Pinned Memories

Up on the wall there is a board of memories.
Some may look at it and think it’s just junk.
Old stuff that looks more like clutter than memories.
But they need to look closer.

The ticket stubs are from a movie.
A movie where I spilled popcorn all over my lap.
But my future wife just laughed
And she held my hand throughout the entire thing.

The 17th birthday card is from my Grandmother.
It came with twenty dollars, but that’s not why I kept it.
It was the last card she gave me before she found out she had cancer.
She was gone five months later.

The plastic bracelet came from my first concert.
Me and my buddies made a last minute trip to Chicago.
We paid a ton for scrapped tickets and had awful seats.
The concert was amazing.

I have notes that I passed in class.
A Prom ticket stained with spiked punch.
The ticket from the Superbowl that I took my Father to.
The college brochure of my dream college I got to tour.

All those items and more are pinned to the board.
They are tokens and trinkets that mean so much more.
Cherished items that hold my memories.
Things that may have no worth to others but mean the world to me.


Header Photo Credit to Freebie Photography

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