to get it back.”

“I understand Bea,” Jonathan nodded.

“Why don’t you go back to New Bark Town. Talk to Professor Elm. I’m going to go ahead and go to Violet City. That’s the only place I can assume he went since you didn’t pass him on your way back,” Beatrice said. “I’ll meet you there.”

“Ok Bea, if you think that’s safe. Just be careful. This guy sounds dangerous,” Jonathan said.

“Don’t worry about me. I have my trusty Marill to keep me safe.”

250px-183Marill.pngBeatrice looked down towards her feet. There around her ankles there was a small, blue mouse Pokémon with a blue sphere on the end of it’s tail.

“Marill. Marill.”

“Speaking of which, how many Pokémon do you have, Jonathan?” Beatrice asked.

“Uh…just Cyndaquil,” Jonathan admitted.

“That’s not very good. If you’re going to travel the region taking on Gym Leaders like the one in Violet City, I suggest you pick up some additional Pokémon,” Beatrice said.

“Here,” Beatrice opened her bag and retrieved a handful of red and white Pokéballs.

“I already have some, Bea,” Jonathan said.

“Well take some more,” Beatrice said. “You do know how to catch Pokémon, right?”

“Of course I do,” Jonathan said.

250px-SugimoriPokeBall.pngHe had never actually used a Pokéball to catch a Pokémon before, but he was sure he could figure it out.

“Well great. Catch some more Pokémon on Route 29 or Route 30 and meet me in Violet City. And hurry. We can’t let this thief escape,” Beatrice said.

With that Beatrice was on her way up to Violet City and Jonathan was on his way to New Bark Town to meet up with Professor Elm and to deliver the Pokémon Egg.


“Oh my gosh, Jonathan. I’m so happy to see you,” Professor Elm said practically hugging Jonathan. “I’m so glad you’re alright.”

Professor Elm then went back to reorganizing the lab. The whole place was a mess and everyone was running around in a panic. There were also some Police Officers standing around taking notes and asking questions.

“Please don’t move that. That’s evidence,” Jonathan heard one officer say.

“I’m fine Professor, honest,” Jonathan said.

“You didn’t run into that red haired menace, did you?”

“No Professor. I was at Mr. Pokémon’s house talking to him and Professor Oak.”

“Good. Good. I’m glad you didn’t run into him. He was viscous. Ruthless. I’m so sad he got away with a Pokémon though. What kind of person does that?”

“I’m not sure, Professor. A bad one.”

“Exactly right, Jonathan. One that cannot be trusted with a Pokémon,” Professor Elm said. “Pokémon are neither bad or good. They are just shaped by their trainers. If a trainer treats them as a friend and ally, they will grow up good. If they are treated like a slave, then they will grow mean.”

“Yeah makes sense.”

“I wonder if that red haired boy is somehow connected to Team Rocket.”

“Team Rocket?” Jonathan asked.

“They are a crime syndicate that steal Pokémon,” Professor Elm explained. “It was recently discovered that the Kanto Gym Leader, Giovanni, was actually in charge of the whole organization. The Gym was busted into, but Giovanni escaped. Since then there’s been no word of him and Team Rocket was disappeared. Maybe this their resurgence. They’ve left Kanto and moved on to Johto.”

“I guess Beatrice was right when she said this guy was dangerous,” Jonathan said.

“Beatrice? You ran into Beatrice?”

“Yeah I met up with her in Cherrygrove City. She said she was tracking the red haired boy down.”

“No! No! That’s awful! She can’t do that. It’s too dangerous. Jonathan, you have to go track her down and stop her. Tell her it’s way to dangerous. This is a matter that should be left up to the police.”

“Well she said that she was heading to Violet City…”

“Then that’s where you must go,” Professor Elm said. “Let’s exchange Pokégear numbers so you can call me and I can call you.”

Jonathan pulled out his Pokégear.

“Alright, Professor,” He said. “Now can I tell you all about my errand?”

“Oh right, right. I’m sorry, Jonathan. I almost forgot,” Professor Elm said. “What is it? What did Professor Oak give you to give to me?”

Jonathan sat the cloth bag on Professor Elm’s desk and opened it up revealing a the gift.


“Woah, fascinating,” Professor Elm said adjusting his glasses. “I believe it’s some kind of Pokémon egg.”

“Really? What kind of Pokémon do you think is inside it?” Jonathan asked.

“I’m not sure. It will probably be a while before we are able to tell,” Professor Elm said. “If Professor Oak wanted to give it to me, that means it must be very special. I’m going to have to study it to find out. Of course that is after I get this lab cleaned up.

“Of course,” Jonathan nodded. “Well I’m going to let you get back to cleaning this place up and getting things back in order. I’ll go catch up to Bea.”

“Yes. Yes. And please call me if you find out anything about that red haired boy. Don’t approach him. Just let me know,” Professor Elm said.

“Ok will do, Professor,” Jonathan said. “And Professor?”

“Yes Jonathan?”

“About Cyndaquil. You kind of said something about me having it for the one errand, but…”

“Don’t worry, Jonathan. That Cyndaquil is yours. It’s obvious to me that you really care about it. Plus you’ll need someone by your side as you travel to Violet City. However you might want to catch some wild Pokémon  as well before reaching Violet City.”

“Don’t worry, Professor. Bea already gave me the speech. And I have plenty of Pokéballs.”

“Fantastic,” Professor Elm said.

With a nod, Jonathan left the lab and made his journey down Route 29 once again. Now he was tasked with journeying down Route 30 to Violet City. There he would meet up with Bea and possibly take on his first Pokémon Gym Leader.



Header Photo Credit to Kevandre on DeviantArt

All photos of Pokemon and related content used were taken from Bulbapedia

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