Pokémon HGSS #5: Battle Against The Swarm

Pokémon HGSS #4: Slowpoke Well


Jonathan and Beatrice spent the evening with Kurt in Azalea Town after they helped free all the Slowpoke from Team Rocket. Kurt served up an amazing meal to them both and they talked about Pokéball creation.

“Kurt, here is able to make Pokéballs,” Beatrice said.

“Is that true?” Jonathan asked Kurt.

He nodded his head.

“It’s true. I make Pokéballs,” Kurt said. “Even though Pokéballs are mass produced in order to keep up with demand all around the world, there are some people like me who still make them the old fashioned way.”

“How do you do it?” Jonathan asked.

Apricorn.png“Well around Johto there are plants that grow berry-like fruits called Apricoms. They have hard shells that make them hard to be eaten by Pokémon, but great for making Pokéballs. There are seven variations around Johto and I can turn them into specific kinds of Pokéballs,” Kurt explained.

“Apricoms, huh? Do you think that I could find some of these and bring them back for you?” Jonathan asked.

“Of course. That’s what I do! I usually charge people for these special Pokéballs, but since you saved those Slowpokes, you get the ultimate friends and family discount. You bring me any kind of Apricom, and I’ll make you the Pokéballs for free. You too, Beatrice.”

“Thank you,” Beatrice said.

“Yeah, thank you, Kurt,” Jonathan said.

“No problem,” Kurt said. “It’s not everyday that you stumble upon such nice people who care about Pokémon like you two do.”

Beatrice blushed a little.

“Beatrice is the one who was adamant about going down there and rescuing those Slowpoke,” I said.

Beatrice blushed a lot.

“I’m…I’m going to go to bed,” Beatrice said leaving the dinging room and entered the spare bedroom.

Kurt laughed.

“Anyway, this whole town is grateful for what you did today. But you better rest if you’re going to challenge Azalea’s Gym Leader tomorrow. Beatrice has the spare bedroom, but you can have the couch. It pulls out to a bed,” Kurt said.

Jonathan nodded.

He got ready for bed and laid down. The soft bed was amazing on his back. He had been camping out for several days and was really starting to miss his warm bed at home. He thought about calling his parents after the next gym battle. It had been a couple of days since he checked in.

Jonathan rolled over on his side and with a final yawn, he was fast asleep.


The next day, everyone woke up pretty early. Kurt had coffee and tea available as well as a hearty breakfast.

“So are you going to wait for me to take on the Gym Leader or are you going to go on ahead of me?” Jonathan asked Beatrice.

“There’s no way I’m walking through Ilex Forest by myself. Way too many Bug Pokémon!” Beatrice said.

“Ilex Forest?” Jonathan asked.

“It’s the large forest between here and Goldenrod City,” Kurt explained. “Beatrice is correct, though. There are a lot of Bug Pokémon who live in Ilex Forest. There is even a legend that the mythical Pokémon named Celebi lives in the forest. There are shrines to the Pokémon, but no one in recent memory has seen it.”

“Wow, maybe we’ll find it,” Jonathan said.

“I hope not,” Beatrice said. “No matter how mythical Celebi is, it is still a Bug Pokémon.”

“Ok well I’m going to go take on the gym leader now,” Jonathan said standing up from the table. “Bea, do you want to see me battle?”

“I think I saw enough yesterday,” Beatrice said shrugging her shoulder.

Jonathan’s expression dropped.

“Anyway, the Gym Leader of Azalea Town uses Bug Pokémon. I don’t want to be in a gym filled with Bugs,” Beatrice said.

“Fine,” Jonathan said. “I guess I’ll meet you here after I win.”

“See ya, good luck Jonathan,” Beatrice gave a wave as Jonathan left.


It was a quick walk over to the Azalea Gym. It looked similar to the Gym in Violet City, but it had a dome shaped roof. It almost looked like the shell of a Ledyba.

Jonathan walked up to the front of the Gym and knocked on the door. He tried to open in, but it seemed to be locked. He walked again.


“Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!”

276px-HeartGold_SoulSilver_Bugsy.pngJonathan heard a voice and turned. There to his left was a boy with purple hair and green clothes was running towards him. He was carrying a bug net over his shoulder.

“Oh my gosh. I am so sorry!” The boy said. “I was in Ilex Forest trying to catch some Butterfree and I totally lost track of time. Have you been standing here long?”

“No, I just got here,” Jonathan said. “Are you…”

“I’m Bugsy, nice to meet you!” Bugsy stretched out his hand. “Gym leader of Azalea Town and the walking Bug Pokémon encyclopedia. My friends just call me Bugsy.”

“Right, Bugsy. Sure. A little on the nose,” Jonathan let out some nervous laughter.

Bugsy tilted his head to the side.

“I’m not sure what you mean,” He said.

“It’s nothing. Nevermind,” Jonathan said.

Eventually Bugsy unlocked the door to the Gym and they both walked inside.

“Just give me a second to clean up,” Bugsy said.

He ran off across the battlefield towards the back of the Gym. The Gym floor was a mix of dirt and grass with trees lining the edges of the Gym. In the middle were some moss-covered rocks and hallowed out logs.

“I’m back!” Bugsy yelled holding two Pokéballs up in the air. “Let’s battle!”

Jonathan took his place on the side closest to the door. They agreed on a two-on-two Pokémon battle with no switches, just like the Gym Battle in Violet City.

“Go ahead and send out your first Pokémon,” Bugsy said.

600px-179Mareep.png“Go, Mareep!” I said.

With a flash of red energy my electric sheep Pokémon was on the field.

“Go, Beedrill!” Bugsy said tossing a ball into the air.

There was another flash of red light and there before me was a large Bee Pokémon emerged. It hovered over the battlefield flapping its translucent wings and showed off its large, stingers.

600px-015Beedrill.png“Woah, Beedrill,” Jonathan said. “Both a Bug Type and a Poison Type.”

“You betcha,” Bugsy smiled. “Better watch out fir it’s stingers. They’re coverd with poison.”

“Beedrill!” Beedrill seamed to nod its head.

“Let’s go, Mareep! Use Thundershock!”

Mareep ran forward and shook its coat of wool. Electricity jumped from its body becoming a lightning bolt that struck towards Beedrill.

“Beedrill! Dodge it and use Poison Sting!”

Beedrill charged forward flying to the side of the Thundershock and flew towards Mareep with its poison stingers out.

“Watch out!”

Mareep was too slow to react. Beedrill was in its face and it jabbed forward with its poison stinger striking Mareep.

Mareep stumbled back but seemed ok.

“Mareep, use Tackle!”

Mareep charged forward and slammed its body into the Beedrill knocking them towards Bugsy.

“Beedrill, use Twineedle!” Bugsy called out.

Beedrill charged forward again and attacked Mareep with both of its stingers, striking Mareep twice.

Mareep fell back and rolled, landing on its side. It struggled to its feet but could still battle.

“Mareep, be careful!” Jonathan yelled out.

“That Mareep is impressive to stand up to Beedrill’s Twineedle attack,” Bugsy said. “But soon the poison in its body will cause it to feint.”

“Then I’ll have to take out Beedrill before that happens,” Jonathan said.

Bugsy smiled.

“I like the enthusiasm.”

“Mareep, use Cotton Spore!”

Mareep shook its body and small, spores of wool flew into the air. They hovered there for a second making the air around both Mareep and Beedrill. The small balls of wool then started to cling to Beedrill covering it with a layer of cotton. It clung to its wings, making it harder to fly and making Beedrill slower.

“Woah. Just like Caterpie and Weedle use String Shot to slow down opponents, your Mareep uses Cotton Spore,” Bugsy said.

“Now you’re Beedrill is slow enough for this,” Jonathan said. “Mareep use Thundershock!”

Mareep unleashed another blast of electricity which used the wool in the air as a pathway to Beedrill. The lighting hit it and electricity surged through its entire body.

Beedrill’s wings stopped and it fell to the grassy Gym floor.

Then Mareep swayed back and forth and fell to the ground with a thud.


Mareep laid there unable to battle.

“Well you managed to take out Beedrill, but the poison took its tool. Looks like that round is a tie. It comes down to my last Pokémon and your last Pokémon,” Bugsy said.

“Right,” Jonathan said.

He held out the Pokéball and Mareep was gone in a flash of light. Then he pulled the next Pokéball.

“Don’t worry, I saved my best Pokémon for last,” Jonathan said.

“So did I,” Bugsy said with a smile.

“Well I guess we’ll see which one is better,” Jonathan opened the Pokéball.

CyndaquilThere was a flash of light and there was Cyndaquil.


“Cyndaquil, the Fire-Type Pokémon. That will quite a challenge. Good thing I have Scyther,” Bugsy smiled. “Go, Scyther!”

Bugsy held up a Pokéball and with a flash of red light there is a new Pokémon on the field. It was a large Green, Bug Pokémon that stood on its hind legs. Its forearms were two, large blades. It had a pair of translucent wings on its back.


The Pokémon looked intimidating with its large, sharpened blades.

“I think Bea’s fear of Bug Pokémon is a little less ridiculous,” Jonathan muttered to himself.

“So are we doing this or not?” Bugsy yelled out.

“Yeah, let’s do this!” Jonathan nodded.

“Scyther, use Fury Cutter!”

Scuther flew forward hovering about the ground and swiped out at Cyndaquil with one of it’s blade-like claws.

“Cyndaquil, dodge! Use smokescreen!”

Cyndaquil jumped out of the way and Scyther struck the ground leaving a large divot in the ground. Then Cydaquil unleashed a cloud of black smoke. It covered Cyndaquil and began to cover the floor of the Gym. Scuther looked around unable to find Cyndaquil.

“Cyndaquil! Now! Use Quick Attack!”

Cyndaquil quickly emerged from the cloud and slammed its body into the back of Scyther. Scyther tried to turn, but Cyndaquil disappeared into the black cloud of smoke again.

“Cyndaquil! Use Quick Attack, again!”

“Scyther, use Fury Cutter!”

Cyndaquil emerged from the smoke cloud and launched its body at Scyther again. This time; however, Scyther turned quickly and swung out with its claw. It slashed Cyndaquil and knocked it backwards against a moss-covered boulder. Cyndaquil then slumped to the ground.

“Cyndaquil!” Jonathan yelled out.

Cyndaquil looked up and shook its head, getting back up onto its feet.

“Taking a Fury Cutter strike from my Scyther is impressive,” Bugsy said. “But I’m afraid Cyndaquil won’t survive another. Want to surrender the battle?”

Jonathan looked over at Cyndaquil.

“No, we can do it!”

Cyndaquil nodded.

Bugsy shrugged.

“So be it. Scyther, use Fury Cutter!”

Scyther flew forward dispersing what was left of the smoke and it raised its blade.

“Cyndaquil, get out of there! Use Quick Attack!”

Cyndaquil acted fast and jumped up on the rock. Scyther swung its blade which missed Cyndaquil and instead struck the boulder. A large slash mark cut through the rock and it fell into two pieces. Cyndaquil launched off the rock landing on Scyther’s head and jumped off landing behind Scyther.

“Cyndaquil! Use Ember!”

Cyndaquil’s back flames grew larger and it unleashed a stream of fire breath. The flames surrounded Scyther.

“No! Scyther!”

The flames extinguished and what was left was blackened earth and burnt grass. Scyther fell backwards and slumped against the two halve of the rock unable to battle any more.

“Scyther, return!”

Scyther disappeared within its Pokéball.

“We did it, Cyndaquil!” Jonathan leaped into the air and then ran forward to Cyndaquil.

Cyndaquil turned around, but before Jonathan could reach it, something amazing happened. Its body began to glow with bright, white light. Jonathan had to cover its eyes. When the white light stopped, Cyndaquil was no longer Cyndaquil. It had evolved.

There in its place, was a longer, more narrow Pokémon. It was still a blueish-green and white color like Cyndaquil, but now had two sources of fire. One was on its head and the other was around its waist.



Bugsy stepped forward.

“Wow. Your Cyndaquil evolved into Quilava. It’s fire powers were quite impressive during battle. Definitely not good for Bug Pokémon like Scyther, but now Quilava will be much, much stronger.”

“That’s amazing,” Jonathan picked up Quilava and held it in its arms.

“Now you did defeat me in a Gym Battle. I bet you’re expecting a Gym Bade,” Bugsy said.

“Yes, please,” Jonathan said.

Hive_Badge.pngBugsy pulled a red and black, metallic badge from his pocket.

“That was an amazing battle. You proved that my research isn’t complete, yet. I need to go back to Ilex Forest and do some more. But first let me give you the Hive Badge,” Bugsy said. “Also I’ll suggest you pick up a Bug Pokémon. You can find them in Ilex Forest or in The National Park North of Goldenrod City. That’s the next town you’ll come to going North and it has another Gym in it.”

“Well thank you,” Jonathan said taking the Hive Badge. “That Scyther was impressive. Maybe I’ll catch myself one.”

“Please do,” Bugsy said. “They’re fierce battles, but also great companions. Bug-type Pokémon can be very deep.”

Jonathan and Bugsy said their goodbeyes and Jonathan headed back towards Kurt’s house to tell Beatrice the good news. Then they were setting off to go North through the Ilex Forest to Goldenrod City.



Header Photo Credit: UNKNOWN. If this is your photo or know who’s photo it is, please let me know! I want to credit the author but was unable to find the original source.

All photos of Pokemon and related content used were taken from Bulbapedia

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